Once again we have evidence, via You Tube, that there are efforts underfoot to provide the public with the truth about the Obama Administration's health care assault.

Once again, these efforts are not making it into the mainstream media. Is that a misnomer? Is the media that we have been referring to as Mainstream for quite some time now really the place that most people go for their news.

I certainly don't trust their polls, seeing as how they have a penchant for loading up the samplings with people who are likely to give them the result they want before the questions are even asked. So, why should we just automatically believe that more people are watching NBC for instance than Fox NEWS.

Fox News certainly has more competent people reporting, and we now have officially declared Rabbit Eared TV dead, so why wouldn't cable TV or Direct TV beaming in cable channels, have a bigger audience?

Anyway, check out this video. I didn't think we had any Republicans in Michigan. Obviously I was misinformed and we have some engaged Republicans out there. Looks like Michael Steele is getting it done!