Friday, June 13, 2008

BOHICA Obama! But Don't Blame Fox or Rush Limbaugh

Oh my goodness, we have another scandal on the national political scene!

Will America be able to weather yet another storm? Will we survive this latest assault on the Republic?

And what about Michelle O'?

In case you hadn't heard, somebody said something about Michelle Obama, who you may want to note is NOT Cindy McCain, nor Bill Clinton, nor Chelsea Clinton, nor either of the Bush daughters, nor Mary Cheney, nor Laura Bush. I make that point because it is OK, in fact it is encouraged across the political spectrum, particularly by the American media, to say bad things about candidates, their spouses, their children, and anyone else remotely connected to them.

Unless your last name is Obama.

The political blogosphere has been abuzz for weeks with claims that Michelle Obama may have referred to white people as "Whitey" in one of the now infamous racist rants that regularly emanate from the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago made famous by the Obamas' pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The undercurrent was that the Hillary Clinton camp knew of the rant, had a video, and would use it at an appropriate time to knock Barack Obama out of the race. So, naturally, everyone who gets into politics in a big way has been waiting for the video to emerge with an ... tici .... pation. (Rocky Horror Picture Show.)

You see, as I wrote a while back, before the American Terrorist Media anointed Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton isn't really out of the race. Obama never received sufficient pledged delegates to take the nomination at the Democratic convention in August on the first vote, unless he gets enough unpledged - Super Delegates - to add to his total.

(They can change their minds right up to the instant they vote.)

It isn't even a secret that Hillary Clinton "suspended" her campaign, not "ended" it, and she didn't concede nor release her pledged delegates to Obama or anyone else. So she still goes to the convention with nearly as many pledged delegates as he has, and a majority of the popular vote on her side.

The buzz on political circuits, that the American Terrorist Media is conveniently ignoring, is that Mrs. Clinton is hoping against hope that Obama will stumble in some way or another between now and August and she can re-enter the race making a good case for taking the nomination.

This is the genesis of the Michelle Obama rumor. And it may have a nugget of truth to it.

Then, last week, Rush Limbaugh mentioned this rumor on his daily radio broadcast. He didn't say it was true or anything, he just mentioned what virtually everyone else already knew.

So immediately the Obama camp goes all racist - again, - the American Terrorist Media which has been sitting on this story for more than a month, accuses Limbaugh and Fox News of malfeasance, and picking on poor, poor Mrs. Obama, who has shown repeatedly that she is NOT to be toyed with, nor for that matter criticized in any way, shape, or form.

The Obama campaign set up a DON'T YOU DARE PICK ON US DOT COM web site, the American Terrorist Media which across the board has run some of the most despicable stories imaginable about the families of Republican office holders, and to be fair, the Clinton's as well, went into rapture overdrive, and now suddenly it is all Rush Limbaugh's fault.

Once again. What a crock!

But, as with any cloud, this one too has a silver lining. Because it once again shows us the true nature of the presumed Democratic nominee for president. A thin-skinned, far too sensitive, quick to anger, shoot without aiming, reactionary.

I am sick to death of hearing the ATM constantly questioning "Can American elect a black man?"

Yes, stupid, we can. But not this one!

Why? Because he is not presidential material. He isn't even close.

I could name a dozen black American men and women I would vote for in a heartbeat, who I absolutely believe would do a great job as President of the United States. First on my list would be Maryland's former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. He just happens to be a Republican, but he is first on my hit parade.

Actually, I'd vote for Juan Williams, the liberal Fox News commentator, way before I'd vote for Barack Obama. I may disagree with Mr. Williams on many of his stances, but I believe him to be an open and honest man who believes in democracy and doesn't hate America.

I'm not saying I'd run a Juan for President campaign, but I would vote for him before Obama.

America is a grown up country, despite the manner in which many America haters, like Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, John Murtha, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, and people of their ilk portray us. We can and will elect a qualified, competent, honest, capable man or woman regardless of race.

But so far the political system hasn't given us a good option there, probably because the nature of the system and the media discourage many people from all races and both genders from getting involved in the first place.

At the moment, we have Barack Obama who may or may not make it through the Democratic convention; Hillary Clinton, who may or may not emerge in the Democratic Convention; one of whom will run against Republican John McCain.

I am not going to vote for Barack Obama. I was open-minded about this for quite a while, but the more I learn about him, the less I believe he should be president.

And if his wife went on a racist rant in her church one day, a church that is famous for racist rants, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "If you plant potatoes, you get potatoes."

Oh, one other thing. I noticed that the media was parsing the hell out of the Michelle Obama issue yesterday.

They were saying that Mr. Obama, in defending his wife against the allegations, said she never said any such thing - Whitey - "from the pulpit."

Really? Why the added caveat "from the pulpit?"

The way I first heard of it, Mrs. Obama wasn't speaking from the pulpit at all, she was just attending an event at the church, not preaching. No one was specific about where she was standing when she did or did not make her comments.

So what is Obama doing here, looking for a non-denial denial? "No sir, no way, she didn't get up in the pulpit and make those comments, not at all."

Now we have another little mystery to clear up don't we? Maybe whoever does or doesn't have that tape that may or may not exist should air it so we can decide for ourselves. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Are we moving toward a "depends on what the word "pulpit" is answer........??

Harry Riley

Anonymous said...

I was never "alone" with that person; Ms. Lewinsky. I'm never "alone".

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