Check out this You Tube video where Rep. Tom Price, R-GA, puts it on the line on the floor of Congress over the objections of the Democrats.

He calls the bill proposed by the Obama Administration a "charade" and takes on Pelosi without fear. One thousand pages dumped on the desks of legislators in the morning with a vote expected on it in the afternoon. No time to read, no time to debate, no time to absorb, digest and remark.

Just Do It!

By the way, did you see that President Obama is holding a "Town Hall" meeting today in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I saw on Fox and Friends this morning that a group of sycophants had lined the street leading to the venue, but people with an opposing point of view were initially told they could gather only on the other side of a tree line, behind a parking lot, way away from the cameras and where the Prez wouldn't have to see their yucky signs and bodies.

Is there a new definition of "Transparent" in the Obama White House? Is that like one of those mirrors where you can stand on one side and see the people on the other, but they can't see you?

This isn't about health care. This is about socialism that is already tending dangerously close to communism and getting worse every day. Union thugs are being called out to cow disenchanted voters, and those voters increasingly are including very vocal Democrats, and you can bet that as time goes by, the muscle will get more organized and more effective.

Does anyone remember the First Amendment? And personally, I think most members of Congress should get yelled at. As Rep. Price says "You ought to be ashamed!"