Unlike so many other kidnappings at the hands of Muslim extremists, Fox News reporter Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig were released Sunday morning, physically unharmed but somewhat worse the wear emotionally.

Among the indignities suffered during their 13 days of captivity besides the separation from their loved ones and living in fear of beheading at any moment, were being forced face down on filthy dirt floors, making propaganda videos denouncing the United States, and converting to Islam at gunpoint.

The last, among all the other strategies, is sure to create a tidal wave of voluntary conversions throughout the world. Gunpoint conversions! What a concept! Why didn't the Christians and Jews think of that? I mean, it is right out of the Communist-inspired, New World Order playbook.

Don't agree with us? OK, Bubba, you either see it our way right now or we splatter your gray matter all over your jogging suit. Worked for the communists for 60 years, so why wouldn't it work for Islamo-extremists?

The communists screwed up by linking oppression, slavery, and subjugation to an economic blueprint, which obviously didn't work out -- it had something to do with free will versus forced labor, but we'll go into that another time. But since the Islamo-extremists don't give a hoot what kind of living conditions they force on their subjects, not peers mind you, subjects, the use of oppression this time shouldn't have the same problems the communists ran into.

We only have to look at the places where the extremists live to see the truth of this concept. Where do extremists congregate? Slums. Slums outside of Paris, slums outside of London, the Gaza Strip, and southern Lebanon to name just a few. OK, maybe southern Lebanon wasn't a slum to begin with, but look what happened when the extremists moved in next door.

One day it was a nice plot with a three-bedroom house, flowering vines and an olive orchard. A day later it was a launching pad for Soviet made rockets, ferried in by other extremist supporters from Iran and Syria, who we should note coincidentally, don't live in slums as their minions do, and the next day, whammo, instant rubble.

There goes the neighborhood.

Nope, without being saddled with economic necessities like creating a society that engages in productive and meaningful employment, a steady improvement in living conditions and standard of living, gunpoint conversions should have no problem sweeping the world.

And, just in case anyone is not connecting the dots, and thinking to themselves, "Hey, what about in places where the populace is armed," we have the Untied Nations and the World Terrorist Media, abetted by its subsidiary the American Terrorist Media, to push universal disarmament. Look what it did for Scotland and Australia!

Yes, I think this unfortunate incident in the Gaza Strip has produced the desired outcome for the Islamo-extremists. Two kidnap victims equal two new Muslims, plus an entire library of recruitment videos. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; the more we depend on high technology, the more we are susceptible to Stone Age tactics.

All these centuries Christian and Jewish missionaries have been traveling to remote areas of the world, knocking on neighborhood doors, bringing innocent and all-dressed-up children along carrying religious tracts, and trying to convert by spreading the word of God, and showing by example why their faith was desirable.

All this time, all they had to do was invest in firearms and videotapes! And when it was all over, Centanni made a point of telling the world that the people of Palestine are a beautiful, peaceful race, who have a wonderful, Disneyesque story to tell the world, and by all means, hordes of other journalists should descend on the Gaza Strip where they too might be kidnapped and converted.

Effective or what? Steve, Olaf, see you at the mosque.