Friday, December 01, 2006

Diversions, Diversions, Diversions; And Where is Juliet Huddy When We Need Her?

Vice President Cheney goes to Saudi Arabia. President Bush goes to Jordan. The Iraqi prime minister pitches a hissy fit when a White House memo saying he may not be the best guy for the job is leaked to the New York Times.

The world is focused on Iran's dictator Green Bean Almandine, as Lebanon's terrorist wackos, aka Hezbollah, push a million instant converts out on the streets to denounce their elected government. America waits breathlessly for the report from an unelected so-called Blue Ribbon panel that is reviewing our policy in Iraq, even though the panel has included input from such stalwart defenders of the American lifestyle as Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter, and leaks say its report will be more milquetoast.

Yet, the news coverage of these earth-shattering events is non-stop.

Meanwhile, short shrift is given to a Chinese submarine evading our best sonar capabilities and sneaking up to well within torpedo range of one of our aircraft carriers in the Pacific. Reports say the US Navy didn't know it was there until it surfaced. (The Chinese got access to our secret sonar capabilities during the Clinton administration according to some very well-placed sources, which may explain why such a gross violation of our national security isn't making headlines.)

The media also glosses over the revelation that a naturalized US citizen gave our stealth aircraft secrets to the Chinese, making the Stealth bomber more like a bull in a china shop than the ultimate sneak attack weapon. Meanwhile India successfully tests an anti-missile system while ours is hung up on a technicality, and oh, did anyone mention the Chinese shooting a laser beam at one of our satellites?

So what is going on out there? Well, in my humble opinion, we, the citizenry of the United States, are being deluded. We are focusing on nonsense while the real threats to our country and form of government are being studiously ignored.

I wrote months ago that the missile testing in Korea, and the on-again, off-again threats from Iran were diversions engineered by the Chinese and Russians trying one last time to impose a new world order of communism on the religious zealots who just can't seem to find enough room for each other to exist peacefully.

So, the Russians are poisoning people with food contaminated by Polonium, and the Chinese are testing out weapons that really can screw over our defenses. That the Russians have developed Polonium poisons that can be injected into the food system and injested by the target without catching on is remarkable.

That the Chinese "painted" a US satellite recently tells us exactly what is going on over there. They are trying to find ways to disrupt our military and civilian communications capabilities and working on ways to poison our food system using former Russian subjects who have fallen out of favor with Rasputin as guinea pigs.

Twice in the past week I have had conversations about the ongoing violence in Iraq, and how it is generated and sustained by the murderer posing as a religious icon Muqtada Al Sadr. Why, people are asking, don't we just terminate this fool and put an end to this nonsense?

The syndicated columnist and Fox News political analyst Mort Kondracke raised this point Thursday night, noting as many others have that we should have taken Al Sadr out back in 2003 when his limited army was shooting at our troops from inside a mosque. It bears noting that the US was all atwitter over us shooting at terrorists inside a mosque, but only last week Al Sadr's terrorist blew up three mosques where members of the Sunni Muslim sect worship.

Apparently in his view of the world only Shiite mosques rate protection.

The answer to Mr. Kondracke's question is that it is never too late to take out a bad guy. Whatever limited power he had three years ago has grown exponentially since then because we didn't do the right thing, and that power will grow even more so if we don't do it now. The longer you wait, the harder it will be and the worse the repercussions. It will never get easier or better so the less talk we do and the more action we take, the better.

It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!

OK, Fox News, I've been silent on this long enough. What have you done with Juliet Huddy? Where is she, why is she not on TV and how much is the ransom? I may not have it all myself, but I bet I can raise whatever amount it is within 24 hours.

I'm not the kind of guy who makes threats, but I would strongly suggest that you get her back in the public domain. Get it?

Juliet is one of the best newscasters on the national scene, and she certainly is not hard to look at. She was a weekend Fox News anchor before doing a short stint on the 1 p.m. weekday Fox lineup. Then she disappeared.

Apparently, the 1 p.m. show is having a hard time finding its niche, but what would you expect? That show is up against Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators so the core audience is already diverted.

But that isn't why I want Juliet back. First, someone else has already decided that she is the sexiest newscaster on TV. I agree. Beyond her unbelievable good looks and easy-going demeanor, that girl can shoot hoops, has no qualms about punching a male co-host on the shoulder and generally comes across as someone you could hang out with.

She knows her business too and gives an informed professional presentation.

Also, judging from comments I have received over the past year or so, many Fox viewers are tired of the type of ranting that Shepard Smith did on the intro to the Nov. 30, 6 p.m. news show. That is the one usually hosted by Brit Hume that Chris Wallace has hosted this week.

Smith was in the mideast covering the presidential visit to Jordan, and in his short stay there came to the expert conclusion that our troops in Iraq are actually causing all the hate and discontent that the muslim world feels toward us.

They weren't there in the 70s when this all started, and were never there in any real strength during the 80s, 90s or even the early years of this century, but that didn't stop Ol' Shep. His rant reminded me of his whining from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina when he was blaming the federal government for all kinds of nefarious conduct that it turned out didn't happen.

He also failed to note back then that the Posse Comitatus Act prevented President Bush from acting in that state until he got approval from the governor, but that sure didn't stop Shep from spewing his uninformed opinion.

I figure, if you want a pretty face out there, Juliet takes that competition hands down.

On the other hand, if Smith wants to be known as another Democratic operative with lots of rhetoric and little in the way of facts, let him go over to the Communist News Network.

Fox, bring back Juliet. The whole world is watching, but only if she returns.


Anonymous said...

Well, Fox, we're waiting.

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