Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Justice in Florida and "White Hispanics?"

An estimated 5,000 people – mostly black from what I could see on the television news – led by that stalwart American religious icon Al Sharpton, of Tawana Brawley fame, commandeered the streets in Sanford, Florida Tuesday demanding "justice" in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Martin, who is described on the Internet, but not in most of the mainstream media, as a strapping 17-year-old high school student who was on suspension for smoking dope, was killed by a block watch volunteer about a month ago after Martin and the volunteer, George Zimmerman, got into a fight. Martin was shot by Zimmerman who said it was in self defense.

Several witnesses have told police that they saw Martin astride Zimmerman who was on his back calling for help as Martin was pounding the daylights out of him and bashing his head on the ground. But you wouldn't know it from the news media which spent at least a week showing what appeared to be a decade old photo of Martin as a youngster, and neglecting to tell readers and viewers that he was no longer that age or that cute when he was shot.

The story was simply that an unarmed black child was killed by an overzealous white block watch "captain," and that the "cracker" Sanford police department let Zimmerman go with no charges.

But now we get leaked police reports saying Zimmerman's face was bloodied, and he had soil matted in the hair on the back of his head as well as grass stains on the back of his shirt which apparently corroborated his story. Sanford police determined the shooting was self defense and released Zimmerman without charging him.

The incident occurred at night after Martin was challenged by Zimmerman inside a gated community. What has not been made clear is whether Martin also lived inside the gated community or if he was passing through and his "hoodie" gangster apparel gave Zimmerman the wrong impression of Martin's intentions.

Sharpton, who has made a handsome living for himself after achieving notoriety in the Brawley case, along with others, is claiming that police and local prosecutors exonerated Zimmerman because he is white. But Zimmerman, whose mother is Hispanic, also considers himself to be Hispanic, another item that has been left out of many news reports.

Sharpton made similar claims two decades ago when Tawana Brawley accused white police and a white prosecutor of raping and abusing her. However, after seeing and hearing evidence that totally contradicted her story, a grand jury concluded in October 1988 that Brawley had not been sexually assaulted and that the alleged attack may have been fabricated with her assistance.

The prosecutor successfully sued Brawley and her advisers including Sharpton for defamation.

Back to the present. I have tremendous sympathy for Martin's parents who naturally are devastated. They did after all lose a 17-year-old son. Long ago I lost my 18-year-old brother in an equally senseless tragedy – in that case a car accident – and I know personally the impact of the loss of a family member.

I understand a desire for revenge which in this case is being called "justice," but somewhere in all this there should be some restraint and responsibility. Unfortunately, the media has been fanning the flames of racial injustice and has been tremendously successful in helping Sharpton and his ilk set race relations in America back more than a century.

The situation in Sanford, Florida is so out of hand that self-described vigilantes, aka The New Black Panther Party, aka Obama's National Police Force, have issued a $1-million bounty to apprehend George Zimmerman dead or alive!! (Originally it was supposed to be $10,000 but Rush Limbaugh reported before the end of his Tuesday show that the BP's had upped the ante to $1 million!)

Zimmerman has left his home and is in hiding, but you never know, in this economic climate someone might be convinced to rat him out and get him killed.


Commiserating with the loss of a child and agreeing with the national media's deliberate use of the tragedy as an impetus to further divide the races in America are not self-supporting concepts. In fact, in my view of the death of Trayvon Martin they are worlds apart.

Politicians in both parties have run for cover and have turned the issue over to the federal government, aka Obama's National Police. His force is not only re-investigating the shooting but also is investigating the Sanford Police Department and by extension virtually every single member of the white race.

In fact the racial profiling of White Americans has gotten so bad that the New York Times referred to Zimmerman who has a white father and Hispanic mother as a "White Hispanic." Can someone please tell me what the hell a White Hispanic person is?

I have had many friends over the years with Hispanic surnames, but I never considered them to be any different from my other friends who had Eastern European or Asian or African surnames, and I never knew there was supposed to be a difference between us. In fact, two of my best friends who go all the way back to my high school and Marine Corps days, and who I still am in contact with on a regular basis, have Hispanic surnames.

I didn't know until just now that I was supposed to be treating them differently, but then again, I don't think they knew it either. Have we come to the point in American politics where a person's heritage so completely defines them that we have to parse it down to the differences between the parents' races?

What the hell does that make Barack Obama – a White Black? Or a Black White? Which is it? What does that make me? A Scots-Irish, Franco-German white? Say that three times fast if you don’t have anything productive to do.

Look, if Zimmerman used excessive force or if he somehow or other did something that created the confrontation between him and Martin, then maybe the case deserves a further review by outside authorities – which already is occurring by both state police and Obama's federal cops.

But tramping around the streets of Sanford demanding the death of a person and calling it justice because he is part white is vigilantism and isn't going to help anyone. It smacks of the days of the KKK for starters and it certainly won't bring Trayvon Martin back.

The facts seem to have been ascertained by the local police and it appears there would have to be some serious manipulation of the facts to make a case for charges against Zimmerman. But hell, the media is already doing everything it can to lynch this guy so who knows where it might go.

I even saw a woman - Judge Jeanine I think she calls herself - on FOX news the other night, essentially reprimanding a local Florida reporter for mentioning that she had interviewed an eyewitness who had seen Zimmerman on his back getting beaten. The "Judge" Jeanine referred to the interview as occurring with a "so-called witness."

I wonder if she was that impartial when she was on the bench. I guess that would explain why she's on FOX now instead of doing what she was educated to do. Regardless, I won't be watching that show again even if I run into it as I did the other night when I was channel surfing.

I'll find something else to do with my time, like watching Holmes on Homes or Ahmed on the Yard Crashers on the Home and Garden channel while state and federal authorities try to find something to hang on Zimmerman.

Meanwhile, it would probably be a good idea if Sharpton backed off the beleaguered White Hispanics. Zimmerman also has been described as a Democrat and when word gets around to the rank and file that he is at least part Hispanic, Sharpton could find himself bearing the blame for cutting into Obama's voter base.
Friday, March 23, 2012

The Volt and the Dolt … Obama's Energy Misrepresentations (Lies)

Did you see the esteemed President of the United States going before the cameras yesterday (what's new?) trying to take credit for a portion of the Keystone Pipeline that doesn't need his approval?

In fact, Obama made his statements – basically that he will "fast track" the pipeline construction by "cutting through the red tape" - standing in front of huge stacks of pipe sections. I'd hazard a guess that the pipe behind him was for other projects since, for the uninitiated in common construction techniques, contractors usually don't invest in millions of dollars of materials unless they already have the job.

And worse, as the president didn't mention in his address in Cushing, Oklahoma, the portion of the pipeline he is now supporting – from Oklahoma to Texas – can credibly be renamed the Pipeline to Nowhere. I say that because according to reports I saw on the news, without the rest of the pipeline coming in from Canada there is no point in constructing that segment of the Keystone XL pipeline unless it also is intended to carry oil from other sources.

OK, that's isn't quite the case. If this pipeline gets built - and who is to say Obama won't change his mind tomorrow if the polls say he should - it will have a use as part of an effort to end a bottleneck in the pipelines in and around Cushing. There are plenty of places to pump oil and I think it is safe to figure that the line Obama suddenly likes so much will have another purpose.

Nonetheless, without the remainder of the Keystone pipeline that Obama is still blocking, the Cushing pipeline can't connect to the nonexistent northern segment that will bring in oil from Canada – which is the purpose of the full Keystone pipeline in the first place.

All this on the taxpayer dime with no real purpose other than to produce Soviet era propaganda that has only one goal, to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama so he can continue to dismantle the United States and impose a Marxist (communist) dictatorship. Oh Please, don't give me that shocked look of disbelief.

If you honestly don't think Obama's administration is anything other than another step to full-blown communism that began way back in the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt you really have not been paying attention to 20th and 21st Century American history.

But I guess we shouldn't be surprised at Obama's rare flirtations with the truth and near constant cuddling up to misrepresentations. He has been giving us one line or another that doesn't add up since he first showed up on the national scene.

How about this one where he said his father served in WWII?

Just in case you didn't take the few seconds to watch the video, Obama did say his father served in WWII. But both his father and stepfather were born in the mid-1930s so they would have been children during WWII. Not a soul in the media called him on this. Maybe he meant his grandfather?

Then we have the current administration lie that the United States has only two-percent of the world's oil reserves but uses twenty percent. First, there is a cacophony of responses that say the two percent statement is an outright lie. Geologists and other experts I have seen on the news say we have far, far more than 2 percent of the world's oil reserves, and having to place the word "proven" in front of the words "oil reserves" to give credence to the lie is another lie in itself.

If we know the oil is there due to preliminary exploration, and roughly how much is there due to preliminary yet essentially accurate measurement techniques, then it's proven, isn't it? Good grief. We have a government that deliberately parses its comments to give the impression that truth is a lie and a lie is the truth?

That's reason enough to kick the Obama administration out in November if not to impeach the principal character now!

And I have another point here that has not been discussed on the national scene. What if we do use twenty percent of the world's oil reserves? So What?

First we aren't taking any oil away from someone else. If they want it they can get it, but just like us, they have to pay for it. Second, if other countries that have oil reserves don't have the technological capabilities to extract, refine and ship it, and don't have the local need to use it, how is that my fault? How is that our fault, "our" being the populace of the United States of America?

This nonsense that somehow we have to give undeveloped or underdeveloped countries all the fruits of hundreds of years of American innovation, knowhow and freedoms – the kind that still attract the best and brightest minds from all over the world – is just that; nonsense.

There was no one to lead the way for thousands of entrepreneurs over the centuries who took step after step to bring us this world of communication, transportation, travel and overwhelming improvements to the human condition. How is it that somehow we are now indebted to countries that have only a history of repression and butchery? Why do we now have to give them what they couldn't discover or develop themselves?

But back to the esteemed president of the United States of America – who today is ducking questions about Obamacare even though it is the second anniversary of his hopefully briefly successful attempt to ram it down the throats of the American populace – he also suffered another setback this month on the "Green" front.

General Motors, the once proud American auto manufacturer that was given by Obama to the United Auto Workers, has had to halt production of its vaunted Volt hybrid electric/internal combustion engine car because so few people want to buy it. GM calls it an electric vehicle but it has a gasoline engine too.

The big problem with the Volt is that the batteries run down after driving between 20 and 30 miles – not what the press releases say but what people who drive it say – and then it has to be plugged in overnight to recharge the batteries. Now the Volt has a "regenerative braking" system that supposedly helps recharge the batteries, but obviously not enough to run the electric motor consistently.

So Volt owners have to find a place to recharge the batteries overnight. This is a very slow process that could put a huge drain on current power generating facilities. Where do you think those facilities get the energy to produce the electricity?

How about coal and oil and natural gas? Sure as hell doesn't come from water or nuclear power; or not enough of it anyway. How much extra pollution do you think would result from millions of Volts – pun intended – being plugged in every night to get ready for tomorrow's commute of 20 miles or so?

Tons. Thousands of tons. Hundreds of thousands of tons if enough Volts were to be sold which doesn't appear likely.

Hey wait. I have an idea. How about if we re-engineer the Volt to run on algae, the esteemed president's other big idea this year? We could do that. We're Americans, residents of the land of opportunity and innovation.

Get a handle on that and you'd see people leaving their internal combustion engines behind in droves I betcha'. And to quote our esteemed Vice President Joe "The Mouth" Biden, that would be "A big (bleep)ing deal."
Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Limbaugh, Breitbart … And Georgetown Law SEX!

The biggest rap against America's two largest political parties is that the Democrats can't keep their hands out of our wallets and the Republicans can't keep their noses out of our bedrooms.

Those points of view merged last week when a Georgetown University Law School student, Sandra Fluke (pronounced FLUK … as in DUCK) went before a Congressional committee and averred that American taxpayers are responsible for her sex life, specifically paying for her contraceptives.

Democrats agree with her, and Republicans are outraged, but found themselves behind the 8-ball in a dispute that shouldn’t even be in the news. And yes, I am an active Republican but I really don't give a damn what you do in your bedrooms!

Fluke's statement to the Congressional committee reveals the obvious – that the dumbing down of the American educational system has reached what used to be some of our best institutes of higher learning, since law students, like medical students, once spent most of their time in class or studying. If they had sex it was fast and furious and then it was back to the books – but that obviously has changed.
Sandra Fluke

Ms. Fluke also said she represents an ocean of similar-minded female law students who also need taxpayer dollars - at a rate of some $3,000 each - to buy their birth control pills so they won't have to be inconvenienced by telling their sex partners to get their own protection.

Frankly, if I was a young undergraduate I would immediately apply to Georgetown Law, if for no other reason than it seems to have achieved the reputation as the most sexually active campus in America. Getting free sex with no strings attached apparently is not only possible at Georgetown Law, it is likely.

But I have a word of caution to aspiring Georgetown Law students. Anyone who has this much sex, which apparently is not only indiscriminate but also unprotected since Ms. Fluke seems concerned only with not getting pregnant, should take their law dictionary and look up terms like "sexually transmitted diseases." Then they should explore related subjects such as HIV/AIDS, incurable herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

I haven't seen anything in all the media coverage about concern for sexually transmitted diseases which proves that the children and grandchildren of the 60s-era hippies, who also believed in free sex, got their brains fried so badly from all the drugs they were taking that they forgot the horrible truth of how many lives were ruined through that lifestyle.

To support that contention Ms. Fluke says that she needs $3,000 to pay for her contraceptives. Apparently we're talking about birth control pills here, since a gross of condoms can be bought on line for far less, and handed out like candy to eager potential sex partners.

Did I tell you that Georgetown Law is a Jesuit School, and that it has been reported that Ms. Fluke, a nearly 31-year-old sexual activist who finally expects to graduate this year, selected it particularly because the Jesuits don't believe in contraception? And now the once hallowed halls of Georgetown Law have become the symbol for the term "den of inequity," particularly when we are discussing licentiousness.

Ms. Fluke has written that American employers and other institutions that provide medical insurance coverage also should pay for people of one sex who aren't happy with the body they were born with and want one that resembles – but can't function as – a body of the other sex. In fact, this apparently is her true calling in life.

Now, the real issue here is that Ms. Fluke is asking Congress to tell every entity in America that provides some form of insurance benefit to others that it MUST provide coverage for sex change surgery, contraceptives and who knows what else.

Her viewpoint probably is unconstitutional besides being stupid, and it has resulted in a firestorm of criticism. For instance, Rush Limbaugh got in trouble the other day by referring to Ms. Fluke as a slut and a prostitute, and plenty of other people chimed in with similar comments. Limbaugh also said that if he was going to pay Fluke and her girlfriends to have sex, he at least wanted access to videotapes of their encounters.

Frankly, I think that was a reasonable position even if his advertisers made him back off on this issue. I also read or heard her referred to as a pig, a skank, a round-heel, a mattress-Mary, and a fairly creative list of similar adjectives.

But I am not going down that road and you won't see those terms applied to her in this column. I am not commenting on her sexual proclivities I am commenting on the unconstitutionality of the government getting into the insurance business, which will occur if it drives private insurance companies out of business by imposing requirements that are financially impossible to sustain.

Then we get Obamacare and instead of indirectly paying so other people can have indiscriminate, unprotected sex, we will be taxed directly. By then, it will be too late.

Limbaugh and others apologized for their comments, primarily because in an obviously well-executed plan of attack the left went after his advertisers, and the weak-kneed among them pulled their ads from his show. But Limbaugh isn't the first to feel the heat over his conservative positions in the recent past.

Glenn Beck who is a firebrand of commentary and evidence against the left has been exiled from FOX News, and Judge Andrew Napolitano who was one of the few people to give FOX viewers a real-world explanation of what the current administration is up to has lost his show too. Napolitano has been relegated back to the "guest commentator" status. Beck is gone.

Then we have the death of conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, who went out to walk his dog one night last week and was found dead on the sidewalk. Know what makes me suspicious of his death?

The very first report I heard on it said in the very first sentence that the 43-year-old died "of natural causes," even though there had been no such determination. Yet news anchors, who should know better than to say what caused someone's death unless there has been a definitive medical ruling, were trumpeting "natural causes" from the very first moment.

Then came the videos of Breitbart saying that President Obama will be "vetted" this year, and that he has videos of Obama in college that will shock America! And then he died.

This is strange; in fact, so strange that to me it is highly suspicious. After an autopsy was performed I heard one news anchor say Breitbart had died of "some kind of heart problem," although the results of the autopsy have not been released thus far and won't be for some weeks yet.

Autopsies are far more specific than that, and yet a left-wing outlet is already floating the theory that Breitbart may have used illicit drugs, thus contributing to his own demise. The same outlet is discounting questions raised by conservative radio host Michael Savage on the oddity of Breitbart's death. I hope the left is wrong and that it is just up to its usual character assassination tactics regarding both Breitbart and Savage.

It seems there is an ongoing effort to shut down conservative communicators so they won't get in the way of an Obama reelection - which would be a travesty for this country - and Sandra Fluke was just one piece of the puzzle. But I have a solution.

If the oh-so-sexually active women of Georgetown Law are so concerned with unwanted pregnancies, why don't they just switch to sex with other women? Seriously. Many in the lesbian community would probably appreciate the opportunity to do some good for America, over the long run they would gain significant stature in the eyes of taxpayers, STDs would decrease, abortions would not be an issue and everyone would walk away happy.

Oh, don't tell me you don't think it would work. I am so tired of negativity.

What was that line Paul Newman had in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? "I have vision and the world is wearing bifocals."


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