Below is a news release issued yesterday by the political action committee for the country's largest pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, with a million plus membership.

They hit the nail right on the head. Visconti will stand up for our country's security, and our individual freedoms, by standing up for the people who secure them - our armed forces.

John Larson talks a big game, but he denies the bulk of those who serve the one thing that makes it all worthwhile, the honor and respect we receive from our countrymen. Larson voted against the Iraq war which now, for all practical purposes, has been won.

He voted to cut off funding for our troops when they were locked in battle against a vicious enemy. He did this as the battles were raging, but since then the battles have been won, Iraq is closer every day to being an independent democracy and US ally.

Yet this past summer, when Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi went to Iraq - with Larson in tow - to see for herself that the Surge had worked, she insulted our men and women who fought so hard for that victory, by saying they hadn't really won, "the Iranians let them."

Larson said nothing then or now. Talk is cheap, but even verbal approval for our troops is too expensive for Larson.

Visconti stands up for the troops, and they stand up for us. Without further ado, the Move America Forward news release follows.

Pro-Troop PAC Endorses Joe Visconti for Congress
Cites His Support for Troops, Their Missions

SACRAMENTO, CA- Joe Visconti is picking up additional support for his campaign as Election Day rapidly approaches. The latest group to throw its support behind Visconti is MAF Freedom PAC, the political arm of Move America Forward, the nation's largest grassroots pro-troop organization.

Move America Forward has been involved in issues such as the controversy over the Marine recruiting office in Berkeley, CA and has shipped over 100 tons of care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of an ongoing program.

Melanie Morgan, the group's Executive Director, praised Visconti for his support for providing US troops with the tools they need and the benefits they deserve and for recognizing the successes they've achieved. "Joe Visconti will be steadfast in giving our troops the attention they demand and the credit they've earned" said Morgan.

"John Larson was on the wrong side of history when we invaded Iraq and he hasn't changed a bit. We can't afford his kind of weakness and shortsightedness in Congress," Morgan said.

"Joe Visconti understands why it's so critical not to abandon the American soldiers who are fighting to prevent further acts of terror on American soil. He won't turn his back on these brave men and women."

"I know that our troops in the field appreciate those in Washington who stand behind them, give them the tools they need, recognize their accomplishments and want to see them through to success. Joe would be one of those people."

Morgan also stressed why it's so essential - now more than ever - to support leaders committed to protecting America. "When it comes to national defense and homeland security, too many of our elected officials fall far short," she said.