Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where Do America's Politicians Stand On A Gathering Of Eagles?

Has anyone heard so much as one word of support for A Gathering of Eagles from any of the legions of contenders for the presidential nomination - from either or any party?

I try hard to keep up with these things, but I can't find a single reference anywhere to one of these politicians, all of whom claim to "Support the Troops," saying they agree with the goals of the vigil planned for this Saturday at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

What gives? Are we to believe that all of our political parties and presidential contenders are so glued to the American Terrorist Media, which has given short shrift to covering our vigil, that they aren't aware it even exists?

For all of their minions who may be reading this and deciding whether to forward it to their bosses, the gathering started as a spontaneous outpouring of concern for the safety of our memorials after anarchists associated with a pro-terrorism rally on the National Mall January 27 spray painted graffiti on the Capitol building.

Many of the groups named as participants in a planned pro-terrorism march on the Pentagon March 17 were involved in the January 27 rally, and some of their number have targeted the Vietnam Memorial for similar treatment.

That concern evolved into a full-fledged peaceful vigil to stand guard at our memorials on Saturday and deny the anarchists free access to them, in addition to showing support for our troops who are fighting the War On Terror. I have heard some people say that they believe this is an overreaction, but the Capitol Police who were ordered to stand back on Jan. 27, and allow the Capitol to be attacked don't share that opinion.

Regardless, the movement has been steadily growing and it has gotten some attention from Fox News and conservative talk radio, but little in the way of coverage elsewhere.

Most of the people I know or have communicated with who are attending are adamant that it is far past time for America to put its collective foot down and make the point that exercising our constitutional right to dissent doesn't extend to vandalism and anarchy.

I keep hearing from some of the pro-terrorism marchers that they really are just a group of middle aged, peace loving Baby Boomers who want to leave this life knowing they have made an effort to bring about a better world.

Nonsense. My mother taught me long ago that you are judged by the company you keep and I fail to see how pro-extremist, pro-terrorism, pro-communist, pro-socialist, anti-American groups can withstand the Soccer Mom test. If you are a peace lover and you want to express yourself publicly, then you should join up with other peace lovers, not anarchists and terrorists.

In addition to the vigil at The Wall on Saturday, some veterans also are planning to stand vigil outside Walter Reed Hospital in DC on Friday night. They aren't doing this because of the deficiencies uncovered there in recent weeks, although we all are appalled at that news.

They are doing it to offset a weekly attack on our wounded troops by members of Code Pink, one of the headline groups in the march on the Pentagon. Each Friday night Code Pink gathers outside Walter Reed to harass and abuse our soldiers whose recuperation has progressed to the point where they are allowed weekend liberty.

So the first thing they see is a bunch of whack jobs and weirdos calling them filthy names and disparaging their efforts to keep our country free. But this week Code Pink will be offset by veterans who have arrived early for the Saturday vigil.

I told this to a man the other day who said that the entire Gathering of Eagles effort is unnecessary. He said that because he hadn't seen anything about anarchists and troop abusers in the media it obviously isn't happening.

I guess if a tree falls in the forest and he isn't there to hear it, it doesn't make any sound, regardless of what the rest of us experience.

But back to our presidential contenders and other politicians. Where are they?

I will refer them to a column I wrote last week about the potential political muscle of the veteran community when it gets riled and votes with one mind. More than 70 million votes are possible out of this community, and that is way more than enough to elect, or eject, any candidate on the national scene.

I strongly advise the political fence sitters and wind vanes to stand up now and show their support. Supporting us after the gathering is way too late. I hesitate to make guarantees on matters of this nature, but there is one guarantee associated with this vigil.

Fail to support the veterans and I can guarantee every candidate out there that it will be remembered. And don't go running to the organized veterans organizations looking for them to bail you out.

They represent only a fraction of the veteran community. This vigil shows the true mindset of the veteran community and the wise man, or politician, will heed the numbers.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed a thundering silence from the elected elete, no doubt working on getting reelected, so remember them "in kind" on election day. I have also tried to get talk radio involved, personally went on air with Boortz, who seemed almost bored, E-mail to Hannity has produced zero, and Rush is also deaf. I am sure there will be lots of "Monday morning QB s" on the 19th, speaking in their own language of speculation instead of knowing the facts.

Anonymous said...

There are many of us that due to circumstances can only attend this rally in spirit. We FULLY support our veterans and the honor and integrity going into the work on this effort. Enough of the vandalism, enough of the trash talk against our troops and our President. It's about time the SILENT MAJORITY was heard.

Adam said...

I'm sure pleanty of public officials would attend on the 17th if their PR reps would allow them. The real question is which side would they stand on? If they stood with us we would surely question their intentions. If they stood with the commies, well, no surprise there in certain cases (Hillary Clinton). Either way their intentions would be called into question which is unfortunate because we do have some fairly honest representatives with honorable intentions. Their endorsement would mean a lot but would they truely be supporting the troops or just their public image?

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised the politicians are no where to be found. I have long suspected that the disconnect between America and Washington DC has been growing by leaps and bounds. There is a reason the first part of the word Washington is WASH. As in, its time to wash away all of these politicians and get someone who is not part of the establishment. I mean, they couldn't do worse.....could they?

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