Saturday, March 04, 2017

Looking for Russians? OB and HC Know Just Where They Are

To fully understand propaganda you first need a working knowledge of the mindset of an elementary school cutup, preferably in the Grade 4 to Grade 6 range, but often it starts earlier and can last a lifetime.

I'm talking here of the kid who throws a paper wad at the back of the teacher's head, then loudly blames the studious kid in the front row when the teacher demands an explanation. In other words, exactly what Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have been doing for years and are engaged in now.

We are seeing a version of that behavior all over Washington, D.C., these days and have been for decades, although presently it is loud, persistent and a new variation on the theme erupts daily. The issue du jour is always, however, centered on the false claim that President Donald J. Trump has had nefarious contact with Russian government officials especially during and since his declaration of candidacy for US President.

An occasional ringer shows up in the news when an administration official who did have contact with a Russian official, in a perfectly legal and appropriate setting, is pilloried by the US media, which universally is working as the propaganda arm of that segment of the Russian government that wants a return to communist control. The media has 'found evidence,' relating to two members of the Trump Administration, incidental in one instance, and appropriate, legal and necessary in the others, that has been turned into the appearance of an international scandal with Democrats en masse calling for firings and even Trump's impeachment.

Currently the media is wetting its collective pants over the claim that Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions lied during his confirmation hearings when he said that, as a Donald Trump supporter who was often referred to as a campaign "surrogate," he knew nothing of campaign contacts with the Russian government.

Now, decidedly, Sessions could have told his interrogator, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, that he did have a meeting with the Russian ambassador in his Senate office, as a Senator, not a campaign surrogate, to discuss matters that had nothing to do with the campaign. But Franken couched his question specifically to the confines of the campaign and Sessions answered within that narrow framework.

As I said above, Franken was interrogating Sessions, not asking reasonable questions of a senate colleague and everything I ever learned in the code of conduct says you do not cooperate with enemy interrogators, John McCain notwithstanding. Franken and his ilk most definitely are enemies of the American people and yet he gave Sessions a loophole that Sessions danced through with aplomb.

To put it bluntly, if Al Franken wants better answers he should ask better questions, especially when he already knows the answer, yet keeps quiet until an opportune moment arises to initiate a smear campaign. You have to hand it to Franken; he may have stunk as a comedian but he has launched a promising second career as Class Clown of the Senate.

However, the media has universally reported only half the story – saying Sessions denied contact with the Russians – but omitting the fact that he was responding to a question about the campaign not about his appropriate conduct as a US Senator. But there is no reason to be surprised by any of this.

The American media has been steadily infiltrated by communists since at least the 1930s, possibly earlier, and since the 1960s has dominated the political reporting in a non-stop effort to undermine the United States and fulfill Nikita Khrushchev's promise at the United Nations to "bury" us, not with warfare but by infiltration and steady erosion of our basic rights and freedoms.

And who has been espousing Communist philosophy in this country for decades? Hillary Clinton – ever since her riotous days as a Yale graduate co-ed – and Barrack Hussein Obama, who was raised by communists and has been a fifth-columnist ever since he erupted on the political scene with no paper trail attesting to his past. What they are doing as we speak is engaging in classic elementary school bad child behavior, with the media acting as a willing accomplice.

But late this past week it was revealed that the Obama administration had bugged Trump Towers, president Trump's business headquarters and home, both while he was a candidate and after he won the election, which if proved accurate could lead to criminal charges against the ex-president. Obama also deliberately downgraded some forms of raw intelligence to allow access for myriad people who had no clearance to see it. This tactic, which certainly approaches the demarcation line of sedition, if not stepping over it, enormously expanded the ability of his left behind fifth columnists to leak it, and to make it much harder, although not impossible, to track down the leakers.

Nonetheless, Trump has steadily been chipping away at the layers of insulation built by his predecessors and staff, and suddenly Obama and Clinton are back on their heals. It stands to reason that Trump should launch a wide-ranging investigation into their actions, if he hasn't already.

If he finds what many suspect he will, he should spare no effort to bring all involved to justice whether a former president, former secretary of state, or low-level staffer who typed the memos and filed the correspondence. The oath of office says to uphold and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic.

There are no exceptions, and there shouldn't be.
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We Have Met the Enemy, and it is the Media's Fifth Column

President Donald J. Trump held a campaign style rally last weekend in a huge airplane hangar in Melbourne, Florida, and despite a wildly enthusiastic capacity audience that overflowed to the outside, his words had barely ceased resonating inside before the media caterwauling began.

"He wasn't 'specific' about terrorism in Sweden; he called us the enemy; his wife said the Lord's Prayer and had to read it! Trump is not 'qualified,' his White House is a study in 'chaos,' he isn't getting anything done!"

The left-wing media and its associated fifth-columnist saboteurs are literally in a frenzy of character assault, spewing non-stop misinformation yet clueless as to why their fellow-traveling saboteur methodology is not working this time. The primary focus of the most recent round of hand-wringing and self-absorption that has sent the left into spasms of angst is Trump's defining the media as the enemy of the American public.

But Trump isn't necessarily wrong here. The media as it is known – particularly that sector describe as "Main Stream" – can not be compared to true journalists, whether print or electronic, and that has been the case for decades.

"The media" is in fact a conglomeration of propagandists that has its origins back at least as far as the 1930s when a "famine" in Ukraine imposed by Russian communists' killed up to 10 million people by starvation, torture and execution in one year, but was horribly under-reported in the west. The modern-day offspring of those first propagandists work for the power brokers behind the Democratic Party, which no longer represents people who believe in democratic principles. They are self-anointed "elites," people who want the US to fail because it is a symbol of successful nationalism.

Those earliest propagandists posing as journalists were followed by an all-out assault on the truth during the Vietnam War that ultimately was successful in convincing the US Congress to withdraw all aid to South Vietnam. That in turn led to communists rampaging throughout Southeast Asia for years, slaughtering an estimated 3 million civilians, displacing millions more and enslaving the remainder.

Kudos by the way to conservative talk radio host Tammy Bruce who pointed out earlier this week that the Vietnam era faux journalists were led by Walter Cronkite, the disgraced CBS anchorman who was discovered to be a communist sympathizer – meaning he was a communist – after the war ended. Bruce was responding to a question concerning Cronkite's protégé and replacement at CBS, Dan Rather, himself a disgraced "journalist" who went so far as to falsify documents in an attempt to prevent the election of George W. Bush, but has emerged from exile to exhort his fellows to stand fast in their deceptions.

Regarding Trump's actual performance during his first month in office, there are two issues that display the ignorance and incompetence of the "media," and go a long way toward explaining the ongoing climate of hostility toward him. First, as any business or military person knows, you must make a plan to achieve your goals and objectives, and then you must have a backup plan in case the first one goes awry, which it will.

The so-called media generally aren't aware of real-life obstacles, and can't handle, physically, mentally or emotionally, any deviation from their self-anointed destiny. In their world, Donald Trump was not supposed to win the presidency, it was supposed to go to Hillary Clinton by default and since it didn't they will yell, scream, throw tantrums, stamp their feet and hold their breath until they turn blue – all of which we see on a daily basis.

Second, many media representatives are simply reflecting their instant gratification generation upbringing. They don't understand concepts that don't align with fast-food burgers, over-the-counter coffee, and their addiction to instant and public communication even if it others are put in danger during its application, such as texting while driving. They have no concept of percolated coffee, long simmering meals, or hand-written letters that require thought and the ability to correctly spell our native language.

They can't get over not receiving a participation trophy for doing everything they could, fair and foul, mostly foul, to get Clinton nominated, including sabotaging Bernie Sanders, and then elected by similarly sabotaging Trump. They keep waiting for someone perceived as an adult to show up, pat their heads, tell them everything will be okay, and put them on the path to driving Trump from office. And if Trump doesn't finish four years worth of work in the first 100 days it is failure and he owns it, or so they believe.

Yet, Trump is prevailing, day by day, issue by issue. If one initiative is temporarily delayed, he adapts his initial plans to reflect the new realities while simultaneously pressing onward with others. This happens in business and the military every day. It is not unusual or a symbol of failure, it is reality and most of us deal with it.

Even though Democrats in the US Senate are hell-bent on disrupting what should be fairly routine approval of Trump's cabinet he still is moving forward. Even though repealing and replacing Obamacare, the poster child for bureaucratic overreach, ineptitude and conceit, is akin to playing Pickup Stix with an octopus, requiring elimination one suction cup at a time without disturbing other areas, it is getting done.

Despite a plethora of fifth-columnists left behind by departing president Obama to sabotage Trump's agenda, it still is moving forward. Look at what he managed to do with immigration.

His initial executive order to temporarily halt immigration and unvetted refugees from countries that have been identified as state supporters of terrorism was sabotaged first by then-acting, and since fired, Atty. General Sally Yates, and then by leftover Obama appointees in the Justice Department who couldn't win a court challenge if they were tasked with proving the sun comes up in the east.

They were successful in delaying Trump's policy initiatives but he has retrenched and has issued a new immigration directive, as well as ordering the hiring of 15,000 immigration agents and border control officers. When those people are in place, if each of them is responsible for the deportation of just one illegal per day, more than 5,000,000 illegals will be gone in one year, which should go a long way toward reducing crime and welfare abuse in that sector.

Trump was right about the media, especially those he named and several others as well. They no longer represent an unbiased search for the truth, and the stories they broadcast and print often aren’t news at all. But we should not be disheartened; there still are occasional glimmers of real journalism left in America.

Conservative talk radio has many outlets, independent blogs that cover real news in-depth, completely and accurately are many and diverse, and news outlets such as One American News and CRTV are shining lights in the new journalism. But as far as the so-called mainstream media, they are indeed an enemy to the American public, perhaps the worst and most dangerous we have ever faced.


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