Sunday, April 06, 2008

Is it Possible for Chris Wallace to Insult John Kerry's Intelligence?

Chris Wallace interviewed Massachusetts Senator, losing presidential candidate, and Barack Obama spokesman John Kerry on Fox News Sunday this week and showed two things: one, why Wallace is considered one of the premier hard news interviewers of our time; and two, why Kerry should be fired as an Obama consultant.

Anyone who reads this column with any regularity knows how I feel about Kerry, the disgraced Vietnam War embellisher who was a leading figure in the 60s and 70s movement to bring bring about the fall of Southeast Asia and the slaughter of millions of innocents at the hands of the communists.

Thus, when Fox ran the intro to the interview with Kerry I nearly switched channels. I'm not sure why I didn't, probably because Kerry always says something stupid and I hate to miss an opportunity to bash him.

Kerry immediately launched into a Bash John McCain routine, and immediately got himself into trouble with his infamous "flip-flop" technique of denying things he said yesterday if they don't jive with the point he wants to make today.

Wallace is not one to let that nonsense go unchallenged and he drove straight into Kerry's repeated misrepresentations of his previous statements. This included Kerry's denial that in 2004 he was considering McCain for a position in his administration if Kerry had been elected - possibly even Vice President.

Even though Wallace had dates and places where Kerry had made the previous comments, Kerry flat out denied their existence. Can you say "pathological?"

Basically, Kerry was on the show to make the not-so-subliminal connection between the words "John McCain" and "Wrong," which he repeated ad nauseum.

Wallace kept bringing up the inconsistencies, and flat out inaccuracies in Kerry's comments which didn't sit well with Kerry. The interview got to the point where Kerry fired back at Wallace, "You almost insult my intelligence," which was probably the most accurate thing Kerry said all morning.

This may be a debatable point, but since Kerry "almost" has intelligence, I believe it isn't possible to insult something that doesn't exist.

Kerry proved once again why America really dodged a bullet when it re-elected George Bush in 2004 and sent Kerry to the scrap bin of national politics. This guy changes his colors more often than a chameleon, and does it seamlessly.

Kerry apparently was on Fox News Sunday to stand in for Obama who has been evading an appearance with Wallace for more than two years now, to the point that Wallace is running a date meter every Sunday highlighting Obama's absence.

Apparently Obama is afraid to brace Wallace, which is unfortunate since Wallace may be tough, but he also is fair. I have seen him go head-to-head with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, President Bush and Karl Rove to name a few. Some get angry with him, some, like Rove can match him point for point, issue for issue.

Hillary Clinton did pretty well in an interview with Wallace too, although her husband probably doesn't think too much of him or Fox News Sunday.

Basically, I see it as a matter of confidence in your positions. If Obama really thinks he is God's Gift to America, then he should do the show and explain to people like me just why he holds that belief. OK, maybe that isn't fair. Maybe Obama just thinks he is the best candidate to be President of the United States.

So, why won't he come on Fox News Sunday and show us why? I am not interested in any fluff interview on any network television show, nor on the Communist News Network. So if Obama wants to make points with me, using television talk shows as a medium, sooner or later he is going to have to sit down with Chris Wallace.

Otherwise I am forced to conclude that he isn't strong in his positions, doesn't have the courage of his convictions, is afraid of being exposed, and is willing to settle for surrogate "hit men" like Kerry to do the job Barack should be doing himself. But if he is going to continue on the road of hiring others to talk for him, it would be wise to get someone with a brain to appear in his stead.

Kerry obviously doesn't have one, and using a brain-dead loser as a spokesman for his campaign just isn't good politics.


I agree that it was unwise of the Obama camp to select such a loser (with no respect to my junior senator) to be his representative to Fox. However, I can see how Obama can be so caught up in his own hype that he makes arrogant mistakes like that. He, and several others, believe he is destined to be President. When you look at all the breaks he's caught along the way.......

Anyway, I blame Jack Ryan for putting us in this precarious spot.

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