Friday, August 18, 2006

Lebanon's Illegal Immigration Problem

Anyone who stayed closely tuned to news reports from the fighting between Hezbollah terrorists and Israel over the past six weeks knows that hardly any Lebanese civilians were allowed to leave the war zone.

Instead they were forced by Israeli Air Force raids on anything moving on the highways leaving southern Lebanon to stay in their villages and homes where they were repeatedly bombed and crushed by falling rubble. We know this, because every single news outlet in the World Terrorist Media said so, time and time again.

Yet, within hours of the Untied Nations brokered cease fire farce, tens of thousands of people were shown streaming into the area where fighting was still ongoing in some cases.

So, since all the people who lived in southern Lebanon were still there, either dead or digging out of the rubble, where did all the people come from who were itching to get into the war zone?

The answer is obvious. They are illegal aliens who probably came down from Syria or maybe even Turkey to claim land formerly occupied by residents of southern Lebanon. Obviously they were hoping to stake claims on the former villages and especially the plots of land once occupied by happy, bucolic, but now deceased Hezbollah terrorists and their supporters.

That has to be the answer, otherwise we are forced to consider the possiblity that most residents of southern Lebanon actually did leave, and those who stayed were either Hezbollah supporters or were forced to remain behind by Hezbollah to be used as human shields and pawns. But the WTM didn't say anything about that, so they must be illegal aliens. Right?

It isn't going to be easy on these interlopers. Most of the villages occupied by the Hezbollah terrorist network are rubble now, especially those buildings where the terrorists were staging the launchers for thousands of anti-Jewish rockets that they flung south into the cities of Israel.

You can tell that the rockets were anti-Jewish, because if they were anything else, they would have had to be anti-personnel, and since virtually the only people injured by these anti-Jewish (personnel) rockets were Jewish civilians, the use of them would have to be labeled a war crime.

This has been dictated by the Geneva Convention and the Untied Nations accords that say you can't deliberately target civilians in a war, and you can't deliberately hide among them in an attempt to draw fire to them to use for propaganda purposes, and you can't wait until they are dead and then litter the battle zone with stuffed animals and unscathed children's clothing to use as props for the WTM.

There is, however, a little known codicil in the Untied Nations accords and the Geneva Convention that says everything that applies to innocent civilians anywhere else in the world is void when applied to Jews. In the case of Islamic extremist terrorists fighting against Jews, it is OK to kill as many civilians on purpose as possible, and to deliberately target Israeli population centers with no military value.

That is why the Great and Munificent OZ, oh, sorry, Kofi Annan, Grand Poobah of the UN, has made no effort whatsoever to label the Hezbollah terrorist actions as war crimes and call for the Hezbollah leadership to be tried for said war crimes in The Hague. Nor has most of the WTM made mention of these crimes, because to do so would put Annan on the spot, which would make him uncomfortable, and probably cause him to sweat under the hot TV lights, and that wouldn't do anything for his impeccable image.

Back to the illegal aliens streaming into southern Lebanon. What to do with all these people? Who will care for them, who will provide food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care for them and their children? Not the UN, you can be sure of that.

But since the Hezbollah terrorists haven't been disarmed, and Iran is ready to funnel trillions of dollars back into their organization to rebuild it from the pounding it took from Israel, incomplete as that pounding may have been, it is obvious that care for them is the responsibility of Iran. Lebanon certainly isn't going to do it!

Fortunately there are plenty of employment opportunities open to them. Some can serve as guides to bring the camel caravans carrying greenbacks into the area. Iran won't be using normal electronic money transfers because the New York Times exposed the US program of monitoring terrorist financial transactions, and they don't use that method anymore. Now they just go down to the local money exchanger, turn in their local currency for greenbacks, bundle it, pack it on camels and away they go.

Also, it is obvious that Lebanon should build a wall on the south bank of the Litani River to stem the flow of illegals. Someone is going to have to put in the labor and since the Lebanese sure aren't going to do it, since such work is beneath them, they can put the illegals on work gangs to provide a ready labor supply.

They can even institute a program whereby if they stay long enough, and work hard enough for insufficient wages, while engaged in work that the average Lebanese won't do themselves, they can ultimately earn Hezbollah citizenship! Terrific plan.

Of course, they also would have to swear allegiance to Hezbollah, not Lebanon, and the next time the terrorists decide to engage in jihad against Israel they will be required to fling anti-Jewish rockets at Israel and also turn their children over to the terrorists to use as human shields and propaganda tools.

But hey, freedom has its price and obviously there are tens of thousands of unfortunate residents of Middle Eastern countries willing to pay the price. We know this because the World Terrorist Media told us so.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron

Just completed reading of Masters of the Art. Thanks for a great great work.

In looking at the Mid East in general and Lebanon / Hizbollah in particular I see a parallel to Vietnam - an open border. Until that`s closed - if ever - there is no solution in sight.

Agree / Disagree

Warm Regards

Floyd Low

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