Remember back in 2008 when a majority of voting Americans were all agog over promises of "Hope and Change," and how wonderful it was that the soon-to-be first black American president would right all the wrongs of humanity that (allegedly) are common in the United States?

It just goes to show you what happens when you stereotype people and use superficial reasoning to make major decisions. As history has shown, while there are plenty of black people who would be terrific presidents, Barack Hussein Obama is not one of them.

Looking presidential
Fast forward to the present and what we have instead are propagandists and apologists spewing rewritten history and contorted explanations of current events hoping that the general public can't see the truth. Unfortunately, the American media, which long ago morphed into a propaganda machine that would make Josef Stalin blush, has an endless supply of sycophants who go along with the daily story line without question.

But there is another side of the story to the Obama legacy, and it is neither glowing nor in fact even remotely positive. It is the story that like it or not will be the one told by historians of the future.

Take for instance the last week in June, 2015 when the US Supreme Court's approval of gay marriage and national health care were touted as shining examples of Obama's successes as chief executive. It was his best week in seven years, his minions crowed, ignoring the fact that in the case of gay marriage, Obama had little to do with the struggle that produced the court verdict.

In fact, Obama, who even while he was campaigning for president said he supported traditional marriage, was just one of many obstacles to gay equality as the issue wended its way to the highest court. There were far more active gay people – Ellen DeGeneres comes immediately to mind – paving the way and taking the risks.

Obama gloated about the Supreme Court decision and even had multi-colored lights shine on the White House in a larger-than-life version of the rainbow gay pride emblem. But in truth, he was a late-comer, jumping on the bandwagon just in time to take credit for the work of others.

Regarding national health care, dubbed Obamacare, it is interesting that prior to its 2010 passage by Democrat majorities in the US House of Representatives and Senate, proponents were claiming that there were 18 million Americans lacking health insurance – not counting illegal aliens who get free health care. With the law in effect for several years, the administration is bragging that 90 percent of all Americans now have health coverage.

But if you do some simple math, you'll realize that with a population of 320 million, 90 percent coverage means that 32 million now are lacking coverage, which includes millions whose policies are no longer legal according to the contorted dictates of the law. So, aside from its cost, and the objections of a majority of Americans, what kind of success is the administration claiming by passing a health care law that nearly doubles the number of people who don't have health care insurance?

On immigration Obama claims to be concerned about the plight of illegal aliens and their children who enter the US surreptitiously and now want to stay. He also claims to be putting monumental efforts into border security and deporting masses of criminal illegals – I know, that is redundant.

But hardly a week goes by without hearing of another breach of our de facto open southern border, and our social services being swamped by yet another influx of unemployed, uneducated, unskilled and/or ill "undocumented" arrivals. When an illegal alien randomly murdered an American citizen who was visiting a tourist attraction in San Francisco over the July 4th weekend, we are told that the killer has been deported five times, and has 7 felony convictions, yet was right back in the US firing an illegally obtained firearm.

Further, it was reported that the killer was arrested recently on a drug charge, but since he is in San Francisco, a "sanctuary city" meaning they just ignore federal immigration laws, he was released to prey on the innocent yet again. Question: If cities like San Francisco and New Haven, CT, can declare themselves sanctuaries and ignore immigration laws, what is to stop other cities from declaring themselves sanctuaries for heterosexual rights and ignoring the gay marriage dictates from the Supreme Court?

But those failures on the administration's part are just the tip of the iceberg. The unquestionable Mother of All Failures is Obama's dismal record on energy. Worldwide efforts to end the burning of fossil fuels are viable, not because of Global Warming or Climate Change scare tactics, but because fossil fuels are poisoning our earth, water and air, and should be stopped.

Nonetheless, instead of researching energy sources and investing in technologies that could produce energy without polluting, Obama paid off political cronies and supporters with half-hearted efforts at solar power, wind power and horror of horrors, biofuels.

Solar power needs and should have support for far more research, as does wind power, but how biofuels, including ethanol, can possibly be conceived as a replacement for fossil fuels escapes me.

Both biofuels and fossil fuels undergo a conversion process call fixation. And the very definition of biofuels calls into question their viability as a replacement for fossil fuels. The biggest difference between a biofuel and a fossil fuel is the time period over which the fixation occurs. In a biofuel, fixation occurs in months or years. In a fossil fuel, fixation occurs over thousands or millions of years. Additionally, fossil fuels are made entirely of hydrogen and carbon atoms while biofuels contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.[1]

So there is more oxygen in a biofuel than a fossil fuel, but so what? The base element of both is carbon, and burning either still is going to release carbon to the atmosphere. I thought we were trying to decrease our "carbon footprint."

The element that is being ignored in all this is hydrogen, which is the most abundant element in the universe. One of the most common sources of hydrogen on earth is water – and if you believe the global warming alarmists, the seas are rising so tapping into them for hydrogen shouldn't pose a problem. Also, the byproduct of hydrogen combustion is water vapor, meaning if you burn hydrogen, you get water!

Considering that President Obama has racked up trillions of dollars in debt, what prevented him from diverting a billon or so to create a methodology that could efficiently extract hydrogen from water? The technology already exists in nuclear submarines that ingest seawater, separating the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, retaining the oxygen for breathing and venting the hydrogen back into the ocean.

In autos, the standard gas tank could be replaced with a water tank, with the water passing through a converter similar to (but much smaller than) the ones used on submarines that would separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, but retain the hydrogen to burn and vent the oxygen back to the atmosphere. Essentially, a major component to answering to the earth's energy needs was at hand, and the Obama administration instead pushed biofuels and built windmills that slaughter wild birds. Way to go guys.

Obama also talked about infrastructure rebuilding and again did little to nothing. Here again, a major opportunity for improving the country, while providing a model for the world to follow, was squandered.

For instance, two major weather calamities occurred this spring; both could have been mitigated to some degree with creativity and planning. Southern California is experiencing a drought – which occurs regularly in a desert – and Texas, Oklahoma and other states in the middle of the country were hit with major flooding in June.

The drought in Southern California, which produces a huge portion of America's fresh produce, could have been mitigated to some point by releasing to crop irrigation, the trillion gallons of water the government is pumping out to sea to save a minnow. But the minnow got the water and the crops got cooked.

While Texas is flooding and California is baking, the Obama Administration is focused on preventing the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline to block Canadian oil from coming to the US. Meanwhile, trains pulling oil cars are derailing and exploding with a conveniently frightening regularity, and oil pipelines are mysteriously bursting, further defiling the earth and water.

What would have prevented Obama from initiating a massive infrastructure project to construct reservoirs, retention ponds, and similar holding facilities to absorb excess water in times of floods, in conjunction with a network of pipelines to divert that water to places where it is needed?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower took a jumbled road system in the mid-1950s and turned it into the Interstate Highway system we now enjoy. Obama could have done for water distribution what Eisenhower did for transportation. And he could have initiated a parallel water supply project by constructing desalination plants along the California coast, pumping billions of gallons of water to starved croplands each day. But he didn't.

In the Global War on Terror, Obama violated a most basic rule of geo-politics – it is better to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don't – by ordering the execution of master terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Thus, American special ops troops killed the acknowledged international leader of all terrorists, even though we knew where he was, presumably were monitoring his communications so we knew what he was doing, and long ago had worked up a psychological profile so we could predict future actions with reasonable accuracy.

Now we have a thousand unknown devils springing up in myriad places, with little in the way of good intelligence on who they are, what they are doing, or what they may do in the future. Another sterling performance.

Obama's administration is also embarked on a transparently ridiculous effort to give Iran, the chief exporter of terrorism in the world, a nuclear bomb under the guise of a legacy-making international agreement. Should he succeed he is aiding and abetting a country that executes its citizens for being gay, and is determined to wreak financial and military chaos around the world, even while Europe, much of Asia and the US itself are teetering on financial meltdown and anarchy. Don't get me started on his refusal to assist Ukraine fend off attacks by Russia, or jump-starting the depleted coffers of Cuba, one of the most vicious left-over remnants of the Cold War communist empire.

Domestically, we have the worst race relations in this country since the 1960s, and millions of people are out of work while the media spews meaningless, falsely rosy unemployment statistics that only reveal how many people are no longer drawing unemployment benefits, not how many have found jobs. Our military is needlessly being downsized, our defenses are weak and morale is dismal. Overall, the Obama administration is a propagandist's dream.

Political legacies may be written by paid staffers and propagandists, but true history takes a much more objective view. When the true history of this administration is written, it will be a tale of many opportunities and few results.

And while Obama personally may be insulated sufficiently to be unconcerned, he has children, and generations of his offspring will be left to explain the damage he did, and the good he failed to do long after he, and we, are gone.