Back in February I wrote that Michael Steele is my kind of National Republican Party Chairman. He stands up for what he believes, he doesn't hide out in his office, he gets out front on national issues and he lets Republicans from the rank and file to the highest levels of government know the party's positions.

Today, Michael Steele again showed why he is a great party chairman and would have made a far better president than the guy who currently sits in that office. After the Obamination called the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Barack Obama, Michael Steele stood up and stood out.

He called the award for what it was, a pandering bribe to the president of our country. I agree with those commentators who say it was an obvious effort to keep Obama from ordering our military into annihilating the Taliban in Afghanistan, which still wants to annihilate our country and our way of life - in addition to the rest of the world which is beyond complacent in its view of these terrorist extremists.

Mr. Steele said Obama lacked meaningful accomplishments. I agree. News reports quoted Mr. Steele as adding, "The real question Americans are asking is, 'What has President Obama actually accomplished?'"

Michael Steele

Steele also is quoted as saying it is "unfortunate that the president's star power has outshone tireless advocates who have made real achievements," and that Obama won't be receiving any awards from Americans "for job creation, fiscal responsibility, or backing up rhetoric with concrete action."

I agree with that assessment too, and here's a reason why. News reports said the White House found out about the award at about 5 a.m. after a wire report popped up with the story. Then press secretary Robert Gibbs called the president a little before 6 a.m. and woke Obama to tell him he had won!

It's freakin' six in the morning and the president of the United States is fast asleep when I am already up and working? Are you serious? This guy is supposedly the top dog in the entire free world, the equal of any leader anywhere (which in itself is a step down from the Bush Administration) and he sleeps in on work days?

What kind of example is that for all the people that Obama is telling to stay in school, or go back to school, or work hard and get ahead? He tells everyone else what they have to do and he rolls over and hits the snooze button? The only thing that can get him out of bed is a fake award for non-existent successes?

And yeah, thanks to Mr. O we now have serious competition on the international scene and it isn't friendly and doesn't work in our favor. Remember when George Bush was president and the media always said he was the most powerful man in the world?

Not even 9 months into the Obama presidency and now the non-free world is our equal! How long before Russia and China start calling the shots on domestic policy in the US? Are they already? Could be, look at the stinking mess we're in.

It is now obvious that Obama was campaigning for the Peach Prize when he was hobnobbing with dictators and thugs, murderers, embezzlers, tax cheats and similar upstanding citizens of the world while simultaneously bad-mouthing the United States. What is it with these guys? Meaning Obama, Gore, Clinton, carter, and the other so-called American 'leaders' who are so worried that the scum of the earth won't like them.

I honestly think they all were the picked-on Caspar Milquetoasts of their high school and college classes who willingly gave up their lunch money to the playground bullies every day of their school careers so they would be "liked." I bet between them they got more wedgies and swirlies per year than they rest of the student body in their schools combined.

Earth to Obama. Fawning acquiescence didn't work then and it doesn't work in the world sandbox either. The big kids don't "like" you, they ridicule you. They see you as a patsy, an easy target. And anyone who stands near you is going to get smacked too. Which is why Britain, France and other countries are cooling off toward the US and cozying up to other alignments.

Is this your plan? Weaken the US internally and externally until even third world pipsqueaks will kick sand in our collective faces? I have an idea. Considering how much damage you've already done, why don't you resign now and at least give the Blue Dog Democrats a fighting chance in the 2010 elections.

Because your lap dog media types may be doing their best to push out propaganda at a record pace, but America knows what is really going on. Ignoring 1 million marchers in DC on Sept. 12 may have been a big laugh line for your and your ilk, but wait until Election Day 2010 and see what kind of laugh you have. Seriously. The boom will be lowered and you'll be standing right under it.

Peace Prize. For what? What is Obama's Peace Plan for the Czech Republic. For Poland? For Georgia? For the Ukraine?

Oh, right, you haven't gotten to that yet. Not enough hours in the day are there Mr. President? Here's a thought. Work til 10 p.m., kiss the wife, tuck in the kids, go to sleep and get up again at 5 a.m.

Shower, shave, have a quick but nutritious breakfast and get to work. It's called discipline. I'm sure you never heard of it before but there is this other thing called a dictionary. Try using one once in a while. It's an amazing tool.

If you look up "discipline" or "work ethic" you'll find a photo of Michael Steele. Emulate him. It will work wonders for you.