In the One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest world where insane is sane, and sane is missing that passes for politics in the US and by extension the Untied Nations, it is commonplace to hear high officials make some of the stupidest comments ever to emanate from human beings' vocal chords.

But by far the stupidest, dumbest, all time record holding, most uninformed commentary currently making the rounds is the concept that the free world causes terrorism, because the terrorists just don't have all that we have. If we just stopped shooting these poor unfortunate, jealous, envy ridden, insecure, unsure of their masculinity societal rejects, why these misdirected little urchins would go away and all would be peaceful!

Earth to the Democratic Party leaders and the UN - Terrorists create terrorists. Shooting terrorists eliminates them!

Let me rephrase that in words that even a UN ambassador can understand.

War does not create terrorists. Sanctions do!

In a replay of the impotency that labeled the UN efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein, the deposed Iraqi dictator now in his second trial for murdering hundreds of thousands of his countrymen, that same body is playing "cross that line" with Iran's leader, Green Bean Almandine, and Iran's puppet-state Syria that suddenly has decided it is an international bad ass. (In a classic display of denial the two leaders apparently don't realize that they look like a modern day embodiment of the cartoon characters Mutt and Jeff when they review the troops.)

The scenario plays out like this.

UN: (Sternly)"Green Bean Almandine! We give you until June to stop developing weapons grade plutonium!"

Almandine: "UN, Go to Hell and burn there for all eternity."

UN: "OK, Green Bean. June is over but we give you until July 12th to stop developing weapons grade plutonium."

Almandine: "May the Keys of a Thousand Flamels Crestle in Your Notch!"

UN: "We mean it this time Green Bean! One more ounce of weapons grade plutonium or any other fissionable material after July 31, and we're imposing sanctions."

Almandine: "May all your daughters grow up to be insatiable whores and Brittany Spears look-alikes!"

UN: "That's It! We're not kidding. If that nuclear development project goes one day past August it's curtains for you boy-o!

Syria: "Hey, UN, get the f**k away from my borders and stop looking for weapons shipments to Hezbollah. You come around here and I'll kick your ass!"

UN: "Oh, sorry Syria, we weren't talking to you. We didn't mean to upset you, we were just trying to get Iran to understand we are serious."

Syria: "Hey, what's with you? You don't understand simple concepts? Shut up and go away and do it NOW. And Don't Give Me That Look or I'll smack you so hard your Brie will decompose."

UN: "Uh, OK, but will you try to let Iran understand the seriousness of this situation? Oh, and the validity of our positions, and the impact that endless unenforced resolutions, and sanctions that will deteriorate the quality of life for your subjects while you live in opulence and pay off our middlemen will have on the populations of your countries? Could you? You know, just kind of pass that on? Please?

Syria and Almandine in unison: "Hey, UN, did you ever spend any time in a Turkish prison? BEND OVER!"

UN: "Well, OK, but just this once. OK?"

So, the UN bends over, and passes two hundred and seventy seven billion resolutions and imposes economic sanctions that make it illegal to send food and medical supplies into Iran. Iran responds by arranging to bribe UN officials who agree to create phantom corporations that specialize in sending food and medical supplies to Iran's leadership while the general populace starves and dies from myriad illnesses that can be cured in the free world with widely available over-the-counter cold medicines.

After three years of watching their families suffer right in front of their eyes the Iranian populace agrees that there isn't a damn thing it can do to its leadership which not only has the food and medicine but the weapons too, so they join the Jihad movement and declare to the World Terrorist Media, and its subsidiary the American Terrorist Media, which gleefully prints every word verbatim: "It Is George Bush's Fault!"

This refrain is picked up by the American Democratic Party and it becomes the campaign slogan for every election in the next 20 years even though George Bush is long since retired.

See how that works?

Forget the sanctions. If you kill 10,000 terrorists who are waging open war on the free world, and make a decent shot at freedom available for the peace loving peoples of the world you get peace. Impose sanctions, you get 10,000 more terrorists.

Post Script: Has anyone seen the videos of Iran blowing up ships and shooting missiles into the sea as part of its War GAMES?!

Didn't it occur to Greenpeace and the other world environmental groups that this is in direct violation of the Kyoto Treaty? Where is the outrage?