The Democratic Party on the national and state levels, especially California and Nevada, is marshaling forces to oppose the cross-country caravan sponsored by Move America Forward that will arrive in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 15 to join a massive show of support for our military and Gen. David Petraeus.

First stop on the journey that starts Monday is Carson City, Nevada, outside the offices of Senate Majority Leader and chief proponent of the Choose to Lose the War on Terror faction, Harry Reid. Reid has advocated cut and run ever since the terrorists first raised an eyebrow, would love to be a handmaiden for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and will treated to the spectacle of Move America Forward grilling chicken right across the street from his office if he has the intestinal fortitude to look out the window.

But Dems from California, Nevada and the national party want a counter- demonstration that will shut the MAF rally down!

We have to ask ourselves WHY?

Why is it that a party that continues to claim it supports the troops but not the war, and thus by all measures should be supporting an organization that by its very definition exists to support the troops, instead is rallying its forces to create a blocking force?

Hypocrisy should suffice as a one-word answer. Liars might work as well.

The truth from this vantage point is that while there really are many, many Democrats who support the troops, just as there are many, many Republicans who aren't too keen on the War in Iraq, the leadership of the Democratic Party is defined more by extremism, anti-capitalism, anti-patriotism, anti-Americanism, and anti-democracy philosophies, not pro-troop philosophies.

While the motivation behind the Dems opposition to Move America Forward's caravan is subject to debate, the issue that should be of paramount importance now is, "What to do about it?'

For its part, Move America Forward is mounting a massive public relations campaign to let pro-troop Americans in on what is happening with the anti-troop, pro-terrorist forces. MAF is getting some help on the Internet from organizations such as Eagles Landing which also is mustering forces for the Sept. 15 gathering. The blogosphere is weighing in, as are some conservative columnists and commentators.

Unfortunately, in many cases, these folks are preaching to the choir and their audiences already visit the Move America Forward website and are aware of the Dems' efforts to thwart the pro-troop caravan.

In their Internet exhortations to rid themselves of these devilish pro-troop Americans, the Dems are labelling them as out-of-state, pro-war interlopers, who should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of Nevada and every other state they visit on a rail! So much for the constitutional guarantees of freedom to assemble and freedom of speech.

Look closely children, and you will see the future of America under the total eclipse of a Democratic presidency with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. In other words, a police state.

But anyone who has been watching these hypocrites with anything more than an occasional desultory glance for the past four or five decades is not surprised that the Democratic Party is really a front organization for world wide communism.

What I really want to know is - where the hell are the Republicans?

What a terrific opportunity to turn around the bashing the GOP has been taking for the past three years! Catching national and state Democrats with their pants down - er, let me rephrase that - with their guard down, showing themselves to be anti-military, anti-troop, anti-American pseudo patriots, on the very first day of a nationwide caravan that is 100 percent devoted to the troops?

So what if these cheese brains are claiming Move American Forward is a Republican front group? If you have ever, ever heard MAF's chairwoman, Melanie Morgan, and especially her co-host Lee Rodgers on their morning radio show at KSFO in San Francisco bashing the hell out of the Republican Party leadership you will know that is a flat out lie.

But don't run from it. Use it! California Congressman Duncan Hunter has figured it out and will attend. Are there more who also can see the opportunities?

What a disgrace, eh? An organization that the Dems consider closely aligned with the GOP is supporting the troops. Oh, the humanity, the shame, the devastation!

Where are the state GOP chairmen for Nevada and California? Where is the GOP chairman for Carson City?

Why have they not seized this opportunity and jumped on the bandwagon, with advance publicity, boots on the ground, and maybe even a little casharooni?

What is the matter with the Republican Party? Has it gone to seed? Is it populated by creaky, cranky relics of a bygone era who still think it is beneath them to actually get off their dead asses and move out into the streets with the rest of us?

It appears so.

I have a suggestion. Do you want to rid yourself of the scandals of the very recent and relatively recent past? Do you consider the latest scandal involving Idaho Sen. Larry Craig another smear on the party? How about Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) who was caught trying to get more than chummy with teenage page boys just last year, just before the national elections in which he helped the GOP LOSE CONTROL OF BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS!!!

Were you even the slightest bit angry? Were you even the slightest bit embarrassed that this is the best public face you can put on the Republican Party? Are you the kind of whining wimp that curls up in the fetal position and sucks your damn thumb when someone says a cross word to you instead of getting up and smacking them dead upside the head?

You are? Then you deserve every last bit of disdain the American voter can heap upon you!

But if you aren't then it is time to stop sulking, stop whining, stop finger pointing and stop sitting alone in the dark thinking sullen thoughts and plotting where to put your money when the housing market crashes.

Get up right now.

Log onto the Move America Forward website for those of you who are motivationally challenged. Get directions to the rally in Carson City and figure a way to get yourself there, on time, on the side of the street where the real Americans, the ones who serve honorably and support those who serve honorably will be cooking Harry Reid's chicken.

Are you running for President of the Untied States of America as a Republican? Then you or your designated representative should plan on being at that rally to help MAF offset the planned Democratic onslaught.

I sure hope Gov. Jim Gibbons can take a few minutes out of his day to say hello and support his fellow veterans. I can't think of anything else that is more important to a man who makes a point of being a strong supporter of the military, a decorated combat veteran, and a strong advocate of a secure homeland.

And since the caravan across country will be going on until it reaches Washington, D.C. on Sept. 15, I strongly recommend each GOP presidential candidate find a spot where you can stop by and say a few words of encouragement to mainstream America. They won't be hard to find; these folks were waving American flags before the Democratic party figured out that they might be a good prop for photo ops.

Remember this. There are some 25 million veterans in America, and while we represent all different political factions, the vast majority of us support the troops and the military in general. We also want a win in Iraq, big time. We really go for victories.

When you take our raw numbers, and add one spouse or significant other whom we most likely have a major impact on, especially in the voting booth, and throw in one other person we influence, you suddenly find the biggest voting bloc on the national scene.

We really don't like candy asses and whiners. And we don't like people who claim to serve the people but hide behind their venetian blinds peeking out at the world when they should be visible and vocal.

If you are a party official get moving right now and get your troops out there too. If you are a candidate, find a way to support this movement.

Heed what I say and you have a chance to win back what was lost in 2006. But remember, if you decide we aren't worth your time and ignore us - it will cost you far more in the long run if we decide you aren't worth our time and ignore you.

Heed this warning, and you have a shot. Ignore it, sneer at it, or deride it at your own political peril.