Editor's note: OK, this is obviously a fake headline, and it's going over a couple of paragraphs of a fake news story (in italics). But if America's alleged "anti-war movement" had any credibility at all, I would have been able to write this story for real any time in the last four days.

The Berkeley California City Council, which three years ago attempted to ban United States Marine recruiters from their city to show dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq, today banned all Democrats from the city expressing similar dissatisfaction with President Obama's "Warmongering" in Libya.

The audience at the hastily called emergency meeting was filled with Code Pink members, and notable anti-war celebrities including Jane Fonda, Ed Asner and Cindy Sheehan.

"Obama's unilateral decision to wage war on a sovereign nation without the approval of the US Congress, and only a token vote of some members of the United Nations Security Council does not meet the Smell Test," Sheehan said, with Fonda and Asner nodding in agreement.

They also scoffed at assertions from an administration spokesman on the Bob Schieffer CBS Sunday show Face the Nation that Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has weapons of mass destruction in the form of tons of mustard gas.

"That's what Bush said in Iraq," was the derisive response.

Also present in the council chambers were representatives from dozens of socialist, communist, extremist Islamic and anarchistic organizations that have joined forces with America's celebrity "anti-war" factions in the past. All denounced the decision to bomb Libya under the guise of protecting civilians – some of whom fought against the US in Iraq - without simultaneously bombing dozens of other countries across the globe whose leaders mercilessly slaughter their citizens even if they don't deserve it.

"Obama lied, Libyans died," they chanted, while outside a contingent of their supporters burned an effigy of the American President. Council Democrats immediately changed their party registration to the Working Families party, with one former Democrat stating, "Hell you can't tell the difference anyway."

Enough. Now here's the real headline:

America's Left Mute on Libya, Displays Reprehensible, Fatuous Hypocrisy

President Obama, without so much as a courtesy notification to the full US Congress, and with only tacit, and apparently misunderstood, approval of a small number of United Nations member states, is bombing the daylights out of Libya day and night in open violation of the US War Powers Resolution of 1973. Exactly why he decided to launch massive air strikes against the Libyan government this past weekend is a question that has a different answer every hour.

What is clear is that America's armed forces have taken sides in an internal conflict that actually seems more like a civil war, and have decided to take out Gaddafi's forces before they achieve a full victory. That may well be a viable goal, but the way it was approached and executed is clearly illegal.

That Gaddafi deserves to go has been a given since the Reagan Administration launched strikes against him a quarter-century ago. But Reagan was dealing with specific threats and attacks against US citizens and military personnel – a requirement of the War Powers Resolution before military force can be employed. However, in recent years Gaddafi's primary threat has been to his own people, some of whom rose up against him recently, and after some initial successes were retreating on all fronts with few if any of their early gains remaining.

Although the attacks on Libya were supposed to be directed and led by an international coalition that included Arab League countries, and were not supposed to include US fighter jets, they actually have been US planned, and US led. The attacks have been carried out by B-2 Stealth bombers based in Nebraska, and American fighter jets using NATO airfields in Europe as well as US Marine Harrier jets.

Many of the attacks were launched from a hastily assembed US "fleet" that more resembles a hodgepodge of ships flying the US flag. The fleet reportedly included the recently launched USS Barack Hussein Obama, pictured here. It is the first US Navy ship with an all-English Motto - Don't Worry He Has A Plan!

Within hours of the first US-launched strikes on Saturday, March 19, 2011, Russia, which abstained from a UN Security Council vote authorizing the strikes, voiced its objections and the Arab League president said the strikes went beyond what he had understood. That left the Obama Administration scrambling to explain why we suddenly are in another war.

Obama, who is on vacation in South America, ordered the White House communications team to issue a statement similar to comments he made before he left on his trip averring that we can't stand idly by while a despot murders his own people. Of course, everyone in the world with more than a single digit IQ wants to know why Libyans are the chosen people when so many millions have been murdered in the last eight decades by Nazis, communists, and dictators of every stripe.

Also, the War Powers Resolution does not give the president the power to commit our armed forces to combat overseas unless America or our military is attacked or under imminent threat of attack. Feeling sorry for people, justifiable as that pity may be, is not included.

While all this is going on the American left, especially the anti-war factions are deathly silent. No press conferences, no denunciations, no planned protest marches, not a damn peep.

This is the most sickening display yet of the fatuous, phony, hypocrisy that drives the alleged "anti-war movement." They crawl out from under their garbage pits when it suits their agenda, and are nowhere to be seen when it doesn’t suit them.

The American left has lost all credibility. They didn’t put up they shut up, and hopefully we won’t be hearing from these superficial, brain-dead, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals ever again.