Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Forget Cheney; Investigate Waxman

California Congressman Henry Waxman who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is threatening to subpoena Attorney General Michael Mukasey because he wants a copy of a FBI interview with Vice President Dick Cheney in the long dead and who cares Valerie Plame affair.

Waxman apparently wants to revisit the Plame issue because the other stupid investigations launched against the Bush Administration in the last six years have fallen through and he needs some sort of distraction to keep the public's mind off the pending American victory over terrorists in Iraq.

Without going down in the mud on the Plame affair, it erupted after she helped get her under-employed husband a trip to Nigeria on behalf of the CIA where she had an inside job in Virginia. He was supposed to find out whether Saddam Hussein was trying to buy yellow cake uranium, which is the base element for some nuclear weapons.

Plame's husband filed an internal report that said one thing, then wrote an article for the New York Times that said the exact opposite - claiming that Saddam wasn't trying to get his hands on yellow cake uranium.

Ironically, the media reported this week that the US has just finished transporting 600 tons of Saddam's yellow cake uranium to Canada for disposal.

Anyway, a DC columnist wrote about the issue and in his column mentioned Plame's role in it. She went ballistic claiming she was an undercover CIA agent - James Bond-ess I guess. She blitzed the DC beltway demographic will allegations the Bush Administration "outed" her, thus exposing bazillions of real spies to discovery. Again, not true, but it was enough for the media doing publicity for the Democrats (most print and broadcast outlets) to launch a long-running investigation that cost the taxpayers millions and produced nothing.

The focus of the investigation was to prove that someone with direct ties to the White House had leaked Plame's name to the media. It turns out the "leaker" was the at-that-time Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage who wasn't working in league with the White House and has never been charged with anything in the case.

However, one person, Scooter Libby, who was Cheney's Chief of Staff, was convicted of obstruction because he got two issues confused when testifying before the Grand Jury. Libby had nothing to do with the original allegations, but hey, why let the facts get in the way of a case that is holding on by a thread.

President Bush commuted Libby's sentence and the issue has been dormant since, except for a pending lawsuit.

So now Henry Waxman wants to create another diversion and start another investigation to waste tax dollars for pissant political purposes.

I have a better idea.

Waxman is from California and is reputed to have close ties to the pro-terrorist organization Code Pink, which operates openly in his state - they are the ones that try to block Marine officer recruiting in Berkeley, for instance, and interrupted President Bush on July 4 when he was swearing in a group of new Legal immigrants as US citizens. Code Pink also is part of the ANSWER coalition which not only includes terrorist organizations, but communists and other America haters as well.

Code Pink is alleged to have arranged to ship some $600,000 in supplies to Al Qaeda in Fallujah, Iraq when the US Marines were fighting a pitched battle to throw them out of that city. The Internet has been abuzz with claims for well over a year that Waxman helped them in that endeavor.

If there is even a shred of truth to that allegation, it goes far, far beyond any insider Washington Gotcha Games over a desk jockey's spy fantasies.

If there is any truth to these allegations whatsoever, considering that they involve a very serious federal crime, the White House should launch a Justice Department investigation. The American people want to known whether Waxman participated in a seedy, despicable affair that if true, certainly could be considered a violation of the US Constitution prohibiting aiding and abetting our enemies.

I saw a video of President Bush at the G-8 summit earlier this week in which he vowed he was "sprinting" to the finish line in the last year of his administration.

If so, I wish he would jog past the Justice Department and initiate an investigation into these very serious allegations about Waxman. If guilty he should be fried, and if cleared, well then justice will have been done.

That is one investigation I would gladly pony up my tax dollars to see through.


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