To fully understand propaganda you first need a working knowledge of the mindset of an elementary school cutup, preferably in the Grade 4 to Grade 6 range, but often it starts earlier and can last a lifetime.

I'm talking here of the kid who throws a paper wad at the back of the teacher's head, then loudly blames the studious kid in the front row when the teacher demands an explanation. In other words, exactly what Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have been doing for years and are engaged in now.

We are seeing a version of that behavior all over Washington, D.C., these days and have been for decades, although presently it is loud, persistent and a new variation on the theme erupts daily. The issue du jour is always, however, centered on the false claim that President Donald J. Trump has had nefarious contact with Russian government officials especially during and since his declaration of candidacy for US President.

An occasional ringer shows up in the news when an administration official who did have contact with a Russian official, in a perfectly legal and appropriate setting, is pilloried by the US media, which universally is working as the propaganda arm of that segment of the Russian government that wants a return to communist control. The media has 'found evidence,' relating to two members of the Trump Administration, incidental in one instance, and appropriate, legal and necessary in the others, that has been turned into the appearance of an international scandal with Democrats en masse calling for firings and even Trump's impeachment.

Currently the media is wetting its collective pants over the claim that Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions lied during his confirmation hearings when he said that, as a Donald Trump supporter who was often referred to as a campaign "surrogate," he knew nothing of campaign contacts with the Russian government.

Now, decidedly, Sessions could have told his interrogator, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, that he did have a meeting with the Russian ambassador in his Senate office, as a Senator, not a campaign surrogate, to discuss matters that had nothing to do with the campaign. But Franken couched his question specifically to the confines of the campaign and Sessions answered within that narrow framework.

As I said above, Franken was interrogating Sessions, not asking reasonable questions of a senate colleague and everything I ever learned in the code of conduct says you do not cooperate with enemy interrogators, John McCain notwithstanding. Franken and his ilk most definitely are enemies of the American people and yet he gave Sessions a loophole that Sessions danced through with aplomb.

To put it bluntly, if Al Franken wants better answers he should ask better questions, especially when he already knows the answer, yet keeps quiet until an opportune moment arises to initiate a smear campaign. You have to hand it to Franken; he may have stunk as a comedian but he has launched a promising second career as Class Clown of the Senate.

However, the media has universally reported only half the story – saying Sessions denied contact with the Russians – but omitting the fact that he was responding to a question about the campaign not about his appropriate conduct as a US Senator. But there is no reason to be surprised by any of this.

The American media has been steadily infiltrated by communists since at least the 1930s, possibly earlier, and since the 1960s has dominated the political reporting in a non-stop effort to undermine the United States and fulfill Nikita Khrushchev's promise at the United Nations to "bury" us, not with warfare but by infiltration and steady erosion of our basic rights and freedoms.

And who has been espousing Communist philosophy in this country for decades? Hillary Clinton – ever since her riotous days as a Yale graduate co-ed – and Barrack Hussein Obama, who was raised by communists and has been a fifth-columnist ever since he erupted on the political scene with no paper trail attesting to his past. What they are doing as we speak is engaging in classic elementary school bad child behavior, with the media acting as a willing accomplice.

But late this past week it was revealed that the Obama administration had bugged Trump Towers, president Trump's business headquarters and home, both while he was a candidate and after he won the election, which if proved accurate could lead to criminal charges against the ex-president. Obama also deliberately downgraded some forms of raw intelligence to allow access for myriad people who had no clearance to see it. This tactic, which certainly approaches the demarcation line of sedition, if not stepping over it, enormously expanded the ability of his left behind fifth columnists to leak it, and to make it much harder, although not impossible, to track down the leakers.

Nonetheless, Trump has steadily been chipping away at the layers of insulation built by his predecessors and staff, and suddenly Obama and Clinton are back on their heals. It stands to reason that Trump should launch a wide-ranging investigation into their actions, if he hasn't already.

If he finds what many suspect he will, he should spare no effort to bring all involved to justice whether a former president, former secretary of state, or low-level staffer who typed the memos and filed the correspondence. The oath of office says to uphold and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic.

There are no exceptions, and there shouldn't be.