Two weeks after anonymous, highly suspect, and ultimately unproven claims of sexual harassment surfaced against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, the media is scratching its collective head that he is holding fast and his fund-raising has gone exponential – in his favor.

But some in the media are still trying to stack the deck against Cain, apparently because Mitt Romney is supposed to be the heir apparent to the throne now held by President Barack Hussein Obama. But Romney is seen by many Republicans as Obama lite, and can't break out of the pack, even though challengers have repeatedly come forth, and fallen back, until now.

Cain polled first in Florida last week, well after the media assault on him peaked, with 30 percent support. Romney still was in the mid-20s, and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich was surging – up from single digits only a few weeks ago to 19 percent last Tuesday.

But that was the Rasmussen poll, which has a very high trustworthy rating in my book, and included 788 likely Republican primary voters. It was conducted on November 8, 2011, the margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Now let's go to the Reuters/IPSOS poll that claims Cain, a black conservative businessman, is losing support with GOP voters.

Reuters is a British news agency headquartered in London that actually is part of Thompson Reuters, a massive, global media conglomerate, headquartered in Canada that does a lot of work out its Stamford, Connecticut offices and seems to have an inordinate interest in manipulation of American political views. Its report says:

Ipsos/ Reuters Poll: Herman Cain's Ratings Post Press Conference
Tuesday, November 08, 2011
Washington, DC - Ipsos has undertaken a third overnight poll on behalf of Thomson Reuters on the subject of Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. This poll, published today, showed participants a video excerpt from yesterday’s press conference with Sharon Bialek, who has accused Cain of inappropriate behavior.

The poll is among Republican Registered Voters, and finds that two in five (39%) believe that the allegations presented by Bialek are true – and an equal number believe they are untrue (38%). In addition, 40% say that watching the video makes them less favorable towards Herman Cain.

Now, here's the rub, directly from the Reuters press statement on the poll. These findings are from an online omnibus survey of 462 Republican Registered Voters. Individuals were interviewed via a U.S. online household panel.

What? They do this poll online where it is virtually impossible to verify the identity of the respondent, they only interview 462 people, and they show participants a video of Sharon Bialek's accusations prior to asking them what they think of Cain?

Where is the poll showing what people think after they saw a video of Cain's press conference along with a rundown of Bialek's financial situation and her history of lawsuits and job turnovers? Is there one? Apparently not.

Fox News contributor Byron York jumped on the bandwagon today claiming that a Wall Street Journal "poll" shows that Cain's support slipped noticeably from last week to this week. Guess how many people were "polled?" One hundred and two.

One hundred and two people constitute a poll only when the total demographic is 102 people. Otherwise it is a coffee klatch. Shame on WSJ, York and Fox for this manipulative piece of misinformation.

The best poll on the results of the media assault on Cain is his fund-raising success. Cain received more donations from October 1 to November 8 than he did in the previous five months! We're talking more than $9 million folks! Even as the media continues to undermine him to this day!

Cain also had a fund-raiser on his website specifically to raise money for a concerted effort in Iowa where the first GOP caucus vote will be held in January.

Cain wanted to raise $999,000 – after his 9-9-9 tax reform plan – and gave himself five days to reach the goal. He was chugging along pretty much on target, and then he did two things that changed it all. He appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show, where he was friendly, urbane and humorous, and he then held his press conference.

Within hours of the end of his press conference, a full 24-hours before his deadline, Cain broke through the $999,000 mark and blasted through the $1 million level! People obviously wanted to hear from him, and when they did, they responded.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll is not a reliable barometer of anything. Neither is the WSJ poll.

Now, while we're talking about sex let's talk about the hypocrisy of the news media.

I am picking on FOX here because it is the place I get most of my news. Over the years I have ceased watching all network news shows because they are untrustworthy, along with most of the cable news outlets.

I used to watch FOX News off and on from dawn to dusk but the last couple of months the biases of many of the "personalities" – including using polls that turn out to not be any more reliable than the Ipsos poll above – have turned me off to much of that broadcasting too. I'm down to Bret Baier at 6 p.m., Neil Cavuto at 4 p.m. and Stuart Varney at 9:20 a.m. on the Fox Business channel. Everyone else is out.

If you turn on the TV first thing in the morning, and tune in to Fox and Friends, what do you see? Well you have a great chance of seeing Steve Doucy and Brian Kilmeade sitting on the big couch on either side of Gretchen Carlson, who is beautiful, shapely, and has very nice legs.

How do I know she has nice legs? Because the camera regularly cuts away and shows her sitting on the couch wearing a short skirt, with her legs crossed, hands folded demurely in her lap.

Now jump to 9 a.m. when Martha MacCullem teams up with Bill Hemmer on America's Newsroom. Another drop dead gorgeous blonde, who once again has really nice legs, which I know because again, the camera regularly cuts away to shows of her lower extremities!

FOX News Anchor Jenna Lee, courtesy of Getty Images Entertainment

Then at 11 a.m. there is Jon Scott and Jenna Lee, who isn't quite blonde but has a beauty of the "triple Wow" factor, and once again, really, really nice legs.

FOX News Anchor Megyn Kelly courtesy of GQ

Oh, and let us not forget Megyn Kelly at noon with America Live. Be still my beating heart.

In fact, there is not one single full-time female anchor or correspondent, covering any issue, bureau or department, foreign or domestic, working for Fox News who is not on the "triple Wow to drop-dead gorgeous" scale. But don't be fooled by their overwhelming beauty. These are very, very smart, talented ladies and with law degrees, PhD degrees and world experiences that make them the best in the field.

But I still know that they have beautiful, shapely legs and that proves my point. Know why? Because I have no idea what Neil Cavuto, Bret Baier or Stuart Varney's legs look like, nor do I want to!

So what is the lesson we learn from this? Sex sells.

People turn their TVs to the Fox channel to see the beautiful women, and stay tuned in because they are smart and good at what they do. But when they jump on the misinformation bandwagon and start pushing an agenda rather than news, people like me turn off the TV and go to the Internet for our information fix.

The media was blatant in its efforts to crush Cain instead of doing its own digging and reporting the real news, not an agenda. At least on the Internet the blog writers and news sites are up front about their biases and we can determine for ourselves who to believe or not.

FOX news might want to think about that; the Wall Street Journal too.