This is going to be short and to the point, but it is of vital importance if you truly consider yourself to be a patriotic American. If you are a politician, this especially concerns you.

The Vietnam and Korean War Memorial Walls in New Haven, CT have been desecrated on three separate occasions. On Saturday, April 5th, tomorrow, veterans and our supporters will be holding a rally at the War Memorial Park in New Haven, to focus attention on these deplorable acts.

Please stand with us. The rally takes place at War Memorial Park, Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, Saturday, April 5th, noon to 2 p.m. Take whatever road gets you to Interstate 95 in New Haven, Exit 46. Head toward the water. Look for the flags.

If it rains in the morning, as is forecast, we still will be there. We still will stand up for those who can not do it for themselves, and we still we speak out on their behalf.

This nonsense has been spreading across America for several years now and is just the tip of the iceberg. Memorials are being desecrated, damaged, destroyed. Covered in urine, feces, ink, caustic substances or smashed to vits. Recruiting offices are being damaged or blocked in attempts to prevent recruiters from doing their jobs.

The media has focused mainly on the Berkeley, California, City Council's attempts to prevent Marines from recruiting in their city, and the bombing in Times Square last month. But the pro-troop organization Move America Forward has documented dozens upon dozens more instances all across the country.

Numerous Internet researchers have similarly documented a tidal wave of attacks on veterans' memorials across the country. We can not allow this to continue.

Word to the politicians. If you go around saying you support the military, and you support veterans, it would be good to see you in New Haven tomorrow. Don't expect to speak or get a bunch of attention for yourself. We don't need people who talk but don't act.

But if you want to show your support for veterans, come to New Haven and do just that - support our veterans.

If you have question, contact my friend and Marine brother James Bancroft, Media Coordinator for the GATHERING OF EAGLES, Connecticut. He is at 860-989-7219.

Jim has worked with numerous organizations over the years in addition to the Eagles, including the Free Republic, Move America Forward, and Eagles Up. If you want to get an idea of what patriotism looks like, stop and say hello to Jim in New Haven tomorrow.