The world of international yachting, to which I do NOT belong, is reacting with understandable shock and horror over the brutal slaying of four around-the-world sailors, two men and two women, by Somali pirates today.

The four were taken hostage as so many others have been, and like so many others were being held for ransom. A US Navy patrol boat was shadowing the pirates, but had taken no action, according to news reports, when the pirates suddenly launched a rocket-propelled grenade at the Navy, then gunfire erupted on board.

According to the Associated Press, Jean and Scott Adam of Marina del Rey near Los Angeles, along with Bob Riggle and Phyllis Macay of Seattle were taken hostage on Friday several hundred miles south of Oman. The Adams had been sailing around the world since December 2004 with a 58-foot yacht full of Bibles to distribute to remote regions, and they were joined by Riggle and Macay, who left Seattle about 10 months ago, the AP article stated.

Did you catch that little item about the Adams and their missionary work in the above paragraph? Why do you supposed they were slaughtered with no warning and no apparent reason? Because they were Christians sailing off the coast of a Muslim continent where slaughtering Christians is routine, for revenge, for fun, for sport, for control and for profit.

World governments, as in the Untied Nations - misspelling on purpose - have been sitting around wringing their hands for two decades over the atrocities occurring in Somalia and other African countries, but as usual, doing nothing for fear of offending the so easily offended Muslims in the areas.

Elsewhere I found that 14 - count them, fourteen - attempts to restore a central Somalian government have failed since 1991, and a 15th one is now floundering around impotently. The United Nations is throwing all its power and influence behind the administration of President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed in hopes of dampening the religious fervor creating so much havoc in Somalia and elsewhere around the world.

Ahmed is described by the fawners and sycophants in the UN and the mainstream media as "a moderate Islamist with widespread support inside and outside Somalia," but he is opposed by powerful pro-al Qaeda militant Islamists and he actually only has an office and a title because they let him.

In the light of today's tragedy, take a look at the video below pitting US Congressman Allen West against an Islamic propagandist.

I found the video at Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs website.

On You Tube it is titled CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Confronts Allen West. Pamela retitled it Allen West Takes on CAIR: "Don't Try and Blow Sunshine Up My Butt!"

After watching the video I agree with Pamela's title. It is a far more accurate reflection of what really transpired.

Allen West is a man who deserves respects, he has EARNED it. I hope he runs for president someday.

And CAIR's propaganda should bring a tear to the eye of die hard communists and Nazis. Watch the video. Decide for yourself.