Friday, July 27, 2007

US Congress is Al Qaeda's Chief Recruiter

Congressional celebrities, comprised primarily of Democrats and turncoat Republicans like Reid, Pelosi, Murtha, Kerry - the usual suspects - made a mad dash for the cameras this week when a report was released saying the world's primary terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, may be more robust in Iraq than it was in previous years.

And we are surprised by this ... why? The report I mean, more so than the guppy-like schooling before the cameras.

For the better part of three years now, as our troops have won victory after victory over the terrorists, members of Congress and their accomplices in the American Terrorist Media have ignored every single success and instead disgorged a non-stop flood of sewage labelled news, always claiming we are losing.

Even as our troops have killed tens of thousands of terrorists and are succeeding in turning public opinion in the Muslim world against terrorists and their tactics, Democrats and turncoat Republicans in Congress are in a frenzy attempting to force the withdrawal of our forces just as they are on the cusp of victory.

The US Congress is sending the same message to terrorists worldwide that it did in the 70s - in fact many of the same people are involved in the current PR effort to help our terrorist enemies. In the 70s they aided and abetted the communists, and succeeded in forcing abandonment of our South Vietnamese allies just when they had demonstrated that they could stand up to the communist armies so long as they could count on our air support.

The result was the domino effect in Southeast Asia whereby South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos fell to the communists, initiating a wholesale slaughter of holocaust proportions, with some 4 million murdered in the next several years.

Now they are aiding and abetting the terrorists, and I am very suspicious that the end goal now is the same as it was in the 70s.

There is such an obvious disconnect from reality here that one must wonder what on earth these people - the Democrats and Republican turncoats in Congress - are thinking, if they are capable of thought, and what they expect will be the end result of their duplicity.

If you follow their treasonous actions to their logical conclusion, America will be driven from the Middle East, cut off from its primary sources of energy, unable to duplicate those energy sources at home due to decades of restrictions, ultimately isolated economically and militarily, and forced to capitulate to Muslim extremists who will take over our government and immediately execute the current crop of rulers and their sycophants.

Hold it, maybe we're on to something here. Oh, sorry, did I write that out loud?

Seriously though, I have written before and nothing has changed my mind, that the traitors of the 70s were working for the communists, and while claiming ownership of some sort of intellectual superiority, and living large compared to the average American, couldn't see that they would have been the first to go if the communists had succeeded in their drive for world domination.

The communists always kill off their supporters. Their primary method of operation is to convince disaffected residents of a host country that if they work to overthrow their current leaders, and install a communist government, then a workers' Utopia will replace their current misery.

So the gullible recruits help overthrow their government, which to be honest, usually isn't the best of worlds either, and then install the communists. But instead of the workers' Utopia they get a communist police state where all thoughts and actions are controlled by a very small and extremely paranoid group of overseers.

When the people who helped attain this dismal state of affairs complain that what they got was not what they expected, they quickly learn the communist methodology for dealing with dissent. That includes arrest, imprisonment, labor camps, torture and death. Worldwide the communist movement is estimated to have executed more than 100 million dissenters since the Bolshevik Revolution succeeded in 1917, and huge numbers of the dead were people who originally supported the communist takeover.

So once again we have a bunch of stooges in the US Congress, once again - or still - working to overthrow our government, still working for worldwide communism which is again expanding through the efforts of China and Russia, as evidenced by recent events in Venezuela as well as other areas of South America, and while no one is looking, in Africa.

To see this you need only to take a close look at Russia's leader Vladimir (Ras)Putin and his rollback of democratic reforms, military expansionism in China including probes against US naval and space assets, and you can see that the ultimate strategy is to help the Muslim extremists in their fight against the west, hope that both sides beat each other to a pulp, and waltz in and take over when the war weary populaces on each side are too sick of war to resist.

Not convinced? Well maybe I'm wrong, but I'll tell you this. If I walk out in the woods behind my house, and come across bear tracks, I know that a bear is in the area. I might not see it, but I can see the signs it left, and I know it is nearby.

On the world stage, I see tracks of communist expansionism everywhere I look. They may not be right in my face each and every day, but the signs are there if you know where to look and you understand what they mean. The communists suffered a major defeat in the 80s and 90s, but they haven't given up and they are attempting a comeback, using the Muslim extremists as a tool.

Mistakes have been made in the War on Terror to be sure. But mistakes are made in every war. We certainly haven't had any of the fiascoes such as we had in WWII like the Bataan Death March, the Battle of the Bulge, the slaughter of US troops at Anzio, and the lack of preparation for fighting in the French countryside after D-Day.

But this is a new and different kind of war, against a different kind of enemy, and overall we have learned from these mistakes. We have continued to refine our tactics, which is also part of the overall process of fighting a war.

One of the most visible signs of the success of the military effort in Iraq, as I wrote in a column last week, is the change of tactics by the Congressional Democrats and turncoat Republicans, altering their focus to the political situation in Iraq rather than the military and security issues.

In fact, it should be no surprise to anyone that Al Qaeda is doing everything it can to boost its forces in Iraq. Unlike the propagandists in Congress, the terrorists have declared that Iraq is the focal point of their war against us. Why wouldn't they do everything in their power to send as many troops there as possible?

And why wouldn't they be successful in recruiting new fighters and suicide bombers to their warped viewpoint, when the US Congress in continually providing fresh evidence that all they have to do is wait us out, regardless of the extent of their losses?

Meanwhile, Congressional leaders are throwing every conceivable stumbling block in the path to victory. They are attacking the administration for non-existent issues from every angle, leaking top secret tactics and strategies to a media that is only too willing to pass our secrets on to our enemies, and holding hearing after pointless hearing hoping to discredit administration officials.

Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid even bragged to the cameras the other day that he and his lackeys have held 100 hearings since they took over Congress and will gleefully hold 100 more. He failed to note that not one of these hearings has resulted in a damn thing of consequence, other than a hope that they can trip up someone during sworn testimony and then charge them with perjury for not remembering what they said in hearing 17 and how it may have differed from hearing 27, 42, 66, 84 and 92.

That ladies and gentlemen is a prime example of your federal tax dollars at work. Unrestrained spending by the court jesters, who look like clowns on the surface, but underneath are working non-stop to bring down our government and our way of life.

There is a gleam of hope though. In an entirely unscientific survey of voters who are keeping track of these buffoons and their treasonous activities, I find that the Democrats lose at least 1000 votes nationally for every single nonsense hearing they call.

How many votes did they lose Ohio by in the last Presidential election? Keep going Reid, keep going. You're going to legislate your party right out of the running. Yeah have some more hearings, that will show us. But please, please don't throw us into that briar patch.

Democratic Senator Harry Reid et al. What a classic group of mooks.


Fred said...

Well said. Reid is one of my pet peeves. All of the data, polling, etc. shows that the American people don't like what he is doing yet he keeps it up. There has simply got to be other factors in his agenda that are not known to us. I cannot say that his purposfull intentions are to bring down the gov't but were he allowed to go on with impunity for a long enough time, that is what the result might well be. One thing that is certain. He is a buffoon.

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