This past Sunday morning I caught the Fox News Sunday broadcast, as usual, and nearly choked on my breakfast omelet, as usual, during Juan Williams' turn to offer his view on the world.

I have to admit, the ongoing debate between Williams and Brit Hume, who puts aside his weeknight anchor duties to sit on the Sunday panel hosted by Chris Wallace, is about the best television a political junkie can hope for on a Sunday morning. Juan is hopelessly locked in to Democratic talking points, rarely offers anything that remotely smacks of independent thought, and has a tendency to so thoroughly frustrate Hume, as well as most of the viewing audience I bet, that Hume at times is relegated to a roll of the eyes or a knowing glance at the camera as opposed to actually verbalizing his retorts.

This Sunday Juan was out on a limb that he has been on before and as a result of his comments, and outgoing Untied Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan's related verbal barrage at the United States today, a response is necessary now, not next Sunday.

In a discussion on the Iraq Study Group's report, Williams retreated to the Democrats' old PR position, that we invaded Iraq because we believed that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction that he was going to unleash on us. I thought we had that issue pretty much in hand, we as a country I mean, when it was revealed last summer that vast stockpiles of WMDs actually have been found there, as well as equipment to use in developing fuel for nuclear bombs.

But more important, plenty of information has been developed that Al Qaeda terrorists had migrated to Iraq from Afghanistan after US troops went there and kicked the crap out of them. The number one terrorist in Iraq, Abu Al Zarqawi, who was visited by a US bomb last June, and hasn't been the same since, went directly to Iraq after he was wounded in fighting against us in Afghanistan.

In Iraq he was provided sanctuary, security, medical treatment and a lengthy recuperation period at a major hospital in Baghdad, run by Saddam's son Uday. When he was sufficiently recovered he headed out to the Iraqi countryside where Saddam had provided training camps, allies and even mockups of airliners so his terrorist recruits could practice hijacking techniques.

Iraq, in short, was to be the next launching pad for terrorist attacks against the US. So we attacked first, unseated Saddam, killed his sons, captured him, put him on trial, got a genocide conviction and death sentence, and along the way dropped a bomb in Zarqawi's back pocket.

Juan Williams and the Democratic National Committee haven't figured that out yet. They're still stuck in Basra. Remember all the nay-sayers who claimed before we attacked Iraq that we would still be stuck out in the desert to this day, unable to progress against Saddam's vaunted troops. Uh-huh. Don't hear much about that from the World Terrorist Media do you?

Then when we got into Iraq we found billions and billions of dollars in cash squirreled away in various hiding spots, which Saddam got by circumventing UN sanctions against his regime, while Kofi Annan not only looked the other way, but put his hand out for regular greasing through the Oil for Food program. Remember that? How Saddam was supposed to be restricted from selling his oil on the world market except for just enough to provide food and medicine for his subjects, but he sold it on the black market anyway, with help from the Untied Nations while the Iraqi people went hungry?

Remember all that? I bet most Americans do, Juan Williams excluded.

So today, Kofi Annan blasts the United States for supposedly trying to enforce our way of life and government across the globe by using our military. Looks like Ol' Kofi has taken too many trips to Crock O' Bull City.

But while Kofi Baby was quick to bad mouth the US, there were certain subjects that he avoided at all cost. There were no Oil for Food comments; there was no mention of all the ongoing scandals at the UN.

I guess if you are Kofi, then everything you do is fine, everything American is not.

We have to ask ourselves, as Kofi heads out on the speaking circuit to make up for income he'll be losing now that he is no longer chief in charge of graft and corruption, "How much is he getting paid to paint himself forever as the ultimate hypocrite?"

This crook, this loser, this phony, this pseudo-elitist cad has the nerve to lecture the US.

What about Darfur, what about Rwanda, what about human rights violations in country after country that this despicable excuse for a diplomat supports and from which he will in all likelihood receive speakers' fees?

Just last week, President Bush, the focal point of this all-too-serious roasting, hosted Kofi at the White House for a farewell dinner. In that encounter our president was the quintessential elegant host, polite, diplomatic and urbane.

Then Kofi shows his appreciation for our country providing him with an opportunity to make it appear his life meant something by running his mealy mouth at us. Kofi claims to be sophisticated, but up close he turns out to be nothing more than a dressed up street thug.

Just goes to show, you can't make silk out of a sow's ear.