Remember when Barack Hussein Obama told the American public to "Read My Lips" and vowed "No New Taxes" just before he instituted a bunch of new taxes and then was defeated for a second term in office?

Oh, wait a minute. That was George Bush The First. But how did I confuse that piece of history with the current president, Barack Hussein Obama?

OK, I've got it.

Remember the Volt? The Volt - the now discontinued piece of junk that was an automobile primarily by definition but not by performance, that the Obama-controlled General Motors tried to force on the American public as the savior of our economy and the environment?

The one that couldn't go 30 miles on its batteries without a recharge that took 12 hours because it wasn't designed for self-regeneration the way car batteries were built for decades previously? Yeah, that Volt. Sold a couple of thousand out of the millions of cars in America before the government-owned car manufacturer decided we weren't going to buy it.

Well, I was watching Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Bret Baier show on FOX News the other night, after the Supreme Court of the United States - SCOTUS - ruled that Obama can force his version of health care - more expensive and less effective though it may be - on the American public because regardless of what Obama or any of his stooges call it, Obamacare is a tax. Napolitano said that as a result of that ruling in which Chief Justice John "Brainiac" Roberts was the deciding vote, the government now can make us buy whatever it wants just by taxing us if we don't.

Napolitano, who I admire for his straight talking, no-nonsense style, says that Congress, comprised of the two bodies of highly intelligent, America-lovers and forward-thinkers we all know and adore - now has the right to force just about any product on the American public that it wants.

So go get that economy saving, environment regenerating piece of garbage right now or Congress will tax you to death - with the full support of a majority of the US Supreme Court including Chief Justice John "Brainiac" Roberts. By the way, if it takes less than an hour of driving to discharge the batteries, and 12 hours hooked up to an electric outlet that has just shy of a 50-50 chance of being powered by coal to recharge, how exactly does this benefit the environment?

Just asking.

But back to Barack Hussein Obama. He averred throughout the course of getting his health care package through a Democrat-controlled Congress before the American public took back the House of Representatives in 2010, that it was not a tax.

Did you see the interview he did with alleged journalist George Robert Stephanopoulos while Congress was getting ready to pass his tax package? Stephanopoulos maintained that it was a tax and Obama was adamant that it wasn't.

Obama even chastised his interviewer when George said he looked it up in the dictionary and Obama said that if he had to look it up that in itself was proof that Stephanopoulos didn't know what he was talking about.

Frankly I don't like Stephanopoulos either but to be told you are stupid by Obama is really an insult. Wow!

So, now that Obama has been exposed as the real dummy in that exchange he also will have to spend the next four months claiming that the American public is dumber than both of them. He also will have to convince his lemming-like followers that the Supreme Court, while giving him a Pyrrhic victory, really doesn't know a tax from a fine from a fee from an interest rate.

Personally, I think we, meaning the American voters, are smarter than he thinks.

It looks like we first have to elect some people who know what a crock this all is and change it; and second there should be a Constitutional amendment to prevent Congress from doing something that the Founding Fathers never intended. Taxes, yes. Redefining everything that carries a financial penalty with it as a tax? No, no way, never happen!

If something that devious was revealed as the intent of the founders, George Washington would have led the Whiskey Rebellion himself!

Volt? Obama care? Can this government produce anything of real value? No, don't bother answering. We already know.

I wonder if there is a way to turn a profit in this?