Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pinkos In Berkeley, Bombs in Times Square; Are Attacks on Congress or a Presidential Candidate Next?

America awoke today to the news that anarchists had bombed a military recruiting station in Times Square.

The attack occurred in the early morning hours, no one was on duty at the time, and there was no word of casualties.

Nonetheless this attack has all the appearances of a dramatic escalation of the anti-American tactics sweeping through the pro-terrorist ranks in wake of the overwhelming military and political successes in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have to question whether this is just the first step in copy cat violence that mimics the anti-war tactics of the Vietnam era.

There is no question that the pro-terrorist forces are losing their argument. It is hard to make your point that we never should have invaded Iraq when evidence abounds that Al Qaeda's leadership, having been solidly defeated in Afghanistan, was planning to use Iraq as the next launching pad for terrorist attacks.

In what appears to be mounting frustration that their position on the war was wrong and unsupportable, anti-war forces have been escalating their attacks on recruiting stations and the military for months now. But contrary to the "Silent Majority" that sat by a generation ago and allowed pro-communists like John Kerry and John Murtha to take the streets and dictate the course of the debate on Vietnam - with devastating consequences - pro-troop Americans have been actively opposing the left's anti-military activities.

Thus the pro-terrorist factions have not had a monopoly on the media as they did in the 60s and 70s. And even though the Main Stream Media often refuses to publicize the pro-military efforts to support the troops and the government, the Internet has proved itself to be more than equal to the task, hence the frustration and escalating violence from the pro-terrorist forces.

The worst of the anti-military groups include the whackos at Code Pink, the communists, anarchists and pro-terrorists at the ANSWER coalition, and a splinter group claiming to be former members of the military calling itself Iraq Veterans Against the War. I'm not accusing any of these groups of being involved in the bombing, but they do advocate violence and destruction of public property, including war monuments, as part of their tactics.

ANSWER and the Pinkos have resorted to blocking entrances to recruiting stations, anarchy in the streets and transparent attacks on our government officials. Meanwhile, the IVAW has modeled itself after Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War, which ironically had far fewer Vietnam veterans in its membership than communists. The new bunch - IVAW - even is planning a "Winter Soldier Investigation" next week patterned after Kerry's false and malicious attack of the same name on American troops in 1971.

Considering that Code Pink's infiltration of the Berkeley City Council has resulted in unprecedented official support for its attacks on the US Marine recruiting station in that city, and IVAW is mimicking Kerry like an aged shadow, it is worth questioning whether more vicious attacks on members of our government are in the planning stages.

The membership of Kerry's VVAW included anarchists who were planning assassinations on members of Congress back in the 70s. These plans proceeded parallel to violence by other radical groups such as the Students For A Democratic Society, which has resurfaced in recent years, and its military arm the Weather Underground, which majored in setting off bombs and killing people, especially on college campuses.

To be fair, Kerry distanced himself from the more lethal members of his organization, but the question still remains. Are today's anarchists planning to go the same route as the VVAW, SDS and the Weather Underground?

Are members of Congress who support victory, meaning most of the GOP, being targeted for attacks even as police are seeking the identity of the Times Square Bomber? Is John McCain safe, considering he supported the military offensive labeled The Surge that has been so successful in Iraq?

Will we hear Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton denounce the bomb thrower, the bomb makers, and their supporters?

Will they promise to throw the weight of their political status behind any investigation into the bombing? Or will they sit silent as they have done since the Code Pinkos started their assault on the Marine recruiting station in Berkeley?

In this case, silence is tantamount to acquiescence. Both are unacceptable.


Ron's piece is on target.....the question.....what are we going to do about the attack on America and our troops from these groups?

We can continue our support of America by challenging the Winter Soldier Testimony next Friday in Silver Spring, MD...see for details.

Following on Saturday, a rally and march will occur in Washington, DC. We assemble on the Mall at the Washington Monument at 10:00 AM and march down Constitution Ave to the US Capitol at 1PM......

We can standup and challenge the anti-America elements or allow another generation of warriors to be stained, denigrated, betrayed by lies, distortions, and vile unfounded accusations.....

Which will it be?

Anonymous said...

Divert the recruiting station attacks to the congress and I won't raise a hand.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 03/07/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

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