From the instant that word began seeping out of John McCain's presidential campaign that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was his pick for the Vice Presidential nomination, attacks on her went straight to the personal and gender levels.

We heard left-wing commentary, purportedly by women who had been backing Hillary Clinton, saying they won't back McCain simply because he has selected a woman for VP. That progressed to asinine skits like the one on the John Stewart show in which a ditsy woman claims she WILL vote for Palin because they both have vaginas. These are just two examples of the non-stop irrelevancy passing as commentary on selecting Gov. Palin.

Today, it went a step further when Fox News Sunday liberal commentator Juan Williams said he never again wants to hear conservatives "complain about affirmative action." Aside from being a venal and really stupid comment, these snide shots at Palin just prove a fear of the female gender, primarily by those males who continually espouse "equality."

Every so often they try to cloak their comments in camouflage about her "lack of experience," but it is poor camouflage and the not-so-subliminal message is "she can't do it. She's just a woman."

The fact that most of these commentators couldn't keep up with Sarah Palin in a marathon, and couldn't bait their own hooks much less match in her fishing or hunting, is left unsaid by their media cohorts. But I smell fear on the liberal left, and most of it is coming from sissified dandies whose primary contribution to humanity is bitching about the color of their competitors' ties, or where they sat at the last DC gala.

This isn't the first time I have noted this disparity between liberal talk and liberal reality. Remember back in July 2007 when Fred Thompson was still in the race for the Republican presidential nomination? Thompson's wife Jeri is younger than him, attractive and her background includes solid accomplishments as a political strategist.

But the liberal media continually short-changed her abilities in favor of reporting on her appearance. Williams got into it on Fox News Sunday back then too. Remember when he labelled Jeri Thompson as "the trophy wife?"

And let's not forget the anointed one, Mister Sensitivity himself, Barack Obama, referring to a female journalist as "sweetie," back in May, after saying the same thing to a female factory worker in Pennsylvania in April!

According to the liberal thought process it apparently is fine for Barack Obama to have no foreign affairs or executive government experience because he has picked Joe Biden to be his VP running mate. (We aren't supposed to talk about Biden's so-called foreign affairs experience amounting to hiding out in college copying other people's work without attribution during the Vietnam War.)

Well, to be fair, I guess I should point out that Biden made it to the US Senate in 1973 just in time to pull the rug out from under the South Vietnamese and set up the fall of Saigon, most of Southeast Asia, and the deaths of millions slaughtered by the communists.

But John McCain, who has more foreign affairs experience in his big toe than Biden and Obama combined, selects a woman as his running mate and suddenly it is all about her "experience."

The left doesn't complain about their presidential candidate having zero experience in anything but Chicago politics as long as he has a DC insider on board.

But Sarah Palin is not supposed to be able to claim any knowledge or growth from her experiences that would qualify her for the second-in-charge position? As governor, Palin is commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard which has sent infantry troops to the Middle East war zone, where she has travelled to inspect their progress.

Alaska's Army National Guard's aviation units also served in and suffered combat losses in Iraq. Alaska also maintains a state militia, the Alaska State Defense Force which reports to Governor Palin as Commander-in-Chief.

Shouldn't that account for something? Do her detractors honestly think that she can't sit down with the nation's military leaders and make informed decisions based on their input on how we should proceed with matters involving the War on Terror?

Do they think that American voters don't understand that running a commercial fishing business in the waters of the Bering Sea has given her some insight on international fishing regulations with Canada and Russia just for starters? Do you think she is unaware of international laws of the sea?

The truth is she has proven executive experience on both the municipal and state levels. Anyone who thinks Palin's being mayor of a small town before she became governor is irrelevant has not sat in the mayor's chair and reviewed the encyclopedia of federal regulations and mandates that every municipality in America has to deal with today.

I think that of all the inane comments that have been made about her selection, FOX News commentator Mort Kondracke wins the boobie prize - so to speak. Friday night on Special Report Kondracke claimed that Obama has more experience than Palin because Obama has spent the last two years "running for president."

Fellow Special Report panelist Bill Kristol had to restrain himself from laughing out loud as he noted that Kondracke's comment was classic "inside the beltway" rhetoric. Only in DC could someone spending all their time running for office - as opposed to actually serving - be considered "experience."

Kristol and Fred Barnes, editors at The Weekly Standard, were way out in front on the Sarah Palin pick, and it is obvious from statements other commentators have made that jealously in not figuring this out, or being on the inside, is at work here too.

But what I like best was McCain's comment when introducing Palin as his running mate Friday. He said that she had shaken up the "old boy network" in Alaska when she disclosed and dealt with corruption in the state GOP. She did, didn't she?

And now a much bigger bunch of Good Old Boys is scared stiff she will weaken their grasp on power and shake things up in DC just like she did in Alaska. Personally, I find this funny as hell; nearly as funny as the spectacle of so many "power brokers" peeing their pants.