It started as soon as the words were out of Donald Trump's mouth; that he now is an official candidate for the Republican nomination to run for President of the United States.

The man whom I define as the epitome of New York City Brash, who is held in high esteem by many American voters and a much lower post on the status ladder by many others, particularly in the media, was the instant target of vile media punditry.

It is no secret that Trump has support and admiration among rank and file Americans, and is openly disdained by many media elitists and Inside-the-Beltway maintainers of the status quo. Yet, even as the Internet exploded with commentaries supporting him – many along the lines of "he sure can't do worse than the one we have now" or equally popular, "if it comes down to him or Hillary, Trump has my vote," – pundits and newscasters were immediately deploring and denigrating Trump with abandon.

The negative reaction was to be expected from the mainstream media I suppose. There are very few people who are deplored by the left more than a successful American entrepreneur who is unapologetic, some would say gleeful, about it. And Trump did say after all, "I am very rich," although he was noting that he would not rely on lobbyists or donors or anyone else to fund his campaign.
Donald Trump

But this time the media bad-mouthing was universal, even exploding on FOX News for instance. My first encounter with the widespread reaction was at 5 p.m., when I took my usual seat at the TV to watch The Five on FOX. I anticipated that Democrat supporter Juan Williams would have little good to say about Trump, but I got quite a shock when the person whom I believe has the most consistent control of her emotions, former White House Press Secretary – under George W. Bush – Dana Perino, went absolutely apoplectic.

Perino launched a verbal assault on fellow Five host Eric Bolling, who like Greg Gutfeld and Kimberly Guilfoyle had some good things to say about Trump being in the race; mostly that he would change the tone of the debate and put a lot of other candidates' feet to the fire. But when Bolling repeated Trump's statement that he would build a fence on the US southern border between the US and Mexico, and that Mexico would pay for it, Perino went off.

"How would you do that?  How would you make Mexico pay for it?" she demanded of Bolling repeatedly. Bolling appeared to be a bit taken back by Perino's assault, and tried to get an explanation out, but to no avail. Frankly, Perino's question should have been aimed at Trump, and she could have communicated that by simply saying, "I don't believe him and I'd like to hear an explanation."
Dana Perino

But NOOOO. She hammered Bolling right into a corner before stopping for breath, and then heading into a break. Let me point out here that I like Perino and believe she should think about running for president. But she was off base in this case, and, like so many others, protested too much.

Some of the others included FOX commentators George Will and Charles Krauthammer, both of whom were less than kind to the new candidate. Krauthammer said for instance, "I think his single most important statement was 'I am very rich.' "

Will opined that Trump will destroy the GOP brand among voters, which is laughable to people in Connecticut whose once-imprisoned GOP governor is now facing another term behind bars, as is a former GOP State Chairman.

It also should be noted that both Will and Krauthammer were recent objects of a Trump Twitter War in which he said unkind things about both of them. Perhaps that should have been taken into account before selecting the guest list for the Special Report panel discussion last night, to avoid charges of conflicts of interest at the very least.

Similarly, FOX News host Gretchen Carlson had Meghan McCain on as a guest Wednesday afternoon, with McCain referring to Trump and his announcement speech as "crass." Then again, she is the daughter of Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, whose temper tantrums and facetious presidential campaign against Barack Obama didn't do much for the party image either.

Personally I think the media hates Trump because he can't be controlled. The media likes to help some candidates get to the top of the pack because they raise millions of dollars in campaign funds, much of which is spent buying ad time and space from the media that gives them so much time and space.

What they don't want to tell you is that a ton of the money raised before the national conventions – of both parties – goes to buy delegates to the primaries. Not outright of course, that would be illegal, but in a roundabout way, as in promises of more money from the public trough once they win the election.

So Trump may not buy as many ads, but he may have already bought – so to speak – the votes of delegates who may just believe he can turn this country around.

Frankly, I'm glad Trump is in the race, and while I don't have much faith in him winning the nomination, I do believe the debate is about to get far more real and personal. He will hold other candidate's feet to the fire and they will have to answer some real questions for a change.

We should go buy some popcorn. This is going to be a fun show and I for one intend to watch it all the way to the convention; and beyond.