If you have been trying to keep track of the daily developments in the "Scooter" Libby perjury trial, as I have, you too are probably concluding that it not only is a farce, but the only criminal activity taking place is the robbery of the public treasury by people claiming to be government lawyers.

For review, Mr. Libby was the chief of staff to Richard Cheney, Vice President of the United States. He, Libby, was the only person to be charged with anything after a lengthy and ridiculous investigation by the US Attorney's office into the identity of the person who "leaked" the name of a CIA employee to a reporter.

I purposely used the word employee here, instead of agent, because the employee, Valerie Plame was not an agent, she was a desk jockey and there is no law saying you can't tell someone that a mutual acquaintance works for the CIA if all they do is herd a desk all day.

Why did her name come up? Well, first of all we invaded Iraq, and the amerikan communist party and its affiliate, the American Democrat Party, decided they would oppose the war there and hopefully unseat George Bush by creating and repeating a bunch of lies about his motivations.

Ms. Plame then convinced her bosses at the CIA to send her husband, Joseph Wilson, an out of work wannabe in the Washington underworld, to Niger to look into allegations that Saddam Hussein had approached that country in 1999 with the intent of buying uranium to build A-bombs. Mr. Bush had said in his 2003 State of the Union address that British intelligence services had discovered that Saddam's agents had gone to Africa to look into buying uranium, and that was one of the reasons we had gone to war in Iraq - not the only, or even the main reason mind you, just one.

Wilson's mission presumably was to find out more about this contact and whether any uranium had actually been purchased.

As a side note, uranium is Niger's #1 export and that country was eager to find new markets for this product because declining world uranium prices had put a major hurt on its economy.

Wilson returned from Niger and gave the CIA a report that said, yes indeed, representatives from Saddam's government did go to Niger and discuss purchasing uranium. But then, and here is where it gets good, Wilson wrote a column for the New York Times saying exactly the opposite!

To add to the deception, word began spreading around Washington that Cheney had sent Wilson to Niger to look into the alleged attempt to purchase uranium and that when Wilson wrote his article undermining the administration, Cheney went on the warpath to discredit him. (Talk about delusions of grandeur!) So, the vice president immediately sends out the troops to find out who the hell Joseph Wilson is, why he is spreading this crap, and how on earth he ever got sent to Niger in the first place!

Along the way, virtually everyone in Washington learned that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, who rides a desk at the CIA and is blonde, had prevailed upon her bosses to send him to Niger, probably to give him something to do and get him out of her hair.

Then a Washington political columnist writes an article about all of this, including Ms. Plame's role in it. Voila! The amerikan communist party and its affiliate the American Democrat Party, scream bloody murder that the Bush Administration deliberately leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent to the media, putting her very life and God only knows how many national secrets in jeopardy.

Calls go out for an investigation, the Justice Department roles over like a dog begging for a treat, and stock in companies making manila folders and files skyrockets. (You have to have files if you are in the government and looking into something. I learned that in the movie Absence of Malice.)

So, after millions of news stories that all end in the phrase "Bush lied, people died" our vaunted justice department concludes that there is no law against telling people that someone is a desk jockey at the CIA. They also conclude that the only person who lied about anything in the original sense is Joseph Wilson, and they knew from the beginning who first mentioned Valerie Plame to the reporter, and it wasn't Cheney or Libby, but why let that screw up a good investigation.

But, the alleged US Attorney handling the case says that he found an inconsistency in Mr. Libby's testimony to the grand jury. He said one thing one time, but when asked about it later wasn't so sure and said something else the second time! By God, Heads Will Roll!!

So Libby gets indicted while Wilson lied and careers died. The resultant trial is in progress and day after day the one thing we hear from virtually every witness is that not one of them, not reporters for the networks or even the New York Times, not investigators, not FBI agents and certainly not government employees, is absolutely sure of what they told whom and when.

Witnesses even have been called back to the stand so they can retract testimony they gave only days earlier because they got their stories mixed up. And these are the prosecution witnesses! Good grief. This is our government in action?

For Libby to be convicted, the jury will have to decide that not only did he lie, he knew he was lying when he did it, and he deliberately lied to mislead the investigators. As if that has a chance in a million when the government's own witnesses can't keep their stories straight from one day to the next.

And the defense part of the trial hasn't even started yet!

So, I have concluded that no one ever took any of this seriously, especially the amerikan communist party and its affiliate the American Democrat Party. They have just been pushing this as far as they can to discredit the Bush administration and undermine support for our military and its mission in Iraq.
What this all shows is that while we have a rich and beautiful heritage as these United States of America, and our capital city has many beautiful and historic landmarks, the fact is, there is an undercurrent throughout Washington caused by the bureaucrats and lobbyists and people of their ilk. It is not a good undercurrent, in fact it is exceptionally evil.

It is fed by selfishness and greed, and egotism, and total absence of any ethical or moral standards. People like Joseph Wilson swim around in this river all day and all night, occasionally bumping into members of the amerikan communist party and its affiliate the American Democrat Party and on hot days in the summer you can smell the stench they create almost as far away as Baltimore.

These people are working for the downfall of America, and all it stands for, and they will stop at nothing until they are successful. They have sullied our country, our system of laws and government, and worst of all, they don't even have anything better to offer as an alternative.

They spend so much time existing in sewage that they think of it as normal.

We have a great country, and we have the best form of government to exist thus far in the history of man. We have a great capital city to administer and represent this government, but unfortunately for us all, a river - of sludge - runs through it.