All the gas bag rhetoric aside, the Democratic presidential candidates are heading for the hills on the Iraq War issue. Which brings us to one of the first questions we are taught in Journalism 101 - Why?

Only a week or two ago, they were steadfast that we should get out now, not later, consequences be damned, and the only degree of separation in their positions was on the issue of how many troops to get out how fast.

But in their debate this week, the leading Dems suddenly have changed their stripes and are saying they can't and won't guarantee a swift withdrawal, if and when they all become joint presidents of the newly established Politburo of Amerika.

As can be expected, they aren't saying it is because of the successes of the troops. (I told you so way back when, then if the American military is given the freedom to do its job, and the damn handcuffs are taken off, the troops will never let our country down. But you have to read my blog archives for the articles. I'm not a librarian.)

No, the Dems are blaming it on President Bush, surprise, surprise, who, by the way, isn't running in 2008. Regardless, they say it is because they don't know what Green Bean Almondine, the Grand Poobah of Iran is doing, or what "secret" things have been going on behind the scenes courtesy of the president and Vice President Cheney.

Doesn't this just send chills up your spines? Reminds me of the first Lion King movie, the good one, not the sequel. Go ahead, say it. Cheney ... Cheney ... Cheney.

Gives you goose bumps doesn't it?

Anyway, that is all to be expected because I haven't seen a single Democratic presidential candidate come up with a single honest or new proposal to deliver us into the bright new world of workers united that they envision for us peons. All I have heard is the same old rhetoric, the same old communist/extreme socialist claptrap, and the same old race-baiting divisiveness that they have been spouting since the last half of the last century.

But the Dems hate Bush and the military so much, that there is no way they would abandon their attack on him over Iraq unless there was one heck of a good reason. Such as the troops winning, Ahmadinejad posing far more of a threat than they wanted to believe, and some significant signs of progress on the Iraqi political front.

Don't believe me on the "Hate The Military" mindset? Take a look at these two pictures of front-runner Hillary Clinton with an indicted donor, and while sitting in on the inquisition of Gen. David Petraeus, who is leading the current offensive in Iraq.

This is how Clinton appears when she is associating with someone who comes to her with a big wad of cash in his fist. This is Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu who is described as a former fugitive who pled guilty to fraud charges more than a decade ago, and skipped bail when he was to be sentenced.

But according to the media, for the past few years Hsu has been living a high profile lifestyle, and has been a regular on the Democratic candidate contributor lists including Clinton and Barack Obama's. He is now free on $2 million bond awaiting resolution of his conviction.

Now let's take a look at how she appears when she is interrogating Gen. Petraeus, a four-star general in the U.S. Army, commanding a major contingent of troops who are locked in battle with terrorists who are trying to take out our troops so they can have easy pickings with our country.

Quite a revealing set of images isn't it. By the way, these came to me over the Internet from multiple sources in the last three or four days. If I need to attribute these to an individual or news organization please let me know, and prove it, and I will be happy to insert attribution.

Back to the original issue, I believe the Dems are backing off the Choose to Loose bandwagon because they have seen something and it scares them. It is the specter of victory, and they don't know how to handle victory.

So, just as they run from c-o-n-f-r-o-n-t-a-t-i-o-n they also run from victory. They have sent a bunch of people to Iraq in the past several months all looking for evidence that The Surge, as the offensive is known, isn't working, or that the political issues are insurmountable, anything to show that we as a country should high tail it for a nice safe, but ultimately fatal, fetal position under the covers of our leaky national borders.

Yet, everyone is coming back and saying things are improving. Our troops are routing the terrorists, killing and capturing them by the thousands, and the Iraqi politicians, while not entirely on the same page, are at least moving in that direction.

Good God, this just might work! Oh, No! What shall the Dems do? What they always do. RETREAT!!

Want more evidence? What is the biggest negative news story out of Iraq in the past two weeks? OK, I get it, redundant, right? All the news out of Iraq is negative, or there is no news.

Which makes my point. There has been NO news about our troops in Iraq in the past several weeks, which is a strong indication that they are making tremendous headway, because the American Terrorist Media doesn't cover successes, only difficulties. (I chose the word difficulties with care, because we haven't had any defeats, only difficulties that have been overcome. Such is the nature of war.)

Nope, the only major news out of Iraq in the past few weeks has been about private security guards hired to protect our civilian officials, getting into a firefight that resulted in the deaths of several Iraqis. The security guys say they were fired on first, the Iraqi government says they opened fire without provocation, and I don't have any idea which is the truth.

So I will wait to comment on that until I do, because otherwise I would end up looking like a loudmouth Democratic blowhard like Congressman john murtha who convicted the Haditha Marines of cold-blooded murder before he ever heard the evidence.

Remember the Haditha Marines, the ones that murtha and the American Terrorist Media convicted but who now are winning their cases? Oh, that's right, you probably didn't since the ATM doesn't cover any good news about our military. Covering only the negative helps advance their agenda to weaken our military so their communist backers can ultimately take over without interference.

More on that in a near future column.

It really doesn't matter what the Democratic presidential candidates do or say now. They have all branded themselves as anti-democracy, anti-military, anti-troop zealots who haven't a clue about how to fight a war, only a propaganda campaign that they have lost.

So they are running helter-skelter looking for something new to carp on. But the American public hasn't forgotten how they have betrayed our troops and called for defeat in the face of victory.

They can run, but they can't hide. And there is plenty of video evidence this year, to prove that point next year.