Can someone please tell me the anniversary dates when Monica Lewinsky was performing oral sex on President William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton in the Oval Office in the White House?

Anyone? No? Well, I'm not surprised. It's not on my calendar of memorable American events either. It was a disgraceful episode and it belongs as a foot-note in the history books.

But given that the United States of America has a centuries-long tradition of commemorating only positive events in our history, why is it that the American Terrorist Media spent an inordinate amount of time last week reporting on the "anniversary" of the disgraced Anita Hill's false claims of sexual harassment against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

Hill, an attorney, worked with Thomas when he served in the Department of Education in 1981 and 1982, and moved with him from1982 to 1990, when he was Chairman of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She aired her discredited claims during his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court in 1991.

Thomas overcame the reprehensible allegations put forth by Ms. Hill and was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice on October 23, 1991, a position he holds to this day.

Thomas, you may remember, is a black man, and a conservative black man to boot, which didn't sit well with America's pro-communist mainstream media then, and still doesn't today. Hence the 20-year "anniversary" retrospectives, not on his decades of Supreme Court decision making, and his reputation as a staunch conservative, but on the false claims of a disgraced accuser.

A veteran friend of mine, whose political leanings tend more to the Democrat side than the Republican, remarked to me as we watched one of those broadcasts last month, that "no woman who is really being harassed would stay on the job like she (Anita Hill) did."

Great point. I hadn't thought of it in those terms, but it makes sense. Hill could have walked away from her job with Thomas any time, but she didn't, and frankly I don't care what she testified to; her story didn’t hold up and Thomas is a Supreme Court Justice.

I bring this up because it was immediately after the media decided to dredge up the Hill allegations that it turned the full spotlight of its smear machine on Herman Cain, the current Republican front-runner for the nomination to oppose Barack Hussein Obama in the 2012 presidential elections. Oh, he's also black and conservative.

First it was claims that two women had filed sexual harassment claims against him back in the 90s when he headed the National Restaurant Association. Those claims were said to have been very quietly – and cheaply – resolved with a payoff and a non-disclosure agreement. Neither of these women has come forth to be publicly questioned.

Frankly, Cain and his campaign manager did not handle the original disclosures very well, but getting lost in the media feeding frenzy is the clip of Cain directly addressing the issue by calling the claims lies. Most politicians handle similar issues by mincing their words and talking nonsense, and if they are Democrats the media then takes over their defense.

But that is if they are Democrats, and usually white Democrats. Black, conservative Republicans are in for it, and there doesn't even have to be a real person or any documentation to support the allegations. As a matter of fact, the frenzy against Cain can well be described by Justice Thomas's statement during his confirmation hearings:

This is a circus. It's a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree.

Substitute media for U.S. Senate and the statement stands the test of time. Take the current story that alleges a third woman is making claims of sexual harassment against Cain. It is being shopped around by Associated Press reporters Jack Gillum and Stephen Ohlemacher, who are making these allegations with no evidence whatsoever.

Their story is so lacking in substantiation that it would never have run in any news outlet in America three decades ago – well, maybe supermarket tabloids – even if the supervising editor was a child who was merely occupying that seat on a Take Your Child to Work Day. They wrote, and the rest of the American media dutifully passed on:

The latest allegations come from a woman who said in interviews with The Associated Press that Cain was aggressive and inappropriate with her, even extending a private invitation to his corporate apartment when she worked with him at the National Restaurant Association. The woman said Cain's behavior occurred at the same time two co-workers had settled separate harassment complaints against him while he was leading the association.

However, the alleged third accuser, let's call her the "Phantom Accuser" didn't file a complaint then, and doesn't want to be identified now according to the AP "reporters," which means they have become the source for their own story.

So, let's see their evidence. Cough it up. They didn't sign any non-disclosure claims so let's see the evidence. They apparently shared it with FOX News because FOX anchor Shepherd Smith started his 7 p.m. broadcast last night with the claim that "A third accuser has come forward."

That's patently false on its face, because no one has come forward, and I suspect it's patently false when you go deeper into his assertion, but maybe not. If the AP "journalists" shared their "evidence" with Smith, he certainly should share it with the FOX viewers, lest the entire cable network's news organization be held up to scrutiny for making false claims disguised as news stories.

Cain maintains that the entire issue is a "smear campaign" against him and the AP, with FOX News as a willing accomplice, is proving his point. Remember, it was less than two weeks ago on FOX News Sunday that host Chris Wallace and members of his "All-star panel" said they were working to help Texas Gov. Rick Perry – now floundering in the single digits in political polling – recover his previous position as the anointed front-runner, a position he achieved by virtue of the media saying so.

Cain's campaign manager said a Perry staffer who previously worked for Cain in an unsuccessful Senate run in Georgia and was aware of the issues with the National Restaurant Association, leaked the allegations to the Perry camp within days of being hired by Perry. Perry's camp denies that allegation and says it really was Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney who is behind the matter, which Romney also denies.

Romney hasn't pointed the finger at anyone although Michelle Bachmann did attack Cain, apparently prejudging him – again without any evidence. Ron Paul, however, handled the issue like a gentleman, refused to pile on like some other GOP candidates and media lackeys, and for that he should get a couple more points in the polls.

Perry meanwhile, is dealing with the fallout from an appearance in New Hampshire in which he appeared to be under the influence of … something. Perry says he was just high on campaigning, and word slurring is something we should see more of, not less.

To that I can only say that he should take a close look at the way the media is treating Cain. Perry can be the next whipping boy without any warning even if he was jober as a sudge in New Hampshire and merely got his mords wixed.

Regarding Cain I think we should consider that the National Restaurant Association thought highly enough of him, his work ethic, and the results of his efforts to dump the people who made the accusations against him, and keep him on. That says something about the man and what he brings to this country that this country so desperately needs.

Oh, and just in case you HAVE to know, according to Wikipedia, Monica Lewinsky had sex with Bill Clinton nine times, two of which were in November – November 15, 1995, and again on November 17, 1995. Happy anniversary!