Monday, March 03, 2008

Nice to See You, How Was Your Vacation? Hit The Bricks? KSFO in San Francisco Axes Melanie Morgan

Melanie Morgan came back from vacation this morning to do her morning show on KSFO radio in San Francisco, and before the day was over, her 14-year career at the station was too.

That will make some people happy, notably communists, socialists, anarchists, terrorists, leftist politicians, phony rightist politicians, anyone associated with Code Pinkos, the Berkeley California City Council, and a few perpetually unhappy cranks who never have a good thing to say about anyone.

But for those of us who appreciated her willingness to stand tall and do for this generation of veterans what the women (and men) of the Vietnam generation never did, it is not a good day.

There is always an inside story in situations like this, but at the moment I don't know what it is. The official explanation is that her contract was up and the parent company of her station had already proclaimed sweeping personnel cuts. There have been numerous other hits on the conservative talk circuit across the country and if you have a penchant for conspiracy theories, this is probably a good place to start.

I do know that Melanie's morning drive time show was a forceful voice for America's veterans and active duty military, and she skillfully used her radio exposure. Her outspoken support for conservative issues makes her a favorite guest on CNN and FOX News too.

Her views weren't always welcome, especially at CNN, but she got them out and she got them across.

Melanie took on Code Pink in their own back yard and beat them at their own game. She stood up against communists like ANSWER, and organizations associated with it. She is an ardent environmentalist, and has the history to prove it, and she called them as she saw them.

Melaine didn't hide behind her microphone; she traveled to Washington twice in 2007 to stand up with the troops, and she manned the barricades with us when we counter-demonstrated against the communists, anarchists and pro-terrorists in ANSWER's ranks. She is an unabashed patriot and supporter of the military, for which she will always be appreciated.

Since I have no more scoop I will simply post the news release she sent me today.

Conservative Melanie Morgan Cut from KSFO Radio
* Vows to Continue Her Role as Conservative Activist *

SAN FRANCISCO - Renowned radio personality and national conservative leader, Melanie Morgan, delivered her final broadcast on talk radio powerhouse KSFO 560 AM today - Monday, March 3, 2008.

The owner of KSFO radio, Citadel Broadcasting, decided not to renew Morgan's contract as part of the company's announced across-the-board financial cost cutting.

Melanie Morgan has been a fixture on KSFO for the past 14 years, enjoying a run from 1994-2008 that far exceeded industry standards for longevity. During that time, Morgan emerged as one of the nation's most dynamic conservative activists, using the radio airwaves to motivate listeners who shared her passion to take action and fight for causes important to them.

Morgan's on-air activism included an effort that removed the carcinogen MTBE from gasoline in California, launching of the historic Recall Gray Davis campaign that led to the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California, and co-founding the nation's largest pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (website:

"It has truly been an honor for me to work at KSFO for the past 14 years. What I loved most about my time at KSFO was that it allowed me to connect with listeners and take action to make real changes in the world," Morgan said.

"We never had a one-way dialogue with our listeners, and we never believed that we had to resolve ourselves to accept the status quo. We got out of our chairs, left our homes and offices, and circulated petitions, rallied for our troops and met with government leaders.

"We did all this to make sure that we left an even better world for our children than the one we had inherited from generations before us," Morgan said.

As part of her ongoing conservative activism, Morgan has traveled to the Middle East twice to interview U.S. Troops stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. Her broadcast efforts from Iraq resulted in her winning the Associated Press's Mark Twain Journalism Award, and The Peninsula Press Club's award for Best Interview or Talk Show.

"Meeting our troops who are on the frontlines of the war against terrorism stands as the most powerful experience in my broadcast career," said Morgan.

Morgan's career with ABC began in 1981 when she was a television reporter for KGO TV. In 1984, she became an on-air personality for KGO radio where she worked for six years before switching over to ABC-San Francisco sister-station, KSFO 560 AM, co-hosting the Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan show. In 2006, Citadel Broadcasting acquired the ABC Radio group.

She has reported on the scene from the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon; the Mexico City earthquake; and the Tiananmen Square massacre in China. Morgan says her focus in the days ahead remains unchanged: She will remain a conservative activist leader.

"My commitment and dedication to serve as a leader in the movement to support our military men and women continues to grow, and I am very proud to serve as Chairman of the pro-troop non-profit group, Move America Forward," Morgan said.

Morgan is not compensated for her work with Move America Forward, a fact since the group was first launched in 2004.

Morgan will also continue her weekly column for the news website and will continue to serve as a television analyst on news programs on cable and broadcast television stations and networks.

"My passion and commitment to the troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world are foremost in my heart.

"While I will miss my good friends Lee Rodgers and Officer Vic, and our great producer Sheri Yee, I am excited to stay close to the conservative grassroots. And I'll always lead with my chin out," Morgan concluded.


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