Did you see the esteemed President of the United States going before the cameras yesterday (what's new?) trying to take credit for a portion of the Keystone Pipeline that doesn't need his approval?

In fact, Obama made his statements – basically that he will "fast track" the pipeline construction by "cutting through the red tape" - standing in front of huge stacks of pipe sections. I'd hazard a guess that the pipe behind him was for other projects since, for the uninitiated in common construction techniques, contractors usually don't invest in millions of dollars of materials unless they already have the job.

And worse, as the president didn't mention in his address in Cushing, Oklahoma, the portion of the pipeline he is now supporting – from Oklahoma to Texas – can credibly be renamed the Pipeline to Nowhere. I say that because according to reports I saw on the news, without the rest of the pipeline coming in from Canada there is no point in constructing that segment of the Keystone XL pipeline unless it also is intended to carry oil from other sources.

OK, that's isn't quite the case. If this pipeline gets built - and who is to say Obama won't change his mind tomorrow if the polls say he should - it will have a use as part of an effort to end a bottleneck in the pipelines in and around Cushing. There are plenty of places to pump oil and I think it is safe to figure that the line Obama suddenly likes so much will have another purpose.

Nonetheless, without the remainder of the Keystone pipeline that Obama is still blocking, the Cushing pipeline can't connect to the nonexistent northern segment that will bring in oil from Canada – which is the purpose of the full Keystone pipeline in the first place.

All this on the taxpayer dime with no real purpose other than to produce Soviet era propaganda that has only one goal, to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama so he can continue to dismantle the United States and impose a Marxist (communist) dictatorship. Oh Please, don't give me that shocked look of disbelief.

If you honestly don't think Obama's administration is anything other than another step to full-blown communism that began way back in the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt you really have not been paying attention to 20th and 21st Century American history.

But I guess we shouldn't be surprised at Obama's rare flirtations with the truth and near constant cuddling up to misrepresentations. He has been giving us one line or another that doesn't add up since he first showed up on the national scene.

How about this one where he said his father served in WWII?

Just in case you didn't take the few seconds to watch the video, Obama did say his father served in WWII. But both his father and stepfather were born in the mid-1930s so they would have been children during WWII. Not a soul in the media called him on this. Maybe he meant his grandfather?

Then we have the current administration lie that the United States has only two-percent of the world's oil reserves but uses twenty percent. First, there is a cacophony of responses that say the two percent statement is an outright lie. Geologists and other experts I have seen on the news say we have far, far more than 2 percent of the world's oil reserves, and having to place the word "proven" in front of the words "oil reserves" to give credence to the lie is another lie in itself.

If we know the oil is there due to preliminary exploration, and roughly how much is there due to preliminary yet essentially accurate measurement techniques, then it's proven, isn't it? Good grief. We have a government that deliberately parses its comments to give the impression that truth is a lie and a lie is the truth?

That's reason enough to kick the Obama administration out in November if not to impeach the principal character now!

And I have another point here that has not been discussed on the national scene. What if we do use twenty percent of the world's oil reserves? So What?

First we aren't taking any oil away from someone else. If they want it they can get it, but just like us, they have to pay for it. Second, if other countries that have oil reserves don't have the technological capabilities to extract, refine and ship it, and don't have the local need to use it, how is that my fault? How is that our fault, "our" being the populace of the United States of America?

This nonsense that somehow we have to give undeveloped or underdeveloped countries all the fruits of hundreds of years of American innovation, knowhow and freedoms – the kind that still attract the best and brightest minds from all over the world – is just that; nonsense.

There was no one to lead the way for thousands of entrepreneurs over the centuries who took step after step to bring us this world of communication, transportation, travel and overwhelming improvements to the human condition. How is it that somehow we are now indebted to countries that have only a history of repression and butchery? Why do we now have to give them what they couldn't discover or develop themselves?

But back to the esteemed president of the United States of America – who today is ducking questions about Obamacare even though it is the second anniversary of his hopefully briefly successful attempt to ram it down the throats of the American populace – he also suffered another setback this month on the "Green" front.

General Motors, the once proud American auto manufacturer that was given by Obama to the United Auto Workers, has had to halt production of its vaunted Volt hybrid electric/internal combustion engine car because so few people want to buy it. GM calls it an electric vehicle but it has a gasoline engine too.

The big problem with the Volt is that the batteries run down after driving between 20 and 30 miles – not what the press releases say but what people who drive it say – and then it has to be plugged in overnight to recharge the batteries. Now the Volt has a "regenerative braking" system that supposedly helps recharge the batteries, but obviously not enough to run the electric motor consistently.

So Volt owners have to find a place to recharge the batteries overnight. This is a very slow process that could put a huge drain on current power generating facilities. Where do you think those facilities get the energy to produce the electricity?

How about coal and oil and natural gas? Sure as hell doesn't come from water or nuclear power; or not enough of it anyway. How much extra pollution do you think would result from millions of Volts – pun intended – being plugged in every night to get ready for tomorrow's commute of 20 miles or so?

Tons. Thousands of tons. Hundreds of thousands of tons if enough Volts were to be sold which doesn't appear likely.

Hey wait. I have an idea. How about if we re-engineer the Volt to run on algae, the esteemed president's other big idea this year? We could do that. We're Americans, residents of the land of opportunity and innovation.

Get a handle on that and you'd see people leaving their internal combustion engines behind in droves I betcha'. And to quote our esteemed Vice President Joe "The Mouth" Biden, that would be "A big (bleep)ing deal."