How do you know when someone from the Obama administration is lying?

Their lips are moving. I know, it's an old joke and it's supposed to be about lawyers, but I've watched the president and his henchmen out on the talk TV circuit for the last couple of weeks supposedly explaining everything from Libya to America's finances and all I really saw was smokescreens.

We supposedly have ceased taking an active role in the attempt to overthrow Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi yet we haven't - our planes are still bombing him but secretly. (And we still don't know why him, why now, and why not some other places. Oh, and we have no Congressional authorization to use military force, although Congress appears to have ceded that authority to the UN and NATO.)

We supposedly are going to set the budget and the massive federal deficit right, but we really aren't. We supposedly are moving toward emerging alternative energy sources - a b.s. term in itself - yet the price of oil is again escalating. Once again countries that have a grudge against us will have plenty of money to manipulate our stock market and destroy our economy as they did in late 2008 - but the Administration isn't talking about that, much less doing anything about it.

Did you know that while Obama was saying we didn't have "boots on the ground" in Libya, meaning military personnel, he could get around the lie because the military can temporarily transfer Special Operations Forces to the control of the CIA? This then makes them "covert operatives," not members of the military ... even if they are still wearing their uniforms and carrying the same weapons!

Every time I see the president on the television these days I change the channel because I have come to the conclusion that I can't believe a word that he or any of his spokespeople utters.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who has almost declared that he is running for president, is openly investigating Obama's claims to be a US citizen, and counter-claims that he is not. This is something the media should have done years ago when Obama first declared that he was running for president, kind of the way they are going after Trump now.

I saw Trump on the Neil Cavuto show on the Fox News Channel last week and Cavuto nearly sneered at Trump's decision to send an investigative team to Hawaii to search for Obama's birth certificate. Cavuto averred that Obama already has released his alleged birth certificate, but Trump pounced with both feet.

Trump noted that Obama has NOT released an actual birth certificate, but HAS issued a "Certification of Live Birth," from the State of Hawaii - and referenced in such "esteemed" locations as Fact Check as a Birth Certificate - but it is not a birth certificate. As Trump noted, the Certification of Live Birth is not a valid Birth Certificate - which should be on record in the county in which he was born and is a public document by the way - and that the Certification of Live Birth omits many details that are contained on a real Birth Certificate such as which hospital Obama supposedly was born in and the attending physician.

Trump told Cavuto that Obama's relatives can't even agree on which Hawaiian hospital he supposedly was born in, while his Kenyan grandmother is adamant that she witnessed his birth in Kenya.

To that point, the documents below that purportedly record the birth of one Barack Hussein Obama II have surfaced and oddly enough they do contain all the information that US birth certificates contain - except they were issued in Kenya.

This document is a Certified Copy of Registration of Birth, and below is a copy of the actual Certificate of Birth.

Take a look at this document, which purportedly is an actual birth certificate listing our very own president as being born in Kenya to a Kenyan father. See the details it lists. Why don't we have these details from the State of Hawaii if Obama was in fact born there?

I am not for an instant claiming to be an expert on any of this. But I do know that this issue has been hotly debated for at least three years now and everyone who points out even the most obvious discrepancies in our president's background story is immediately jumped on, reviled, dismissed as a crank and relegated by extremist Democrats and their media lackeys to the status of "birther" which is not a compliment.

For instance, I was working in my office last Saturday afternoon and a talk panel show was on. I am not familiar with it because I rarely watch TV at that time, but the panel got around to Trump and his investigation and he was immediately dismissed by a bunch of people I don't know. "We've been down that road before ..." smirk, simper, smirk, simper.

Well, actually, no they haven't. A few mainstream news figures have tried to raise the issue but they are shut down pretty quickly.

I did see a very thorough review of the issue a couple of years ago in Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs blog, including forensic reviews of various documents released by Obama. Those reviews were startling in their revelations of different type faces and other inconsistencies. Check out Pamela's work here, but it may take a while to load it all because it is extensive:

Pamela thus became the fawning mainstream media's favorite target and has been roundly dismissed by hacks who don't possess a micron of her journalistic ability.

But they never made the effort to review her work and determine if there was validity to the information she revealed. They universally relied on the Certification of Live Birth that as Trump noted, has a far lower standard than an actual birth certificate.

Here are a few other issues that have surfaced on the Internet and came my way the other day. Relating to his claim of attending and graduating from Columbia Univeristy: No classmates, not even the recorder for the Columbia class notes ever heard of him. Where is the footage of the graduation ceremony for his class showing Obama as a proud graduate? Has anyone talked to the professors? Where are the people who knew him or taught him or lived with him?

When did he meet Michele and how? Are there photos? Every president gives their photos and memorabilia to the public for posterity. What has he released? Who was the best man at his wedding? Who were the groomsmen? Where are the people from President Obama's past saying they knew him, attended school with him, were friends with him? As insignificant as we all are someone whom we went to school with remembers our name or face, someone remembers we were the clown or the dork or the brain or the quiet one or the bully or something about us.

Can we talk to them and get some background information - which considering the grilling that Sarah Palin, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and dozens of others received, certainly should have been done by the media long ago?

This literally represents the tip of the iceberg on questions related to Obama's history. If you go the Pamela Geller website I listed above you'll see a video of Trump appearing on the female talk show The View a week ago.

When Trump was making his case Whoopi Goldberg said the only reason anyone is questioning Obama is because he is black. Aha! Play the race card when all else fails.

Then she pulled the timeworn, hackneyed tactic of diverting attention to George Bush, claiming no one every questioned his authenticity that way!

Hey lady, we not only have George Bush's birth certificate, we have his childhood photos, his school records, and his military records. Got Obama's? Show me.

It appears that Donald Trump has a lot of established politicians and alleged journalists who feed at the same trough, very, very worried. I find that somehow comforting. Go Trump!