With all the talk of the moment being about the economy you might think that some sharp-eyed journalist would have jumped on the opportunity to report on New Haven, Connecticut, one of the original Sanctuary Cities for illegal aliens, laying off 35 workers last week to cut costs.

New Haven, according to Mayor and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate John DeStefano's reckoning, has between 12,000 and 20,000 illegal aliens living there worry free. According to the Community Watchdog Project which is challenging the Sanctuary City designation through legal channels, New Haven has spent more than $71,000,000 since December 2006 providing schooling and social services to the illegal alien population.

That is driving the home of Yale University right into a bottomless well of red ink. The mayor, being a good socialist and all, has decided it is better to turn the city into a giant slum rather than admit he was wrong. He would rather fire hard-working American citizens than stop giving away the taxpayers' hard-earned dollars to people who don't don't pay taxes, are criminals by their very definition, and amount to one giant drain on the economy.

Want to see where the economy is headed? Look at New Haven, Connecticut, Sanctuary City, soon to be renamed South Bronx (east).

On Saturday, the Mayor and a handful - no kidding, less than 10 - of leftover 60s era hippies whose brains are so burned out on hallucinogenics that they don't know they are burn outs, "celebrated" the demise of their city. Meanwhile, another much larger group organized by the Community Watchdog Project demonstrated on the steps of City Hall, calling for an end to the insanity.

(The media didn't do much coverage of the Community Watchdog Project's rally, but that is not a surprise.)

Participating in the Community Watchdog rally was Congressional candidate Joseph Visconti, a West Hartford city councilman, who called for an investigation and indictment of DeStefano under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

This is huge. This is a definitive attempt to use the laws of the land to protect our country from an internal attack by a criminal enterprise - local and federal officials who are actively supporting illegal immigration, and thus gutting our economy from within.

It's bad enough that we have Wall Street financial markets falling apart thanks to ex-president Bill Clinton signing a law that removed Great Depression era safeguards that were supposed to protect us from just such a meltdown. It's bad enough that American taxpayers will now be on the hook to bail out a bunch of elitist greed hucksters who will walk away clean while we pay for their excesses. On top of that we have an assault on the core of our economy by elected officials who are sworn to protect and serve, not assault and plunder.

New Haven is not in the district where Visconti is a candidate, but he has a vested interest in what happens in New Haven because the Mayor of Hartford, where Visconti was born and raised, and which is in his district, has just designated Hartford as a Sanctuary City too.

Visconti also is a general contractor specializing in commercial construction and renovation, and as he said in his speech on the steps of New Haven City Hall - "I see it every day - skilled construction workers seeking jobs while illegal construction crews are brought in to perform carpentry, framing, roofing, drywall, painting and many other good paying jobs.

These are not jobs Americans don't want. These are jobs my crews want; the kind of jobs I want."

Visconti said after the New Haven rally that this is just the first step in his quest to have the feds indict Sanctuary City mayors under the racketeering statutes. He is currently researching the activities taking place in Connecticut's Capitol City to determine if there is a possibility for a RICO investigation there too.

Visconti is holding a fund-raiser at the Bushnell in Hartford on Saturday night, September 27, and will be making an announcement there about the next step in his quest.

It is unusual to say the least to see a politician stand up and say what needs to be said, and demand action where inaction has been the norm. But Visconti has a history of standing up for what is right and speaking the truth even when some members his own party would rather hear something different.

Visconti is running against John Larson who crows on his website that he is the #5 Democrat in Congress. Larson is a solid ally of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who is arguably the least effective speaker in the history of that body.

Larson, known in political circles as Pelosi's Poodle, stood by silently when he accompanied her to Iraq earlier this year and she insulted our troops by saying they didn't win the war there, "Iran let them."

Larson also is representing, for the moment, Hartford, a city that is awash with violence this year, part of a regular cycle of violence that comes from arresting criminals, giving them slap-on-the wrist sentences, then letting them loose on the community again. Larson's answer is to fund a bureaucratic study of why people become criminals rather than dealing with them head on when they invade people's homes or turn the streets into shooting galleries.

As far as illegal immigration is concerned, Larson apparently doesn't think it really matters much, since his websites don't address it.

What was that comment attributed to Louis XV - that's the fifteenth for Democrats - about conditions in France when he was king? "Apres moi, le deluge." After me, come the floods.

Visconti is on to something here, and judging by the reaction at the rally and from national groups who heard about his call for RICO prosecutions, the public is on his side. You wouldn't have seen it in the Connecticut media that covered Saturday's rally, they only showed the aging hippies and weirdos.

But the public will find out what happened in New Haven anyway. Most aware people already know that the mainstream media is in the tank for the leftists, so they rely on the Internet for real information.

As far as Louis the Fifteenth's comment, if I was Larson, I'd invest in a raincoat and an umbrella - maybe an Ark too.