OK, time for a pop quiz! How many of you can spell hypocrisy.

OK, sure, you there in third row. That's right!

Hypocrisy is spelled U-N-I-T-E-D N-A-T-I-O-N-S

In fact if you look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary you'll see a picture of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, who led the chorus from the UN and a plethora of countries across the globe declaring open season on killing Jews Sunday, July 30. This came on the heels of claims from Islamic terrorists, who have been deliberately rocketing Israeli cities for nearly three weeks that an Israeli air strike in Qana, Lebanon killed some three dozen women and children who were in the basement of a building targeted by an Israeli air strike.

When I say three weeks here, I mean just in the most recent unpleasantness. Obviously terrorists killing Jews has been the pastime du jour for decades, with homicide bombers blowing up marketplaces being the preferred method until the current onslaught of rocket attacks.

This wasn't the first such incident in which an airstrike or artillery shell hit civilians, and it was entirely expected since the so-called 'fighters' who call themselves Hezbollah routinely hide behind women and children when they fire on, well, anyone who isn't them. In fact, accounts of the incident were circulating by late Sunday that the Hezbollah murderers had ensured that the women and children would be in the building knowing full well that Israel would strike it because the 'fighters' who call themselves Hezbollah were shooting rockets into Israel from right outside.

Hezbollah then spent the day staging photo-ops while they disrespected the bodies of dead Lebanese children which the terrorists and willing accomplices from the World Terrorist Media used for props.

What incredible heroes these guys are! What terrific examples of the type of people who should lead the world, show the way to the future and serve as icons of their version of Islam, which, if they prevail, will be the only version of Islam allowed.

Although the Israeli government immediately expressed remorse for the death of civilians, and later Sunday cast doubt on the accuracy and timing of the terrorist claims, the blustering and pontification at the United Nations over the incident began within moments after reports on the incident were aired on world news outlets. Virtually every statement from the UN, the Arab governments across the world, and even Margaret Beckett, Foreign Secretary for Great Britain, verbally assaulted the Israeli government for conducting an air strike on a target that housed women and children.

Although Israel said about 150 deadly rockets have been fired from the village where the air strike occurred into cities in Israel, there has been no outcry from the world community over the deaths of Israeli civilians. H-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y. One news reporter even compared the lower number of Israeli deaths from Hezbollah rockets compared to Lebanese deaths from air and artillery, as though somehow terrorism is justifiable when fewer people die.

Oddly enough, when Ms. Beckett was interviewed in England about the incident, she used the strongest language possible in relation to Israel but didn't utter a single word about how the war started, why the civilians were in that building in the first place, or what would happen to the Israeli people if they just stopped defending themselves.

Note to Ms. Beckett: I hope you like burlap because if the wrong guys win this one you'll be wearing it forever. (See Taliban.) Oh, and you won't be in a position to make any comments because women don't get to have jobs, or go to school, so you won't be part of the government anymore. And if you have an opinion you'd best be keeping it to yourself because the people you now appear to be supporting don't like women having opinions, and they especially don't like women voicing their opinions. In fact, when women don't shut up in Hezbollah's version of the perfect society, they (the noble warriors of Hezbollah) tend to put such women into public squares and proceed to bash their heads in with rocks.

Just something you many want to think about before you go shooting from the hip in the future.

Even though Israel agreed to a brief cessation in aerial bombing of southern Lebanon on Sunday night, the rockets continued to stream into Israel from Hezbollah. Every one of those rockets was deliberately fired with the intent of hitting civilian targets and killing Israeli civilians, but not one of the UN gas bags uttered a word of protest.

From this I believe we can accurately deduce that the UN has approved of killing Jews. Murderous radical groups of bigots across the globe must be rejoicing! Pick up your bombs and guns boys, it's Jew hunting season!

All of this leads to the question that many Americans have been asking for years. What good is the UN and why do we continue to support it? A bunch of elitist diplomats and gas passers gather in a building in New York City, remember, the town that was the target of equally cowardly attacks on innocent civilians on September 11, 2001, spend their days figuring how to rip off the masses, spend their nights stroking each other at cocktail parties, and accomplishing nothing. All of this with the bulk of the funding coming from the United States, and they complain that we don't give them enough.

Time to face the music. Noble idea. Unworkable in the present state of the world. Time to close it down, kick them out, make them pay up their back rent, and pay off those damn parking tickets in New York City.

And while we're at it, the time also has come for the United States to start acting like a world leader with some backbone, not some whining hand wringing worry wart. Good grief. Our foreign policy is starting to look like a bad Woody Allen movie.

Can anyone pinpoint any other time in history when the strongest, most advanced and best armed society was convinced to not use all the weapons, technology, and capabilities it had, just so the other countries wouldn't feel put upon?

If the United States is to continue on in any viable form, and if our citizens are to ever again have peace of mind or belief in our from of government, then our government better stop quibbling over the minutiae of the moment and start acting like a strong world leader with the ability and intent to defend itself. Otherwise ...