First there were the reports, duly buried by the pro-communist American Terrorist Media, that a Chinese Navy submarine had sneaked right up on one of our aircraft carrier groups, completely evading our most advanced sonar capabilities.

Then they 'painted' one of our communications satellites with a laser beam, showing that they could target it for destruction if they were so inclined. A month later they destroyed one of their own older weather satellites with a rocket, demonstrating that they weren't kidding around and could smash our defense satellites too.

Now we find that the widespread contamination of pet food that caused deaths and serious sickness to dogs and cats across the country resulted from a deliberate act of sabotage in - you guessed it - China.

Then, when US government officials told the Chinese that they wanted to inspect the plants in China where the contamination took place, the Chinese open-trade policy suddenly went south. The response from China was along the lines of "Uh, visas? What visas? We don't have your visas. Don't you have your visas? Gee, we can't let you in without visas? I guess you'll have to apply for new ones. It'll take time though."

Yeah, just enough time to get into those plants and make sure that anything that might constitute incriminating evidence is long since departed.

As a recap on the pet food contamination issue: Federal officials say ingredients imported from China - and used in the more than 100 brands of recalled pet foods -may have been intentionally spiked with melamine, an industrial chemical used in plastics and fertilizers, to boost their apparent protein content. The Food and Drug Administration is investigating how the melamine contaminated at least two ingredients imported from China, wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate, used in the pet foods.

China's immediate response was to block the FDA's efforts to inspect the facilities that manufactured these melamine-tainted ingredients.

Taken together these incidents and 'provocations' to use one of the communists' favorite words, amount to a continual assessment of our defenses - probing the perimeter as we used to say in Vietnam. They obviously are looking for weaknesses, ways to get to us on a number of fronts simultaneously, and by all appearances, they have found something.

They know that they can evade our sonar. They know that they can destroy our communications satellites, which would render much of our essential military communications inoperative. (Let's all take a moment to properly thank the Bill Clinton administration.) This is more than communications between headquarters and far flung field ops; it also would include targeting systems right on the battlefield, including tanks, artillery and air cover, cell phones, and global positioning systems.

Now they also have a good idea of just how well, or unwell, our food inspection system works. I consider the pet food incident a test of our system. This time it was Pekingese, next time it will be us.

How long have we been worrying about possible contamination of our food and water by terrorists or other enemy forces? Is there an outside chance that the e-coli bacteria outbreak a few months ago was also deliberate sabotage, right here inside the USA?

How much food do we import from China anyway? Lots. Fruit, vegetables, and fish for starters, all of which have had contaminated shipments stopped on the docks when they arrived in American ports. CBS News reported today that some of the same contaminants found in the pet food supply also made it to the human supply before quietly being pulled.

Some say the contamination and animal deaths are to be expected, a natural outgrowth of globalization due to China's fractured food supply and inspection system. Maybe that's true, but it also doesn't hurt, if you are a die-hard communist still holding on to dreams of world domination, to use those flaws to create problems for your number one adversary while simultaneously probing and testing defenses.

It seems with all the constant pettiness in Washington, D.C., the non-stop attacks on one administration official after another, the incessant public battling over the conduct of the War on Terror, and especially the Battle for Iraq, that our other adversaries, the Chinese and Russians, are making hay while the sun shines.

In all likelihood we have more than a billion friends in the Chinese and Russian populaces, but we have zero friends in their governments. They are still communists - in practice in China, at heart in Russia - and like the Islamo-fascist terrorists we are fighting, they believe the battle should go on on forever, regardless of the cost.

It works very much in the communists' favor if America and our western allies end up in a religious war pitting Christians and Jews against Muslims. We can see by the conduct of the communists' allies and fifth-columnists in Congress that extended warfare can have a debilitating effect on the country.

If this is repeatedly hyped in the media, as it is, the public eventually becomes psychologically war weary, much as troops encounter battle fatigue after long periods in combat.

The best evidence of this is President George Bush. Have you taken a close look at him in public appearances lately? The man is exhausted, and probably suffering from sleep deprivation, as we all would be if we were perpetually fighting both foreign and domestic battles.

I don't believe the Democrats in Congress are as interested in sending members of the administration to jail as they are in exerting constant pressure on Bush on the domestic front, hoping to wear him down and assist the terrorists who aren't doing as well on the foreign military front.

They were successful in getting Tom DeLay and John Bolton out of loop, but that didn't stop anything. Scooter Libby, who didn't do anything wrong, nonetheless is facing a jail term for perjury, but he probably wouldn't have been convicted if he had been tried anywhere except in a D.C. court.

Then it was on to Alberto Gonzales, who also didn't do anything wrong, but you wouldn't know it from the Democrats' statements combined with the royally unfavorable press coverage. Then we have the ultimate threat to 'get' something on presidential adviser Karl Rove. I have yet to hear exactly what it is that DeLay, Gonzales or Rove have done that earns them these constant attacks, but obviously wrong-doing isn't a prerequisite.

All you have to do to prove this is to listen to some of the unbelievably stupid comments from Congressional Democrats - that lack of evidence of wrongdoing is evidence of a cover up!

The upshot of the constant pressure from the Democrats and a handful of Republican turncoats, is the appearance of distraction and inability to cope in the Oval Office. If continued successfully for another 18 months this could result in a change in political parties in the executive branch to match the changeover in the legislative branch.

But that short-term goal, and the short-term gain it would represent, ignores the long-term damage to our country. The Democratic majority in Congress, led by Sen. Harry Reid, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, already have shown that they have no stomach for any kind of real fight, other than their nursery school-level verbal slap fests in the media.

With wimps like them in charge the terrorists wouldn't have to fight any longer, they'd be able to march in and take over unopposed. Then Reid and Pelosi would learn the terrible truth about their duplicity, but by then it wouldn't just be all over for the collaborators, it would be all over for all of us.

There is a sure way to offset this. President Bush needs to take Pelosi, Reid, Levin, and the turncoat Republicans by the throat and smash their stupid, pudding filled heads into a brick wall - figuratively speaking of course - until they start to get the message.

That would ensure that their supporters in and out of Congress would crawl back under their rocks and garbage piles, just like cockroaches when the lights come on, and we can get back to sensible governance.

There will be some resistance, of course, from Democrats, the media and turncoat Republicans, but it will be short lived. But Bush has to come out swinging and I don't mean verbally.

He needs to invoke the powers of his office to apprehend and bring to trial the collaborators and spies who are undermining his office, the war effort, our troops and our country. If he does it forcefully and completely he will have the full support of the majority of Americans.

Anything less, and he will get 18 more months of the same old attacks, resulting in failed initiatives, a lost war, and a failed presidency.