Saturday, February 07, 2009

"The Prez" Obama's First Three Weeks A Fiasco; What's Next?

In keeping with an arbitrary First 100 Days set by Franklin Roosevelt as a milestone for determining the direction and potential success of a new presidential administration, the media is giving The Prez Obama a pass on a plethora of missteps, miscues, misinformation and flat out horror stories.

I, on the other hand, am not bound by such inanities and have decided that the first three weeks is plenty of time to see where the new administration is headed.

After careful examination and analysis I have determined that if we aren't on the road to perdition we certainly are going to hell in a handbasket.

What a colossal rip off! This is the new Messiah? This is the Chosen One? This is the guy who is going to bring us all together, touching toes in New Age encounter groups while he herds our children into mandatory government work parties and police state platoons?

He can't even get his cabinet together without appointing crook after crook! People are withdrawing their names from nomination faster than the Internal Revenue Service computers can spit out their back tax records.

And each time another scofflaw is named to head a major government department, and they are then discovered to owe tens if not hundreds of thousands in back taxes, we are told that it is all just an honest mistake. Sorry 'bout that. Bookkeeping error, doncha' know?

Yeah, tell that to Willie Nelson and Wesley Snipes.

I bet they wish they had thought up that "honest mistake" line when they IRS was telling them "pay up or federal prison, it's your choice."

So how does this amount to the change we were hearing about last year during the campaign season? What exactly has changed?

Obama has put more former Clinton staffers back into power in Washington, or at least tried to, than anyone except Bill and Hillary themselves. Was this all just a big charade?

Obama is going to close the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison! Um, someday.

Obama is going to bring the troops home from Iraq! Um, in a while. Maybe a bit longer than originally envisioned, but, you know, someday.

The far left has got to be quivering with suppressed rage.

Obama is going to bring change! So far the only change I see is that some of the crooks have been getting caught before they actually take office. Or in the case of the infamous Illinois replacement Senator issue, the crooks are getting tipped off before they actually commit a crime, even a process crime rather than a real crime.

And what on earth is going on with this "stimulus" package. First it was 700 billion, then 800 billion, then nearly 900 billion and OH GOODY! A DEAL HAS BEEN STRUCK! WE'RE DOWN TO SOMETHING UNDER 800 BILLION AGAIN!



Has it occurred to anyone that if this money wasn't taken OUT of the economy through taxation that it already would be IN the economy? And if our children's children are to be taxed to pay for this travesty then we are KEEPING it out of the economy, plus interest, for generations! ARRRRRGGGHHH.

Arlen Specter and Susan Collins, turn in your GOP badges. You're history.

Do you know what Susan Collins sees looking a back at her when she looks into a mirror.

This is Susan Collins when she is running for office.

This is Susan Collins when she looks in the mirror!

Why look, she doesn't look anything like a Republican at all. She looks just like a Rhino! Or RINO, take your pick.

Meanwhile, the media continues to gush about the Obama excesses and missteps as nothing more than necessary flourishes to usher in a new era of hope and prosperity, even though Obama outdid his predecessor by about 400 percent on Inaugural expenses.

And these clowns can't figure out why no one is buying newspapers any longer? Oh, sure, changing demographics and the advent of electronic news dissemination. My foot! People don't buy papers any longer, or watch television news, because we are sick to death of being lied to by media hacks who have an agenda.

And now, silently, like a killer cancer, behind the scenes of the Big Bailout distraction, the Obama administration is setting the stage for the resurgence of the so-called Fairness Doctrine. Under this reconstructed program government propaganda stooges will use taxpayer dollars to shut down conservative talk radio and force us to listen to mindless twits who can't get a paying audience on the open market.

What a great three weeks! I can't wait to go to work Monday and tell everyone at the water cooler how excited I am over the CHANGE that has been wrought in Washington, D.C., now that a new administration is is power.

Oh, sorry. This is a one-man office, there is no water cooler and no one to talk to, at least in person. Well, that's OK, no one wants to hear that nonsense anyway.

Do you know what else Franklin Roosevelt did during his first term? He signed off on an end to Prohibition! Made booze legal again he did. Got everyone so liquored up they neither knew, nor cared, that he was eroding huge chunks of our basic liberties under the guise of economic reform.

Do you know why the government takes a big bite of your paycheck before you get your hard-earned money? Because in 1943, during the third Roosevelt Administration, Congress passed, and he signed, the Current Tax Payment Act.

Prior to that little slight of hand people just figured out how much they owed the government, wrote a check and mailed it in. Of course this was during WWII, The Big One, and everyone was feeling very patriotic, just like VP Joe Biden, and they bought the government's line that a constant flow of cash was necessary to keep the war funded.

After the war ended there was not much support for ending payroll withholding, since after all, politicians always need money, the size of government had ballooned during Roosevelt's years, and if taxpayers ever got fed up and revolted they had given up a major weapon - that being control of their own purse strings.

So, what is The Prez going to do for us? End the war on drugs by making everything from pot to heroin legal? Get everyone so toked up they won't know or care that the grandiose promises of the Obama campaign have gone up in smoke, so to speak?

Did you hear that Obama is going to blast the presidents' faces off of Mount Rushmore and have a new massive sculpture of himself replace them? You didn't? Did you hear that he refused to attend the Medal of Honor recipients ball on Inauguration Day?

Do you know which of the preceding statements is true? Look it up. I'll wait. We have another 80-some days before the First 100 is up. Plenty to do, and plenty of time to do it.


Just when we will need Possee Comitatus? God help us all.

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