Four years ago when former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was seeking the GOP nomination to run for president he had the backing of his entire family - his wife and five sons.

This time around a family vote was lopsided against another run, but Romney went ahead based on the support of his wife Ann and one son, after she asked and he answered one question; "Is it too late for America, or has it gone over the proverbial cliff?"

Mrs. Romney told a hotel ballroom crammed with Connecticut Republicans in Stamford Monday night that her husband replied "It is late, but not too late." He also assured her that as president he could fix what is wrong with the country and get it started back on the path to greatness.

Ann Romney's faith in her husband's ability to turn things around was a deciding factor in her decision to support him in another run.

Four years ago the state party leadership was lined up against Romney and Connecticut went for John McCain. I voted for Romney anyway since he was a far better candidate in my opinion for reasons that I wrote about back then and have written about since so there is no need to rehash it all.

This time, McCain is an asterisk in the political history books and Romney is poised to take an insurmountable lead in the primary race. It is considered a lock that he will be the party nominee at the national convention in Tampa this August.

Nonetheless, the question that Ann Romney asked her husband seems to be the overwhelming issue facing a huge number of Americans. There is no doubt that under the administration of President Barack Obama America has deteriorated – we are a joke abroad, our economy is in the tank while Obama engages in the Blame Game School of Economics, our military is being denigrated on a near daily basis and not one major problem that arose after or existed before Obama took office has been resolved.

I realize that my world is not the whole world but the people who inhabit my world are pretty astute and represent a pretty significant chunk of both the American public and the American voters. Unlike a huge number of pundits who seem to know everything that "The America People" want, need or are thinking, I don't, but I do see and hear what my friends and neighbors are saying.

Universally I hear the phrase "I am afraid for my country for the first time in my life." That's a terrible legacy that is attached to the Obama name and his term as America's first "black" president - even though there is plenty of information on the Internet that he is mostly of white and Arabic descent - has been a train wreck.

Frankly I wouldn't want to leave any job with that kind of a reputation, but apparently Obama doesn't care, or he is smug in his belief that he can pull off an election upset, probably through his minions manipulating the mother boards on enough computerized voting machines to give him the necessary edge.

Unless of course, so many Americans vote for Romney that even rigged voting scanners won't be able to save Obama.

Ann Romney assured the Republicans gathered in Stamford, Connecticut Monday night that "We will win." I believe that is entirely possible and also that it is crucially necessary.

But it is going to take the participation of everyone who believes that America is a worthwhile country, the best in existence on the earth today, representing the best possible hope for the human race. The current president doesn't think so and has made that point repeatedly over the course of his term in office.

Frankly, it's time for him to go, but he won't unless everyone who has a stake in this country votes him out in November. The media was making a big deal the other day of people voting against Obama instead of for Romney.

I could care less about motivation, we just need to get the job done.

American Greatness. Let's Do It Again.