The Gathering of Eagles III rally in Washington, D.C., last Saturday featured a mix of male and female speakers, including Melanie Morgan and Buzz Patterson from Move America Forward, Pete Hegseth from Veterans For Freedom, Republican California Congressman and presidential hopeful Duncan Hunter, Deborah Johns whose Marine son has served three tours in Iraq, and Debbie Lee whose son was killed fighting the terrorists.

Filming and reporting the event as she did in March was the syndicated columnist and television hostess Michelle Malkin.

But I noticed during the program that virtually all the male speakers had direct ties to the military. When I expanded that concept to the wider world of media that had actually given us some help in our efforts to publicize the event and draw supporters to it, the same connection appeared.

Among the few male conservative commentators who were helping us out for instance, was G. Gordon Liddy, a former Marine who needs no introduction.

But the bulk of the publicity prior to the event came from female sources - Morgan and Malkin in a huge way, as well as Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham who made sure to mention us.

But, as in March when we first travelled to DC to confront the pro-communist, pro-terrorist group ANSWER that had threatened to deface the Vietnam Memorial as it had done in January to the Capitol, there was a noticeable and remarkable silence from the big guns of conservative talk radio.

Back then, as in August and September, I was called on by organizers to publicize the pro-troop rallies and explain the reasons why veterans and other troop supporters were being called to DC. Then, and now, although I sent out literally hundreds of news releases, which by the way, I do for a living, usually with excellent results, the major media outlets totally ignored us.

Last time, our contact person was contacted only by the Russian media. This time, by the Japanese media. American media doesn't want to admit that there is a counter-voice alive and active that isn't buying into the 'abandon and abuse' tactics that were used in the 70s to sentence millions of Southeast Asians to death by the communists.

We understand that. We expect that. We plan for that, and we act accordingly.

This time we took different approaches and were able to get some notice in areas where people of a similar mindset are likely to see it. Internet talk radio shows interviewed organizers as did local conservative radio stations in some decent-sized media markets across the country.

Human Events the conservative print and Internet media outlet, published numerous articles by people associated with the September 15 pro-troop rally, Gathering of Eagles III.

Human Events was one of the few media sources that made note of the defacement of the Vietnam Memorial on the night of Sept. 7. Although a caustic and extremely difficult to remove substance was spread on a 60-foot section of the memorial obliterating names and marring the surface, the media virtually ignored the incident.

The National Park Service downplayed it and said only that it was "investigating" until the Sept. 15 event had come and gone, then announced that it was indeed "vandalism." The freaks who couldn't get past the vets and pro-troop supporters in March resorted to a sneak attack when no one was around on the evening of Sept. 7 to show that they are indeed sub-human, mouth breathing, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

But apparently it didn't really happen because not only did the mainstream media not mention it, neither did the mainstream conservative media.

When I first heard of the incident, early on Monday morning, Sept. 10, I immediately sent an email to Melanie Morgan who was just starting her morning radio show on KSFO in San Francisco. She immediately broadcast the outrage.

I expected it to be picked up by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, since their producers were alerted to the incident, but instead we got silence.

Which brings me back to the point of this article. The biggest names and biggest noises in conservative American media are males, but by and large it was the women, not the men who were carrying the torch.

Not one word on any of this did I hear from Fred Barnes, not a word from Hannity or Limbaugh.

Thus, as in March, I have to ask, why?

The people who came out for both pro-troop rallies and vigils are the very people who listen to conservative talk radio and watch Fox News on cable, and read conservative print and online news. The outrage over the defacement of The Wall spread slowly through the veteran community, ignored until the very last minute by the major veterans organizations like the American Legion, and ignored by the big noise conservative hosts who can inform millions of Americans in a matter of minutes, but who chose instead to remain silent.

I am not surprised that patriots like Pete Hegseth and Duncan Hunter not only supported and publicized the Gathering of Eagles, but attended and spoke there. They are veterans and taking an active role in ensuring America's freedom is second nature to them. They are cut from the same cloth as the thousands of others who volunteered to take time out of their lives, travel great distances, and stand up for the troops and our country in DC.

But I also am not surprised that the very people who could have helped so much, with so little effort, and did nothing instead, are not veterans. Hiding behind the effort of others, and making money while the vets are sacrificing, seems to be a time-honored tradition with some people.

During the pro-terrorism march by ANSWER I saw a young woman carrying a sign that said Fight the Rich, Not Their Wars.

I chuckled at first, but then the realization hit me that maybe she isn't that far off. I have never bought into the radical left's claims that those of us who physically stand up for freedom and liberty are tools of some great unseen conspiracy.

I get up every morning and do exactly what I want to do with my day, every day, and I don't have to ask anyone's permission, fill out a form, or sit across from a gray humourless bureaucrat explaining myself before I go about my business. If I want to spend every waking second accumulating wealth, and become part of "The Rich" I can, and many Americans, native born and recent immigrants, do just that all the time.

But I also couldn't help but ponder on the great fortunes amassed by the Limbaugh's and Hannity's of our generation. Hell, Limbaugh brags about his wealth all the time, almost as much as the Clinton's, albeit tongue-in-cheek.

But my Irish immigrant grandmother used to say "Truer words are said in jest" and that adage fits nicely here.

I don't envy Limbaugh or Hannity or any of the other icons of modern conservatism their wealth. But the fact is, they got their wealth because those of us who physically stood up to communism in the 60s, and are manning the barricades standing up against communism and Islamo-fascism today, tune in to their shows, creating a huge listener and viewer base, which in turn increases the amount their stations can charge advertisers, which in turn increases their income.

So why, I must ask again, could we not get even so much as a second of air time from these people? Are they the Nouveau Riche, the New Elitists who have forgotten their roots and now can't be bothered associating with the "rabble" who take to the streets?

Have they suddenly become so insulated and isolated from their base that they have forgotten that we can take away as quickly as we giveth? Think not? Check out O'Reilly. I don't care how you package his ratings, people are turning away from him in droves and Michelle Malkin has far more support when she fills in for him than O'Reilly does. Betcha.

Maybe I'm being too harsh here. Maybe Barnes and Hannity and Limbaugh couldn't give us a few seconds of their time because they are too busy saving democracy. Maybe the time they spend getting manicured, and coiffed, and making sure their makeup is just right so their foreheads don't reflect the overhead lights when they are on camera is time well spent in the pursuit of freedom.

And of course, after the manicures and coiffing there are the trips to the tailor for just the right type of expensive clothes to give them that authoritative look, and then to the real estate agent so they can be sure to live in exactly the right house in exactly the right neighborhood. Oh, and don't forget the calls to their brokers! We couldn't want our most visible conservatives missing any action in the stock market.

Image is everything!

Then there are the meetings with the interior decorators to get the right furniture, and drapes, and doilies. And travel, and golf, and cigars. We can't forget any of that. Maintaining an image as a leading conservative commentator takes a huge investment in time.

But I wonder if maybe they could spend some time at an orthopedic surgeon's, getting a backbone installed.

Do you think they might get the sense of an insult here? Do you maybe they'll read into this that I am in their faces, pissing them off, calling them out?

Good. That is exactly the impact I wanted. Because American conservatives were let down by their icons this past week, and this wasn't the first time.

I'll tell you one more thing before I go. A revolution is brewing in America, and it is brewing on the conservative side, fueled by anger over continually being sold out by the people who say they represent us, but repeatedly use their positions to feather their own nests, and then abandon, disregard or take for granted their supporters.

If this revolution erupts it will sweep away everything before it, including the old rich and the new rich. It won't embrace communism or Islamo-fascism, but it sure as hell won't sit still and let this country be sold off piecemeal by people who won't secure our borders, unleash the full ability of our military on our enemies, or take a few minutes of their oh-so-precious and oh-so-expensive time to boost the efforts of the real fighters in the battle for freedom.

Maybe that young lady's sign wasn't that far off at all. Maybe we just have different definitions of just who constitutes "The Rich."