Did you ever add one and one and one and get three, but still not like the answer?

I did, and the answer scares the hell out of me!

The first "1" was the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), also known as House Bill 3261 which the government claims will stop people from using the Internet to steal or make money from copyrighted material.

But yesterday some major Internet sites including Google and Wikipedia along with thousands of others, shut down completely in protest of efforts to enact SOPA into law. The bill's critics say it is part of an ongoing effort to stifle free speech, clamp down on whistle blowing and knock the pins out from under the free flow of information.

The second "1" is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012, which has amendments that allow for indefinite detention of American citizens on US soil, who normally are not under military control.

The third "1" is the definition of "Domestic Terrorists" as interpreted by the Obama Administration, which has a lot of people fearful that it includes Internet bloggers such as me. In theory, the detention law and domestic terrorist definitions are supposed to give law enforcement officials and the military additional tools with which to protect us from Islamo-fascists.

Since the definitions are terribly vague, however, it is more than possible that the full weight of the government could be brought to bear on ordinary, law-abiding citizens who are doing nothing more than exercising their constitutional rights to free speech, assembly, and to redress their grievances with their government! (The assembly in this case would be of the 'virtual' kind since it is done on the Internet.)

According to news reports Section 1021 of the NDAA requires military detainment of people belonging to terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda or the Taliban and their supporters. Actually I think that includes numerous organizations that made up the nearly defunct – as in "it hurts to camp out in the cold" – "Occupy" movement.

But when you realize that the Obama Administration's definition of a domestic terrorist includes: veterans (check); conservatives (check); supporters of the original constitution (check); supporters of the second amendment to the US Constitution (check); male (let me take a look. Yes! Check.) Christian, (check); supporters of the Fair Tax as opposed to production –income – taxes, (check); opposed to the IRS making criminals out of wage earners who want to keep what they earn (check); oh, and white (Last time I looked. Check.)

Then we have further vague definitions that surfaced in the last couple of days including people who blame the government for what is wrong with the country (most voters of virtually all parties. check); people who use the Internet to draw attention to their beliefs, and seek out like-minded individuals (check); and people who believe in conspiracies.

Let explain something here. Legally, a conspiracy exists when as few as two people plot between them to do something that is harmful or illegal. So when a couple of congressmen or senators find a place that is out of range of cameras and microphones and decide to support each others bills, such as SOPA, it is legally a conspiracy, since SOPA clearly poses potential harm to the American public.

So yes, I believe in conspiracies. (check)

Oh, and lately there have been some additions to the institutional paranoia that marks the Obama Administration in particular and our government in general. People who stock up on flashlights and batteries, and people who buy more than 7 days worth of food are now considered potential terrorism suspects. People who pay for motel rooms with cash instead of credit cards – maybe a couple involved in an illicit tryst for instance – now might be terrorists.

Must I remind you that the Northeast of the United States received two weather whacks last year, once from storm Irene and again from an October snowstorm that both times knocked out the power and left communities hard pressed to provide the basic necessities to people who had lost their food, heat and access to water for weeks on end? Such people, including yours truly, stocked up on dried goods, batteries and generators to help prepare for any future calamities.

But now, we might be domestic terrorists. (check.)

Here is an example of what I consider to be a real conspiracy. Does anyone have an accurate and up-to-date accounting of the trillions of dollars in stimulus money that the Obama administration has appropriated to itself? Last I heard, hundreds of billions of dollars have not been spent and no one knows where they went.

OK, now check this out, from July 2008 when Obama was campaigning out in Colorado.

Now that you've seen the video, consider that establishment and upkeep of a full-sized national police force such as the Gestapo, or the Russian NKVD, or the East German Stasi, would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and where would a person in charge get that kind of money without too much oversight? Well, first you use your Congress to appropriate far more than you need, then you fund a bunch of no-brainer initiatives – like Clunkers for Cash – that waste billions of taxpayer's dollars which gives you the image of a spendthrift who can't keep track of his toys, and while everyone is focused on stupid diversions, you build up your national secret police force.

Meanwhile, you pass initiatives that supposedly portray you as a tough-on-terror wartime president, when you really are stripping away the individual rights and protections of the American public that won't catch on until it is too late. Now that is a conspiracy.

I was watching the Republican debate on FOX News the other night and I couldn’t help but think of all the things that are going on behind our backs, seemingly not connected, but in reality part of an overall plan, when Ron Paul made the remarks that got him booed by South Carolina Republicans.

Paul said he believes that we should follow a Golden Rule policy of 'Do Unto Our Enemies AS We Would Have Them Do Unto Us.'

I don't agree with him on that, although I do agree that our income tax should go back to being zero percent as it was before 1913.

But when protecting our country from all enemies "foreign and domestic" I say we should follow a more realistic policy of Do Unto Our Enemies BEFORE They Do Unto Us!

That is neither terrorism nor a conspiracy theory. That is just plain common sense!