Monday, November 07, 2011

Cain Campaign Gets Boost From Dem Hatchet Woman!

If I was in a knock-down, drag-out campaign war with everything on the line - and I have been numerous times - I could not have wished for a better scenario than Herman Cain was handed by a media hungry Democratic operative Monday afternoon.

California wannabe panjandrum lawyer and Democratic operative Gloria Allred, who recently told FOX television host Sean Hannity that she enjoyed being groped by Transportation Security Agency workers at the airport, staged a press conference in which another unsubstantiated and unprovable claim of sexual harassment was lodged against Cain.

Although three previous accusers were anonymous, this time the "accuser" Sharon Bialek - pronounced Buy A Lick - made a personal claim that the alleged impropriety occurred back in the 90s in a limo occupied by her and Cain. She said Cain made a physical advance to her, but backed off when she told him to stop.

If that is the definition now in use for harassment every teen-aged boy who ever went to a prom or senior ball is in deep trouble. Bialek explained her presence in a limo with Cain by saying she wanted to talk with Cain about her employment status, although she was not employed by the National Restaurant Association which he then headed, and there were no witnesses, and she has no other way to verify her allegations.

Cain's camp immediately denied the allegations and said she was lying.

Rush Limbaugh said on his show Monday that Bialek hails from Chicago, home of such Democratic stalwarts as Rham Emanuel, former chief of staff to Barack Hussein Obama, and while we're on the subject, Barack Hussein Obama himself, who could face Cain in next year's presidential race if Cain is nominated.

Bialek said she was appearing today in support of the three other anonymous, and so far unknown, unseen, and unproven "accusers" who have not come forth but who - if they actually exist - have used another lawyer to spread allegations about Cain. However, Bialek said she does not intend to file a lawsuit, which prompts the question, then why did she hire a celebrity lawyer to accompany her?

As far as I could tell from the coverage that existed on her "press conference," no one thought to ask that question. Bialek said she made no formal complaint when the alleged incident occurred more than a decade ago either.

And, she also claims that while she told her then boyfriend and another male "mentor" that Cain had been "very sexually inappropriate" with her, she didn't go into the details. Apparently neither of these "men" who were supposedly so close to her, asked her to explain what she meant by "very sexually inappropriate."

This is right out of The Terminator. Even if she could produce her "mentor" and her then boyfriend - and she claimed to have affidavits from them - they couldn't provide any details on which they could be questioned for the purpose of impeaching her claims. Classic. Another Democrat bashing another black man and assuming they can get away with it because he is black.

This is exactly what happened to Clarence Thomas when he was nominated for the Supreme Court twenty years ago. Exactly.

By the way, have you noticed that this time around the Dems and their elitist GOP allies have canonized these anonymous women, because obviously if they charged a black man with a crime he MUST be guilty? But when Bill Clinton was charged with sexual ASSAULT, not harassment, ASSAULT, it was the women who were the objects of the Democrats' and the media vitriol?

Cain meanwhile, is riding a wave of popularity despite the media and the national Republican elite attempting to derail his campaign over the unproven and unsupported allegations. In fact Cain has a fund-raiser underway on his website in which he is hoping to raise $999,000 to launch at all-out campaign drive in Iowa.

As of 5 p.m. today he was at the $700,000 mark and climbing, after only four days.

I also had to laugh today when a new ABC news poll - I know, ABC news, a contradiction in terms - tried to portray Mitt Romney as the candidate that most Republicans think can win against Obama.

There was a 12 point spread between Cain in second place, and Romney. But hidden at the bottom of the poll graphic displayed on FOX news was the note that it involved only 438 people identified as "leaning Republican," meaning not necessarily Republicans or even voters. The "poll" had a margin of error of 5.5 percentage points, which actually put Cain and Romney in a statistical dead heat.

If 438 people came to my local elementary school auditorium for a Veterans Day event, there were be enough room for twice that number again. I seriously doubt they represent an accurate view of what the real Republican electorate is thinking.

I can't stand it when news organizations that are entrusted with the First Amendment, one of the most cherished and fundamental rights afforded to Americans under our Constitution, use that right to mislead the public.

Anyway, the latest accusation against Cain is so ludicrous, and so lacking in accountability, not to mention credibility, that only the mainstream media -and those who are in the tank for Cain's opponents, Republicans and Democrats alike, would give it serious coverage.

Rush Limbaugh was blasting Allred today, who is credited with derailing Meg Whitman's campaign against Jerry Brown for Governor of California. Last year she staged a similar press conference in which a former domestic worker who was employed by Whitman claimed Whitman knew she was an illegal alien - similar to what Rick Perry claimed about Mitt Romney last month.

Whitman denied the allegation and said the woman filled out standard IRS and Social Security forms when she was hired in 2000. Nonetheless, Allred's tactics helped defeat Whitman and Brown is now the governor. Did you see the stories on the "occupy" riots in Oakland last week? Do you think that crap would have happened if Whitman was governor? Just wondering.

So, with Republicans already despising Allred, a story of "inappropriateness" that is remarkable only for the inability to question it in full or in part, no witnesses, and some very questionable political connections, Herman Cain is sure to get a boost from this farce.

Maybe next week we can talk about the economy.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Buy-A-Lick described a scene in a porn she just finished shooting. Seriously, "he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me towards his crotch". If that's not the cheapest sounding porno plot it soon will be.

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