There are very few people I know who work as hard as Republican Joe Visconti, the one-time West Hartford Town Council member, candidate for the 1st Congressional District in 2008, and most recently a staunch supporter of former Connecticut Congressman Christopher Shays who lost his bid to be the GOP's US Senate candidate in Tuesday's primary.

Joe Visconti

Visconti put in a ton of time and effort with admirable success in getting some earned media for Shays. I saw the result of his efforts all over the Internet, which is saying something because I didn't see much else about Shays until the last week before the voting.

Visconti is as loyal as he is hard-working, brimming with unconventional ideas about getting noticed, and he should be commended for adding an element of seriousness to a campaign that a lot of people didn't appear to take seriously.

That being said, Linda McMahon beat Shays conclusively, which makes her the unquestionable GOP candidate, endorsed by both the convention of party regulars and the wider base of Connecticut's GOP voters. Thus I hope that Shays carries out his promise to vote for Mrs. McMahon and I hope Joe puts as much energy into her campaign as he did for Shays.

I know it is hard to recover from a loss to a candidate you don't support. Been there, done that, don't like it! (Fortunately very few times compared to the overwhelming number of my clients who win). But even before yesterday's primary vote I was watching the McMahon commercials about her Democratic opponent, Chris Murphy and his voting record in Congress. (Another Chris for an opponent. Hmmmm.)

She has a real campaign issue there and should continue to exploit it. But I also heard his commentary after he won the Democratic primary last night and it sounded like a replay of the negativity and avoidance of the issues coming from national Democrats. He accused her of wallowing in sex and drugs while he, the erstwhile Boy Scout, was out creating jobs for Connecticut's workers.

Oh, really? The coming debates on job creation should be very interesting!

I won't pretend that I haven't criticized Mrs. McMahon in the past for the shortcomings of the World Wrestling Entertainment that she built over a couple of decades with her husband. But the fact is, that was then and this is now.

I have no intention of standing by idly while the Obama Administration systematically destroys this country with false claims of race-based class warfare. I have no intention of sitting back and watching as the US Senate retains a Democrat majority, led by Harry Reid. So as I said in a previous column, in November I'll be voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket and I'll be voting for Linda McMahon for US Senate.

I can't think of anything in her past that matters as much to America as what she will do with the future. I know as much about her record and her past business issues as most people I guess; I have read pretty much everything that is out in the public domain.

Yesterday, Republican voters in Connecticut chose Linda McMahon by an overwhelming margin, and that is that.

Murphy started out blasting her history as CEO of the WWE. Ho-hum. I was doing that three years ago. Didn't stop her though did it? I am far more interested in his vote to gut Medicare when I am only a few months shy of being eligible for it, and his non-existent attendance record at key meetings of Congressional committees.

So, Joe, I know how hard you worked and how disappointed you must feel. But today is a new day, and we all are faced with taking back our country and our Constitution. If Linda doesn't have all the answers, then my suggestion is we help her find them.

Because we already know the alternative. Four more years that could very well mark the last four years of the United States of America as it was intended. Want to know what Obama has in store for us instead of fixing Medicare? Take a look at this video. It should give you a pretty good idea what we're in for.

I realize it is dated in that it was made before ObamaCare passed the Democratically controlled Congress and some sections may have been altered. However, as the YouTube version notes "This video is based on HR3200 but it is very closely related to HR3962 with the exception that HR3962 is deemed to be worse!"

My suggestion is to heed the advice at the end of the video. Read the bill, educate yourself on its contents and contact your Congressman. And vote in November!