US President Barack Hussein Obama, commander-in-chief of America's armed forces, had three words of advice to US troops who are in danger of assassination in Afghanistan by the very people they are there to protect.

Run and hide!

Immediately following his decree hundreds of once proud American forces were seen leaving their posts at joint American-Afghan government buildings and heading for the hills en masse.

Obama's latest atrocity against our armed forces, apologizing for the inadvertent burning of muslim holy books that were desecrated by imprisoned muslim holy warriors, thus far has resulted in the murders of four American troops, and the wounding of at least seven others. No one in the Obama administration has the backbone or any other body parts necessary to demand apologies and trials for those responsible for murdering our troops.

Nonetheless, in yet another attempt to reduce the United States of America to an obsequious shadow of its former self as the acknowledged world champion of human rights and opportunities, Obama kowtowed to the Afghan president last week and apologized profusely for interrupting the muslim holy warriors' in their use of their holy book as scratch pads.

Afghan islamo-fascist mobs immediately went on a rampage of murder and destruction. Way to go prez.

Two of our dead soldiers Lt. Col. John Loftis, of Paducah, KY, and Major Robert Marchanti of Baltimore, reportedly were murdered by shots to the back of the head while they were at their desks in the Afghan Interior Ministry, apparently by someone they knew and trusted. Two others were killed and seven wounded in a more typical fashion after an Afghan soldier shot at our troops and mobs of rioting Afghan thugs and terrorists threw grenades over the walls of US compounds.

At least 9 more troops were wounded in a bombing attack on a US base Tuesday.

Apparently our troops are under orders not to return fire when fired upon, meaning they are on suicide missions, which means the government probably has violated their enlistment contracts since I doubt "suicide missions" can be found as part of the agreement. As commander-in-chief Obama is directly responsible for all violations of service members' agreements, thus the responsibility rests with him.

Obviously it is time to put a halt to pre-election rhetoric and start working on impeaching the president for high crimes and misdemeanors. I believe that being an accessory to murder classifies as a high crime.

After bowing and scraping to filthy thugs, murderers and thieves, resulting in the murders of our troops, Obama has scurried back into the sanctuary of well-secured media events and is busy talking about pond scum, while manipulating the stock market and unemployment figures to create a phony image of a dynamic presidency.

Obama seems blissfully unaware of the havoc he has caused yet again, and was seen in the following days polishing his "look presidential" image.


Meanwhile, a semi-official Afghanistan website says that NATO officers – NATO mind you, not American officers – have agreed to find, arrest, try and convict those responsible for burning the korans. I guess that means that the troops responsible will be lined up against a wall in downtown Kabul and shot – or video taped having their heads cut off slowly by dull machetes in the manner of journalist Daniel Pearl.

Again, and repeatedly, these books were defaced by imprisoned islamo-fascist terrorists who used the muslim holy books' pages to send notes back and forth between themselves, in direct violation of the teachings they claim to uphold.

One of several approved methods of disposing of unserviceable korans by the way is burning. Or they could be tied to a rock and thrown into a flowing river, or buried in the ground. I guess who ever consigned them for burning should have just dug a pit, thrown them into it and no one would have been the wiser.

It appears that the real act of stupidity here was sending them to the base incinerator for disposal, knowing that Afghan citizens are employed there and likely would see them in the fire, thus creating another firestorm, pun intended.

Several years ago when I first started this blog I wrote that the War on Terror would likely take us 60 years to win, with the first 20 years devoted solely to military operations to eradicate the islamo-fascist terrorists. Then we would need a second twenty years to enforce the peace on a generation that might yet spawn more jihadists, trying to recreate the "good old days," and then another 20 years to educate the as yet unborn generation in the true ways of world peace and cooperation.

We are barely halfway through the first segment of that strategy and Obama the Weak is already throwing in the towel even though our forces have won every single major battle thus far.

Although I have supported military victory in Afghanistan from the start, I now say we should take all of our troops out immediately because with Obama as president there obviously is no way they will be allowed to do their jobs effectively. If they are surrounded by any more mobs, our troops should shoot every damn one of them.

If so-called "innocents" are involved, too bad, they shouldn't have been there. Let God sort them out.

And if our departure leaves a "vacuum" which could be filled by the resurgent Taliban and Al Qaeda, I think we should fill it with a few hundred of the nuclear tipped missiles that Obama wants to destroy. What better way to destroy them than to detonate about 50 megatons at roughly five miles directly above Kabul?

And we could use up a few hundred more low yield nukes along the border with Pakistan in the "tribal regions" where the Stone Age inhabitants conjure up plans to continue the war of terror on all western civilizations. We could give Pakistan sufficient warning to get out of Dodge first, and if they didn't - tough.

Either way the borders would be unusable for a very, very long time and no one would be alive there anyway. I bet even the Russians would back us on that plan, not that we need anyone's permission to defend ourselves. That would still leave us with thousands of nukes to use against any remaining pockets of resistance.

But I guess in reality this is just wishful thinking. We are now governed by the weakest, candy-coated, fawning, hand-wringing apologist imaginable, and anything that would even remotely resemble true leadership in this administration could only be accidental – for which an apology would immediately be issued.