FOX News released a minimal sampling of alleged registered voters Tuesday – calling it a "poll" – that it claims elevates Newt Gingrich to Target of the Week status.

The so-called poll is so lacking in credibility that any professional newsman with an ounce of pride would have resigned rather than broadcasting it as a game-changing barometer of public opinion.

The poll – which should be renamed a "self-fulfilling prophecy" – demotes previous frontrunner Herman Cain to also ran-status, while lauding Mitt Romney as the only consistent performer in the GOP primary field, even if he can’t get more than 25 percent of the votes on his best day. The sampling was so small that the margin of error was plus or minus 5 percent, which means that any of the results within 10 points of each other could just as easily be reversed.

And, to add insult to insult, 60 percent of those polled said they aren't firm in their opinions and could change their mind and vote for someone else.

In other words, the poll is worthless. But that won't stop FOX or any other propaganda outlet from spewing it as gospel.

The horrendously flawed poll interviewed only 370 people nationwide who claim to be GOP primary voters, some of whom were called on cell phones, the rest on landlines. So much for identity verification.

During a day of hyping its hype, FOX also delivered the news to its viewers and critics alike that since Gingrich, the former speaker of the US House of Representatives, is the newly media-designated frontrunner, he now is the next target of its relentless, merciless, and quite often baseless assaults. They even had one of their "pundits" or "analysts" on to say that this is exactly what the campaign needs because it will make Romney a stronger candidate.

Fox news has made it clear that it intends to do whatever is necessary to ensure that Romney gets the GOP nomination to face President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Washington and Manhattan "elitists," a term I use while trying very hard not to laugh since they obviously are brain dead lemmings, long ago decided that it is Romney's turn to be president and there better not be any interlopers from outside their inner circles trying to change that. The "poll results" support that contention, even though Romney hasn’t been able to capture significant support within the electorate despite at least six years of campaigning.

Gingrich has been creeping up in the polls in recent weeks as his performances in a series of debates has showcased his wide knowledge of the US government, world affairs and real world solutions to the nation's economic woes. In what could have been seen as a precursor to future events, Gingrich and Cain even participated in a "debate" with each other earlier this month, that seemed designed to show that they could work well together.

Fox broadcasters throughout the day sounded the alert that Gingrich, who was counted out of the race a year ago by these same brainiacs, was about to receive the same treatment Cain has undergone when he was falsely accused of sexual harassment. Fox broadcasters have routinely lied to their viewers during the assault on Cain, saying "four women have come forth" to accuse him of inappropriate behavior.

In fact only one woman came forth, well after the media began reporting that three "anonymous" accusers were raising the sexual harassment issue. None of them ever actually "came forth," but Fox as well as the other mainstream media outlets have shied away from reporting that the one who did pop up is regularly in financial and legal difficulties – despite her denials that her finances had anything to do with her sudden appearance.

The accuser, Sharon Bialek – pronounced Buy A Lick – who appeared with a publicity seeking lawyer who makes major contributions to the Democrat party, also was linked the Obama White House thorough his former senior adviser David Axelrod.

A second accuser who said she wanted to stay anonymous and avoid reliving her terrible ordeal at Cain's hands was outed by her brother-in-law, and it was quickly learned that she has a history of making sexual harassment claims, including another one against the federal government where she now works for the Obama Administration.

In that case she complained about a boss who sent an Internet joke around the office that compared men to computers by saying "they both have to be turned on to get anything done." Cain's alleged "crime" according to that accuser was saying that she was the same height as his wife.

It is likely that Cain was hurt to some degree in the polls although he has addressed that issue directly numerous times. Cain could well recover when you consider how many people in the FOX "poll" said they could change their minds, and his fund-raising actually has improved drastically since the allegations surfaced.

Cain also flatly denied any of the allegations against him, attributed them to the vicious political climate that exists in America and said he would take a lie detector test - when the women who made the claims against him take one too. That should help.

Gingrich is now in for the same treatment that Cain endured, and there are many who say he deserves it. But Americans are looking for a leader who will help the country out of the financial morass it is in, and his conduct in public certainly gives Gingrich a boost.

It was Gingrich who admonished his fellow candidates months ago not to give in to the media efforts to set them against each other, but few listened to his advice.

Now FOX and the other Democrat propaganda outlets will jump on him for his marital history, and any mistake, real, imagined or fabricated that he ever made. Every misstatement will be cast as evidence that he is deliberately misleading the public, and any misstep in his life, no matter how long ago or irrelevant, will be portrayed as a black mark on his character.

Frankly, I'm hoping Gingrich and Cain survive and make the primaries a real horse race. Then I can write a column telling FOX news and the other propagandists to stuff it, the Internet is the place for real news, AND the best barometer of public opinion.