Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Sarah Palin For VP! A Great Day For America! Except For Obama The Clueless

It is now official and Alaska's Governor, Sarah Palin, is John McCain's choice as running mate. If elected she will be the first American woman to make it to the top (almost) of the Executive branch of our government and the glass ceiling will have a huge crack in it.

I wrote about her yesterday as a possible choice for running mate, after I talked with a number of colleagues about the Democratic ticket and what the GOP could do to offset the Obama-Biden team.

Most of the male front-runners received ho-hum reviews, but when I asked if they were inclined to vote for a woman vice president there was a palpable uptick in excitement. There was a caveat that they wanted a strong, no nonsense woman who could step up in a time of need.

From the first whispers this morning that it was beginning to look like Sarah Palin the phone started ringing, and the discussions were very, very positive.

There is much to be said for Sarah Palin including her depth as a principled chief executive, and a conservative activist who makes no excuses for her beliefs.

There also is plenty to be excited about concerning her family, including her husband, a stand-up guy who was a commercial fisherman, a member of the steel workers union, and four time champion of the Iron Dog, Alaska's longest distance snow machine race.

Considering that late Thursday night the Democratic Party nominated a black man and a white haired guy for their team, and Friday morning the Republican Party nominee, a white haired guy, named a woman for their team, this should have been a day of historic firsts.

Except that Democratic nominee Barack Obama's staff reacted with about as much class as guttersnipes when they heard the news about Sarah Palin.

Obama's Democratic attack dog machine immediately began questioning her capabilities based on inaccurate information including the lie that her executive experience amounted to just two weeks as mayor of a small town in Alaska. Actually, she spent two terms on the Town Council, then was elected mayor - for full terms you dipsticks - then ran unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor before she turned the Alaska Republican Party on its ear and unseated just about everyone to become Governor.

Tell me again, please, exactly what kind of experience does Obama have?

Obama's junkyard dogs sent out the word that she didn't have the capabilities to be commander-in-chief - this from a guy who never served in the armed forces, whose running mate hid out in college and law school during the Vietnam War.

Meanwhile Sarah Palin's son is in the Army and headed for Iraq in two weeks!

Barak's team came across like classless boors, walking around in a snit because the GOP outmaneuvered them and stole the headlines the day after his "Speech That Shook The World." Obviously Obama was ticked off that he was supposed to be all but anointed President due to his incomparable verbalizations the previous night, and Gov. Palin went and stole his thunder.

Welcome to real world politics there BO. You don't have the cloak of your primary supporters to wrap around you any longer and your best moment in this campaign has already come and gone.

Here's five cents worth of free advice. The next time you are running for president and you encounter a major disappointment, try taking the high road. For instance, Obama could have gone on national television today, congratulated the GOP for picking a woman for the VP slot, and made the point that now the race is historic in both parties.

He then could have welcomed Gov. Palin to the race, and Biden could have made a statement that he was looking forward to meeting her in the debates.

But NOOOOOOOO! Obama gets his nose all out of joint, his staff get all huffy and show exactly why they haven't got what it takes on any level to be staff for a future President of the United States. Later on Obama tried to cover his tracks, but frankly, the damage was done. Too late.

But wait. This is Barack Obama. The guy who spent the last 8 months trashing Hillary Clinton. The guy who has had some real issues relating to women, including journalists.

Well, if there is a positive note for the Democrats I guess we should be relieved that Obama didn't call Sarah Palin "Sweetie."


Fred said...

Barack's staff reminds me of the classless low life staff that Bill Clinton had. You remember, the staff that trashed the white house and stole stuff when they left.

The most insulting thing they said, or implied, was that she cannot be qualified because she came from a small town of only 9000 people. What a bunch of snobs.

cuz Bob said...

Wow...Sarah Palin, whatta gal!!! She hunts, she fishes, she shoots, flies a plane, is a beauty...and apparently, does the right thing !!
I've been reading all the Demoncratic rantings about her...down-putting, just plain lies...what a group of jerks.
If BS were snow, the Demoncrats would be a blizzard....
And as far as obama calling a female reporter "sweetie", demonstrates that he has about as much social refinement as a big blast of flatulence in a crowded elevator.

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