In the past week the media has been in an uproar over Barack Obama saying if you put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig, referring to GOP Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's comment that the only difference between her and a pit bull is lipstick.

You'll note that I didn't say "allegedly referring to Sarah Palin" when I said what Obama meant about his comments, because there is no alleged about it. He said it, he meant it, and he's here to represent it.

Obama used an old adage to demean Sarah, and then he tried to claim it was just a metaphor, not a simile. (Oh go look them up will you? This isn't Merriam-Webster's site you know.) Naturally, the media and the Democrats' national apologists went to extremes to give him a pass.

Nonetheless, the argument went back and forth, did he really mean it about Sarah, or was he just talking about another "failed policy of the Bush Administration?" However, it was a follow-up comment that really went over the media's head, or that they just had no interest in parsing.

Immediately after the pig comment BO said "You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It's still gonna stink."

So immediately, the elitist "we wouldn't say s**t if our mouths were full of it," media, said he was referring to John McCain being an old, stinking, rotten corpse.

I must respond in kind. Bulls**t!

He was still talking about Sara Palin, except he was using a vile, sexist reference to a woman's anatomy that is standard commentary for slime ball, gutter-crawling misogynists. I don't even want to go down that road, but every guy who has ever spent any time in a locker room, a bar, a street fight, an area where a street fight can break out at any time, or generally in the company of other guys, knows exactly what Obama was referring to when he spoke of smelly fish right on the heels of his lipstick comment, and neither statement was about John McCain.

Frankly, even if he was referring to McCain he still got a pass - remember the crappola back in the primaries about death threats? Can you imagine the outcry if McCain had said what Obama said? But he wasn't talking about John McCain at all and every honest man who heard his comment knows it.

The dishonest ones do too, but they aren't saying anything.

I was watching a video of BO on another web site yesterday, and it showed a previous insult He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Spoken launched at Hillary Clinton back in the primaries. In that incident he didn't say anything, he just gave the former First Lady the finger.

You know what I mean here. The middle finger.

In other words he flipped her off. He didn't throw it out at the end of his arm like most honest people would do, though. Nope, he ran it up the side of his face as if he was wiping something away from his eye. But he wasn't. He was flipping off Mrs. Clinton.

BO, He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Spoken, who claims he is ready to be president of the United States of America, used generations old street lingo to say F**K You, in a public forum.

When I saw that, and I saw the audience reaction to it, and BO's reaction to the audience, and then watched the video of his "lipstick" and "dead fish" comments, I came to another conclusion about the man who would be God.

He is nothing more than a street punk with no real class and no ability to react to a threat with anything more than a street punk's obscenities. He also has real control issues and when he feels threatened by a woman he over-reacts and uses the grossest of responses.

This man has no respect for women in general and he has no ability to respond to the daily ebb and flow of a national presidential campaign with anything that remotely shows class and dignity. And on top of everything else the media overlooked, he got the intro to these comments straight out of the Washington Post!

Here's what he said: "John McCain says he's about change too. Exce- and and so I guess his whole angle is - watch out, George Bush - except for economic policy, health care policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy, and Karl-Rove-style politics, we're really gonna shake things up in Washington. That's not change."

The problem with that line is that he took it straight from an editorial cartoon in the Post a few days earlier. I read it first on the Make Them Accountable blog, which referred me to Joseph Cannon at Cannonfire, which had a transcript of BO's comments and then showed a Post editorial cartoon from a few days earlier that used the exact same intro! But not a word about it from the media.

So is that the criteria he used when selecting Biden for his VP nominee? A penchant for plagiarism?

For my older, white women friends out there who still think Obama is the second coming - or first if you prefer - I'd say take a good, hard objective look at this man's actions, especially in regards to women. He is fine when a woman is "in her place" but you may want to rethink what he believes that place should be.

It has been a lot of years, a lot of miles, and a lot of upward mobility since I fought in the alleys and parking lots of places I never want to visit again. It has been many years and miles from the service towns and the waterfronts of ports I visited in the Marines, but some things never change.

Barack Obama showed this week that he is not far from the streets, never will be, and has not grown. He is far worse than an empty suit, he is a sexist and a bigot, and a disgrace to his party. He is not ready to be president of the United States and he never will be.

Chris Wallace and 'Fraidy Cats

This isn't as bad as Obama, but it was unnecessary and unfortunate nonetheless.

If you read this column with any regularity you'll know that I make it a point to watch Fox News Sunday if at all possible every week. I enjoy the guests, the panel discussions and the subject matter.

Back in the early summer host Chris Wallace was running a daily timer showing how long it had been since Obama had been invited, and refused, to be a guest on the show and subject himself to a Wallace grilling.

Eventually, after more than two years, Obama folded and did his penance. I never heard Wallace insult Obama in all that time, merely mention week after week that another seven days had passed and no word from the Obama camp.

But this past week, as he ended an interview with McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis, Wallace asked when Sarah Palin, who has been on the national scene for all of about a half-month, was going to be available for FNS.

Wallace was parroting complaints from others in the Mainstream Media that she hadn't been making the rounds of the Sunday talk shows. In fact, she made a point at the GOP convention that the media was not her first priority in this race, and that she would be appealing directly to the American public.

Davis, in what I thought was a unique and long overdue retort, told Wallace that the campaign will decide Gov. Palin's public schedule, and she will do media interviews when the campaign decides it is most advantageous. Way to go Davis!

I really like Fox News Sunday and it usually is a big part of my weekend. I get ideas for columns later in the week, I enjoy the debates, I learn what is going on in the minds of newsmakers, and I especially enjoy it when Brit Hume has heard just about enough from Juan Williams on some liberal point or other and sighs exasperatedly "Juan," but draws it out for a few seconds.

But I didn't like what Wallace did after Davis said Sarah Palin will be available at the right time, and that will be decided by the campaign not the news media.

Wallace, in a comment straight out of Obama's playbook, asked "What is she afraid of?"

What a low shot. It reminded me of a little kid in the schoolyard who runs up behind a girl, punches her in the back and then runs away. Cheap shot, low blow, all of the above.

I expect better from Chris Wallace. He has been around a long time and he knows the ropes. His ego may be as big as the studio when he is off the air, but I expect him to act professionally when he is on the air.

I seriously doubt Sarah Palin is afraid of him or any other newscaster out there. I believe she has a message to deliver and she is in the process of doing just that. She is not playing to the egos of hosts who, in many if not most cases, would consider it a career boost if they could say they were the one that knocked her out of the race.

Afraid? She didn't appear timid when she did a lengthy interview with Charles Gibson on ABC Thursday night. She didn't appear timid at the GOP convention, nor anywhere else along the line.

Hell, I bet she could do a Chris Wallace interview without an increase in blood pressure or heart rate and then, for desert, beat him arm wrestling.

If I want cheap shot, inaccurate television there are at least three other cable channels and three networks I can tune in anytime. When I watch Fox News, whether it is Brit Hume's Special report during the week or Fox News Sunday, I expect accuracy, balance and professionalism.

Usually, I get it.