Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's NOT Just That the Unions Desecrated a War Memorial; It's the Failure to Apologize!

Please watch the video below and tell me if the two guys and one woman running this union "command post" could have resolved this issue in 30 seconds by simply saying, "Gee, I'm sorry. I am not a veteran and it just didn't occur to me how this would appear to those who have served, and the families and friends of those who died."

Then all they had to do was take their crap off the Wisconsin War Memorial.

But instead, they freakin' argue with a guy and his wife who point out how disrespectful they are being. Getting into a debate was not the right tack ... removing their crap from the memorial was the right tack.

This is just short of a 9 minute video and it is obvious there were breaks in the filming. But at the end, the junk is still pasted on the Wisconsin War Memorial to those who have died serving their state and country!

And the people who put it there continue to spew lip service, and lip, but no one took the 30 seconds necessary to rectify the situation. Speaking of which, how long have any of the 20-somethings featured in the video actually worked for anyone? They look like the social rejects I saw when I taught college, always seeming to be in the background of any demonstration, egging others on, but never in the classroom.

Inconsiderate, disrespectful, arrogant, pisant, twerps. And the public employees unions want mainstream America's respect and support? Show some to us first! Starting with the veterans, and especially those who died. Thanks to my friend and fellow Vietnam vet Larry Stimeling at for alerting me to this video.


Thanks for the plug for my blog. I agree with you completely. When you coming back to Illinois?

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