So, according to the American Terrorist Media, Barack Obama is a latter day incarnation of Jesus Christ, because in Obama's view of the world Christ was a "community organizer."

According to the same 'reasoning,' Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is a modern Pontius Pilate because, according to the Obama camp, Pilate was a governor, just like Palin! (Except Pilate wasn't actually a governor. He was a procurator, which was an agent of the Roman Emperor and carried out the Emperor's directives. Palin, as governor, actually has far more independent responsibility than Pilate did. In other words, she has more executive experience.)

So already we find that what we get from the Obama campaign and Obama supporters, many of whom eschew religion, is at best uninformed.

While I haven't seen anything about this in the mainstream media, well actually I haven't seen anything in the mainstream media, I bet a bunch of The Big O's supporters are atheists. I realize he calls himself a Christian and all, but I have watched the videos of his former pastor, His Eminence the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I refer you in particular to the part where he says "God Damn America" is in the Bible. I long ago concluded that if this is what Obama calls religion I can't wait until we see his version of "government."

But let's not belabor that point. Let's ask ourselves instead, does Barack Obama think he is Jesus Christ?

I didn't hear him tell his campaign staffers to knock off the Christ comparisons. I didn't hear anyone denounce this Christ comparison - ridiculous, condescending, arrogant and sacrilegious as it is.

So I guess he really does consider himself to be the second coming - or the first if you don't believe Jesus was the Messiah.

But let's think about this for a minute.

What was the most notable facet of Christ's personality? Aside from miracle working I mean, and the occasional community organization?

Humility, right?

So, does Obama meet the humility standard?

Again, let's take a look.

Last week Obama's camp released a commercial attacking his opponent, John McCain, for supposedly being out of touch.

To prove his point, our alleged saviour's commercial said that John McCain doesn't use a computer and doesn't even send out emails, and mocked McCain for being out of touch with modern technology - in other words, old.

The commercial was immediately pounced on by the McCain campaign, because the real reason John McCain doesn't send out emails is because he can't use a computer keyboard due to injuries to his hands and arms suffered when he was tortured during more than five years as a POW in North Vietnam.

Now, a truly humble person would have been mortified about making that kind of blunder. I mean, the commercial probably was done in good faith, from a political standpoint. I seriously doubt Obama knew ahead of time that McCain has some permanent physical disabilities from being tortured that prevent him from typing.

Sure, he could have found out before he ran that commercial though. The extent of McCain's injuries and the limitations on some of his daily activities have been well reported over the years.

But even if Obama's research staff is just incompetent as opposed to mean-spirited, vicious, abrasive, and insensitive, it still falls on the candidate himself to rectify the damage done by the ill-advised commercial.

Obama could have and should have immediately taken responsibility, since he does after all want to be commander-in-chief where he will be at the top of the chain of command.

Obama could have and should have called McCain immediately, apologized on behalf of himself and his campaign stooges who produced that commercial, told McCain he was mortified over it, and then sent out a news release saying essentially the same thing.

But did he?

Well, no, he didn't. Instead he sent more stooges out to do the television talk show circuit and when asked about such a grievous blunder, the response was what I heard on Fox News Monday morning. An Obama staffer refused to answer when asked by America's Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer if the Obama camp knew ahead of time that McCain doesn't use a computer due to wartime injuries.

Hemmer really worked hard to get at the truth, repeatedly bringing the interview back to the basic question - Did the Obama campaign know ahead of time that McCain has permanent injuries that prevent him from using a keyboard? But try as he might, he may as well have been talking to a wall, because the Obama staffer acted as though he didn't hear a word Hemmer asked him.

Instead the Obama mouthpiece kept talking over Hemmer's questions, repeating that "McCain is out of touch, McCain is out of touch, McCain is out of touch."

Well, Mr. Genius, we got that concept when you turned out that insulting piece of amateur-night claptrap and called it a campaign commercial.

Once again, Obama did nothing, said nothing, neither apologized nor took responsibility for what is said in his name. That is "in Obama's name," not the more familiar refrain "in Jesus' name."

I should point out here, that McCain is considered one of the most technologically astute national politicians in America. Hopefully, if he is elected, McCain can raise the profile of advanced computer technology that will enable him to use voice activation instead of typing to communicate with his supporters.

So I guess we have to conclude based on that example, which certainly appears to be representative of Obama's entire campaign, especially after the way he treated Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, that Obama may actually think he is the Son of God. But in truth there is little resemblance as this little test of humility reveals.

Obama is not a human incarnation of the humble Son of God who came to earth to serve humanity. Rather, Obama more and more appears to be going out of his way to appear as an arrogant, self-absorbed street punk turned elitist who wants to be President of the United States.

Not much to compare there now, is there? I sure can't wait until this guy is representing us among the heads of state in Europe. I bet he'll be a real hit on the Embassy cocktail circuit.