Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kissinger Calls For Mid-East Slaughter! Sets Stage For Millions to Die - Again! Kerry Finally Apologizes

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, whose unmatched negotiation skills in 1972 and 1973 set the stage for the fall of South Vietnam after both the US and the South Vietnamese had pushed the communists to the brink of surrender, now says we can't win in Iraq either.

For those who were born after 1975, Henry Alfred Kissinger was the 56th Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977, under presidents Nixon and Ford, and prior to assuming that role was charged with creating and implementing the US concessions at the Paris Peace Talks.

Quoted often on matters of international intrigue, the most important of Kissinger's comments back before the south fell, that if the US could work with a communist government on mainland China there was no reason why we couldn't do so in Vietnam also, was buried by the World Terrorist Media, but has lately resurfaced. That one quote says everything about the true intent of the man America trusted to give us the real scoop on the war in Vietnam and how to win it.

Before becoming Secretary of State, Kissinger was named by Nixon in 1969 to be Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, a position he continued to hold until 1975.

If there is any one individual left alive and functioning who can be fingered for creating the conditions that led directly to the deaths of 3 million Cambodians at the hands of the communist Khmer Rouge, an estimated half-million South Vietnamese in prison camps and as boat people fleeing the Vietnamese communists on the South China Sea, as well as an unknown number of Laotians, it is Kissinger. He also is the quintessential villain who trivialized the deaths of more than 58,000 Americans and a million South Vietnamese who stood their ground against communism.

In an interview on British television Sunday, Kissinger threw in the towel on our efforts in Iraq, saying the U.S. government must enter into "dialogue" with Iraq's regional neighbors - including Iran - if any progress is to be made in the region.

I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it again until it sticks somewhere that matters: The only dialogue you can have with terrorists is on the terms for your surrender. Otherwise, it is not a dialogue it is just a delaying tactic on their part until they find another way to hit you.

If you are sincerely talking with terrorists, it is because you are a spineless excuse of a human who has fooled himself into believing that betraying the rest of humanity is an acceptable price for cutting a deal for yourself. You, then, are not only despicable you are truly in denial and as much as I would like to cause it myself, the last thing I want to be around to see is the look of comprehension as it slowly spreads over your vapid visage when you realize there are no deals with terrorists. It will come in the seconds before they slowly separate your head from the rest of your body.

But by then it will be too late for Henry Kissinger and all the rest of us if we let that brain-dead, elitist charlatan have any meaningful input on the world stage and the War on Terror.

Kissinger's views also have been sought out by the Iraqi Study Group, led by former Secretary of State James Baker III, which is all the reason I need to reject just about anything that comes from that bunch. If they are so inept that they need Kissinger to give them advice, we are truly screwed if we take them seriously.

For the record, the US and South Vietnamese annihilated 1.4 million communist troops in the Vietnam War and pushed them twice to a point of military collapse, once in 1969 when most of the fighting was done by US troops, and again during the Easter invasion in 1972 when the communist north invaded the south. The communists lost more than 50 percent of their invading forces, including armor and artillery, through the combined efforts of the South Vietnamese ground forces and American air power.

In both cases, American politicians squandered the military victories, first in early 1969 when Nixon prematurely announced that he was going to begin withdrawing US forces, and the second when Kissinger handed the communists virtually everything they wanted in Paris in '72. The Peace Accords were signed in early '73, supposedly allowing both the free south and the communist north to remain viable governments.

But then the leftists in the US Congress, such as John Murtha and Ted Kennedy, cut off all aid to South Vietnam through measures such as the Church-Case Amendment. In 1975, after a series of speeches by then-President Gerald Ford, who had succeeded Nixon, that he considered Vietnam a non-issue for the US, the north again invaded the south and this time was victorious when the southern government and armed forces collapsed.

If you want to know what is going to happen in the Middle East if we listen to Kissinger and anyone who really thinks this guy is talking out of anything other than his butt, just study the recent history of Southeast Asia. You may also want to research the origins of the War on Terror because another ramification of the US duplicity in Vietnam was to encourage the terrorists to take shots at us, all of which began during the mid-1970s.

I don't make this up. It is all there for anyone to see if you are serious enough and objective enough to look it up.


After repeatedly bringing him back to his reprehensible comments just before the recent elections on the intellectual capabilities of American troops, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace finally wrung an apology out of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

Kerry kept trying to duck Wallace's interrogatories on the issue, and kept blaming it all on George Bush and the "GOP Attack Machine" (gee, can I get one to use as a home security system??).

But Wallace ultimately aired an email copy of a letter to Kerry from the mother of a deceased Marine who was killed in May in Iraq by a roadside bomb. The Marine had left his college studies in computer engineering to defend his country. His mother's outrage was complete, unwavering, and totally understandable, but even though her letter was delivered to Kerry immediately after his comments, he still didn't apologize until cornered by Wallace.

But even then, in virtually the same sentence, Kerry again tried to blame it all on George Bush! I have seen the tapes of Kerry's statement a hundred times and not once did I see George Bush on the stage. So what are we to believe? George Bush is a long-distance ventriloquist? Wow!

Does anyone remember the Flip Wilson character, Geraldine, who used the line "The devil made me do it?" Is that Kerry or what? This guy still wants to be president but his mind hasn't moved on since the third grade.

Wallace also asked Kerry if he really thought he could make another run for the presidency. Kerry said the voters will decide.

Hey Kerry! Yo! Genius-man! The voters already decided. They told you to hit the bricks. Haven't heard a thing since 2004 that would change that. Keep walking buddy. Head on down the road counting your change. We're done doing business with you.

Too bad Wallace didn't have time to ask Kerry if he has learned where plutonium comes from since Kerry appeared on the same show a month ago.

Note to Fox News: On the subtitles you post when Kerry appears. He served in the US Navy from '66 to '72, not '70. That is the basis for some of the Swift Boat veterans' accusations against him -- that he was still in the Naval Reserve when he lied before Congress under oath about US troop activities in Vietnam, and when he secretly conspired with the communists in Paris.

Get it right will you? It matters.


Hardline said...

"Ve cannot win!"

Brings to mind the saw, "once burned, twice shy." Here we go again...

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