If you've watched any of Donald Trump's recent campaign speeches – and who hasn't – you may have noticed that he has some very positive things to say about veterans, and negative things to say about the way we have been treated over the past half century or so.

Trump is right, and on Bret Baier's Special Report show on FOX News last night, alleged national security "expert" KT McFarland showed exactly why Trump puts veterans high on his "to do" list. In fact, McFarland's comments do more to convince veterans to back Trump than nearly anything Trump can say himself.

During a segment on whether the White House or the Pentagon is blowing more smoke up the public's skirts on the effectiveness of the ISIS terrorist army, McFarland claimed that the Pentagon is lying about ISIS just the way it did "in Vietnam." Back then, she claimed, the military claimed the war in Vietnam was going well, when exactly the opposite was true.

Really? What an insufferably stupid, uninformed, asinine thing to say. I will repeat what I and many others have said and written over the past four decades; the US military never lost a single major battle in the entirety of the Vietnam War, twice pushed the communists to the brink of surrender, and twice US politicians bailed them out.

The communists were beaten at every juncture by US forces during the American involvement. Also, the South Vietnamese were overwhelmingly victorious when the north launched an all-out invasion in the spring of 1972, and were repelled by a combination of South Vietnam's ground forces and US air power.

Out of the 250,000 communist troops who invaded the south in 1972, an estimated 150,000 were killed in action while half of all the northern artillery and armor were destroyed. It was an impressive victory for the South Vietnamese, even if, as usual, it was not reported that way in the US.

Former Marine, senator and current presidential candidate James Webb stated recently that the former North Vietnam has finally admitted what many knew to be true long ago - that it lost an estimated 1.4 million troops in the Vietnam War. Troops, just troops. Or an average of nearly 100,000 communist troops killed in action for every year of the US involvement.

Yet within three years of scoring the biggest victory of the war, the south fell after McFarland's then boss, Henry Kissinger, convinced President Richard Nixon to force the South Vietnamese to accept the Paris Peace Accords, which supposedly guaranteed that the US would intervene on behalf of the south if the north invaded again. But right on the heels of the peace accords acceptance the US Congress passed the Case-Church Amendment in 1973, and the Foreign Assistance Act in 1974, which cut off all aid to the south, leaving them alone and defenseless against the communist invasion of 1975.

Obviously, McFarland who is supposed to be brilliant and has degrees from some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation to prove it, doesn't know a lot about history, or doesn't want to know.

Ms. McFarland started out her career doing part-time typing in the West Wing around 1970, as a college freshman, when the US presence in South Vietnam was being steadily reduced. Only a few years later she was "a key member of Henry Kissinger's National Security Council Staff" according to Wikipedia. Which says a lot about how so much got screwed up on the international stage back in the 1970s, and is so screwed up to this day.

She comes across as one of those pseudo-elitist bureaucrat-type people who make grandiose statements about world affairs, and help enact sweeping and far-reaching agreements on matters such as the despised Rules of Engagement that dictate how American troops must behave in battle. But dilettantes like McFarland are never subjected to the consequences of their actions, or find themselves fighting through a jungle, or a desert or a freezing mountain top, all the while constrained by "rules" that our enemies find laughable.

It is the servicemen and women who are defending this country who have to make split second choices that come down to "live on your feet (and possibly be sentenced to prison for surviving) or die looking through a rule book to see what you are supposed to do in this situation" that suffer from uninformed elitist pronouncements from people like McFarland.

So if Donald Trump is interested in a nickel's worth of free advice, I would suggest that he contact McFarland, convince her to go on television a couple of times a week, and each time spout her uninformed, agenda-driven claptrap about the military and veterans.

Then he can slingshot off the outrage that is sure to follow and make his point all the more forcefully that the D.C. cabal is totally out of touch with reality, and he is just the guy to replace people like her with hard-nosed pragmatists who also possess plenty of common sense. Or he can just eliminate their positions and make them go out and get real jobs for a change.